What the Wenches Are Reading this Week

Amanda: I am reading Channeling Morpheus by Jordan Castillo Price. This is a vampire m/m series of novelettes. I wasn't sure how I would feel about mixing paranormal with m/m, but I really am enjoying this series. The mythology that Price has created is fascinating. I am really loving the main characters, Wild Bill and Michael, too. Two thumbs up for this series! (These books can be downloaded at www.jcpbooks.com or purchased through Amazon.)

Anne: I'm reading #4 in the Downside Ghosts series, Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane. And, I just passed the halfway point in my A Clash of Kings audio book.

Angela: Finished Outlander this week by Diana Gabaldon and loved it. It was hard going, but I made it to the last page. There is one scene that was very hard to stomach, but it was rivetting once I found the courage to continue with the book. After two days break though. I've reserved the rest at the library. Let's just say Jamie Fraser can pay me a visit anyday.
Now I've started Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman. The book is about Richard the Lionheart and his Crusade to the Holy Land. Loving it, as I've met a lot of the characters in her other books.

Barb: I am still reading Bloodfever.  Mostly because I couldn't resist the lure of Gideon and Eva in this week's release of Reflected in You:Crossfire #2 by Sylvia Day. I read RIN in two evenings, missing some sleep, but it was totally worth it! So intense, so GOOD! I might have gone back to read Bared to You, rather than going back to Bloodfever. But that's just a maybe. I also gave up on my Dean Koontz audiobook. It didn't keep my attention, but I'm so visual, that it's hard for me to stay focused on audiobooks. I'll need to pick it up in print one of these days.

Beta: After having said my goodbyes to Vlad... for now... I'm finally back in Dublin! Yeah, baby yeah! Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning will be on my bed table at first but I have a feeling I'll be going back and forth through all the Fever books these next few weeks. But now I must go and give my attention to Barrons and everything he has to offer...

Donna: I'm on a reread of Darkfever. I started it a couple of weeks ago but put it aside for a couple of new releases.  I've read a lot of negative opinions about early Mac, but I have to say, I like her. She stepped out of her comfortable, safe world and flew halfway around the world to a strange country, not knowing anybody, to try to solve her sister's murder. That takes a lot of guts!

Jaymie: I just started reading Reflected In You, so no comment on it just yet, but I'm super excited after the awesome reviews it got from my fellow Wenches! I just finished reading Hot Head and I loved it! I never expected it to be so emotional in certain parts. :-)

Kat: I was doing laundry and came accross All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris and got really nostalgic for the time that I was still enthralled by these books, so I started glancing at some of the pages. But my focus for the next few days is my re-read of Fifty Shades of Grey for an upcoming contrast post! 

Kathi: Still rereading the Highlander books by Karen Marie Moning, which will lead me directly into a Fever reread. This week I've focused on the magnificent MacKeltar men, who help keep the walls up in Fever, and the enigmatic, mysterious Adam Black, who made only the briefest of appearances in Shadowfever that hinted at an intriguing back story. Real life isn't letting me read nearly as fast as I need to be, so I feel like I'm getting way behind.

Margo: A full series Fever reread, on Dreamfever. Love, love, loving my reread before ICED.

Naomi: Moved from Darkfever to Bloodfever, I love it even more than the first time, if that is possible! I also just finished Reflected in You, Sylvia Day's second book in the Crossfire series. Intense is too soft a word!

Olga: I'm reading Nalini Singh's Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9) and loving it! There are two more books in this series and then it's Fever reread! I can't wait!

Veronica:  I'm doing a speed-read of Warrior's Cross this weekend, and then it's back to Dublin to finish up my re-read of Fever. I've seen some sneak peeks of some wonderful Fever'ishness the Wenches are working on leading up to the Iced release and it's making me antsy to get back to Mac and Barrons.

Zee: This week is predominantly dedicated to Mac and Barrons hehe. So there's Fever Moon I finally got my hands on, and finishing off my umpteenth Fever reread, love it every single time. And Here Comes Trouble by Michael Moore.


  1. Donna,

    I loved the early Mac too! I don't get why so many people hate on her.

    1. Early Mac may not have been epic, but my heart went out to her from day one :( and with that, gradually, I came to love her. I think I was firmly on Team Mac by the middle of Darkfever.

  2. I finished Reflected in You and returned to Archangel's Storm.


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