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It's Iced Release Day!!!

Which is like an international holiday for the Wenches, given our rabid addiction devotion to the Fever series. With any luck, today we will steal away to our secret reading hideaways and at last discover what new tricks and treats Karen Marie Moning has in store for us in the Fever world. We could not be more excited if we were greedy, spoiled, unsupervised children in a giant candy store!!! (Which we totally feel like, by the way.)

Head Wench Barb and Guest Wench Chloe have been representing us at Moning's release extravaganza in New Orleans these past few days, and we are all extremely envious! We look forward to reading all about their adventures, just as soon as we are able to tear our eyes away from our new copy of Iced.

So it's a safe bet that we are reading Iced this week if we are lucky enough to live in an area where we can buy it. But some of us are actually able to multi-task or temper our impatience with other books as well. Click through to see what has managed to grab our attention.

Amanda: I am reading the Turbulence series by Jordan Castillo Price. This is a series of four novelettes. It's about what happens to a flight crew when their plane flies into The Bermuda Triangle. This series is fascinating enough that I don't miss the amount of romance that I've grown accustomed to. You may obtain this series for free on Amazon or jcpbooks.com. I believe there will be a fifth novelette; however, I do not know the release date.

Anne: I am speed reading through the latest in a James Patterson series. It's called I, Michael Bennett. I needed something to read in the few days before Iced and I can always get through Patterson books quickly. I'm also about 10 chapters into A Storm of Swords, and I am hopelessly in love with Jon Snow. 

Angela: Finished Lionheart. Yay. I loved it a lot. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed great historical fiction. Penman definitely does her research. Finished also Unholy Magic, which I adored. Stacia Kane is definitely up there for me as one of my new fave authors. It ripped me apart and spat me out, that book. On to City of Ghosts now and can see a glimmer of hope that all might end up okay. Also read Friday Night Bites and it was okay. I know many Wenches love the CLV series, but I'm liking other series a lot more. Been on a roll this week. Trying to clear a few before Iced comes out next week. 

Barb: I didn't get all the way through my Fever reread, but that's okay, since it was my fifth! However, since I am in New Orleans, partying with KMM and a few hundred of her closest fans, I received my signed copy of Iced yesterday, and have been devouring it! 

Beta: I've been reading Shadowfever, but haven't finished it yet. I'm eagerly waiting for Iced and I can not wait to get my hands on it ASAP! However, it would've been awesome to have been celebrating the release of Iced with our Head Wench Barb and guest Wench Chloe! Lucky women!

Donna: I'm still in Fever re-read mode. Once Iced is released (squee!) I'll switch it up. Have I mentioned how jealous I am that Ms. Barbara Bones is in NOLA for the Iced launch party? We wants details, woman!

Jaymie: Right now, I'm just reading some fan fic. I'm immersing myself into the m/m world, be it a regular novel or fan fic awesomeness. :-)

Katherine: Reading Carlos Ruiz Zafron's The Shadow Of The Wind. Epic novel!! 

Kathi: Finally finishing up Shadowfever and getting ready for Iced! No matter how many times I read the Fever books (four times so far!), I am never fully prepared emotionally for their impact. I am in awe of Moning's accomplishment. And I am soooooooo excited that the story is finally continuing with Dani's book!!! I am also extremely envious of the fans who have been celebrating the release of Iced in New Orleans. Wish I could be there with Head Wench Barb and guest Wench Chloe! 

Margo: I'm going through Iced withdrawals (or anticipation), so I'm reading through Shadowfever every night to take the edge off. I finished the Crossfire series and am eagerly anticipating its next book release. I've also started Storm Born, but I'm not yet sold on it. 

Merit: Rereading Mark of a Demon, 1st book in the Kara Gillian series by Diana Roland. It’s an urban fantasy, or a crime thriller with paranormal elements. Kara Gillian is a demon summoner and a police detective. She is both tough (in her job) and vulnerable (in her personal life), and I love the way she deals with her life and her “problems”. There are 2 sexy males in her life but it is not a real love triangle, not yet anyway. I just love Kara Gillian.
Mark of a demon is a serial killer thriller, a very good one and I am sure that the author previous work in a law enforcement and death investigations for almost ten years helped her make this story so real (beside the demons). I really enjoyed the author’s different look on demons and their world and their interactions with our world. There are currently 4 books out, the 5th will be out in December, and I know there will be also book 6. 

Olga: I just finished Shadowfever, and all I want is to grab Darkfever and read the series again. And then once more. But it's a damn good thing there's Iced to be looking forward to. I'll survive until then. 

Veronica: As soon as I finish Shadowfever, I'll be starting Iced. After that, who knows? The world is my oyster. I think there is probably a book or two that I've started that I need to finish. At this point, I can't really remember. 

Zee: JUST finished reading ICED.... holy fuck... still recovering and processing it. I still worship KMM. Was planning on starting Broken next (have been thinking about it since Donna's review!) and have Terry Pratchett's Discworld series to start! Also... even though I've reread Fever twice in the past two weeks...Iced makes me want to go right back! So...might do that!


  1. Ooh, I hope there will be many posts about the Iced party! I am so jealous!!!

    1. We're jealous too Krista! And there will definitely be a post on the Iced bashed once the gals are back :)

    2. Yeah, we're so jealous! And like Zee said, there will def. be an Iced bash post :)

  2. Hi Ladies

    I love that you post what you are all reading for the week, it gives me many good ideas. I have one request though, can you provide more information on some of the books. I'd love a link to an amazon page or goodreads page. Just an example, if i google Zee's book "Broken" i get way too many hits to narrow it down. Similiarly, Jaymie i enjoy fanfic and would love some links to your fav stories or your story of the moment! Thanks ladies.

    1. Hi :) Glad you're enjoying the blog! And you are right, we'll see what we can add to the posts! Links and more info :) thanks for your input!

      Meanwhile, Broken is by Megan Hart :) If you're interested check out resident Wench Donna's review :) http://thesaucywenchesbookclub.blogspot.com/2012/09/broken-by-megan-hart.html

    2. That's a great idea nrepin, thanks! We'll be sure to add that to the posts :)


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