MFK: Supernatural Edition

In honor of tonight's premier of Season 8, I present for your enjoyment, the interactive MFK: Supernatural Edition.

It's time for another edition of everyone's favorite game.  Only we're going to shake things up a bit today.

First, obviously today we're talking t.v. characters and not book characters.  Second, you--ladies and gentlemen--will be participating along with the Wenches!

Marry Fuck Kill

The Rules:
If you've been lurking, now is your chance to come out of the shadows.  I'll present a series of three choices.  Of each series of three, you MUST choose one to Marry, one to Fuck, and the third to Kill.  You can't leave anyone out.  You can't Marry two people and Kill the third; only one Marry, one Fuck, and one Kill per series of three.

Got it?

Let's do a dry run.

Let's say I present for your consideration Azazel, Zachariah, and Michael.  I cannot Kill Azazel, Zachariah, AND Michael, much as I would like to.  Neither can I Kill Azazel, Fuck Michael, and leave out Zachariah altogether.  So, let's see, I suppose I would Kill Azazel (seriously, kill that motherfucker), Fuck Zachariah (smug bastard, couldn't stand to be around him for long), and Marry Michael (wouldn't be a bad guy to have on my side in a fight).

Okay, now that you've got the idea, let's get this party started.

Round One:
John Winchester, Mary Campbell, and Samuel Campbell (all 1973 versions if you please)

John Winchester (c. 1973)

Mary Campbell (c. 1973)

Samuel Campbell (c. 1973)

Round Two:
Just because I feel like being an evil bitch.
Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Castiel
Sam Winchester

Dean Winchester


Round Three:
My favorite angels, and the best demon of them all.
Gabriel, Balthazar, and Crowley



Round Four:
The women of Supernatural.
Ellen, Jo, and Lisa



Round Five:
The deliciously devilish women of Supernatural.
Bela, Ruby the second, and Meg the first

Ruby the Second

Meg the First

Round Six:
The minor male players, but not to be underestimated by any means.
Chuck Shurley, Ash, and Henrikson

Chuck Shurley



Leave your MFK picks in the comments below!


  1. I. Love. This. Game. And Supernatural maybe even a little more. So. *rubs hands*

    Round 1:(c. 1973)
    M- Marry Campbell. Tough woman.
    F- John Winchester. Yummy.
    K- Samuel Campbell. I feel like I've always disliked you.

    Round 2. Here you're just being mean!
    M- Sam. Although I love Dean for what he's good at, Sam is the man I'd choose to live with.
    F- Dean. Please...*licks lips*
    K- Castiel. Honey I don't want to, but Veronica is leaving me no choice. I can't kill Sam either.

    Round 3:
    M- Balthazar. Yes, please!
    F- Gabriel
    K- Crowley
    Guys, I love you all, I'd M and F you all, but Veronica's again being mean.

    Round 4:
    M- Ellen. This is a woman for a lifetime!
    F- Jo. Fun.
    K- Lissa. She was too- um- soft.

    Round 5. I don't know why you didn't inlcude Ruy the First. I love her so much! Anyway.
    M- Bella. I love Bella!
    F- Ruby the Second. Yummy, but I still prefer the blonds, thus Ruby the First. I think I even had a crash on her.
    K- Meg the First

    Round 6:
    M- Chuck Shurley
    F- Ash. Should be fun!
    K- Henrikson

    Now, do I really get to M, F and K some of them? Can I choose the round? Please?

    1. Round 5, Ruby, I meant it to be a "crush" not a "crash". :D

  2. Marry: Dean
    Fuck: Dean
    Kill: Sam

    I only like Sam because Dean loves him. In any other way I can't stand his whiny ass. I admit he's hot, but I just find him so annoying that even his looks can't make me get over it.

  3. Fuck: Dean, Sam, Castiel, then Dean again. Then Dean and Sam together. Throw in Grandpa Samuel, 'cause I love me some Mitch Pileggi.

    Marry: None. I'd rather fuck.

    Kill: None. I love all the characters.

    Sorry, I'm absolutely no good at this game and refuse to play by the rules. ;)

  4. I couldn't agree more, Rachel!

    Fuck: Dean
    Marry: Dean
    Kill: No one in particular. I mean, Jo annoyed me a little, but I don't want to kill her. Even though... Oh, never mind. ;-)


    Round 1:
    M – Mary
    F – John
    K – Samuel

    Round 2:
    M – Castiel (Love me some Cas!)
    F – Dean (SO SEXY)
    K – Sam
    This is the easiest one!!

    Round 3:
    M – Gabriel
    F – Balthazar
    K – Crowley
    I love Crowley, but the choices are tough!

    Round 4:
    M – Lisa
    F – Jo
    K – Ellen

    Round 5:
    M – Bella
    F – Ruby
    K – Meg
    My answer would be completely different if it was the new Meg!

    Round 6:
    M – Chuck (Oh God!!!)
    F – Ash
    K – Henrikson

    1. Wow Melissa! I think my answers are almost exactly like yours except I would Marry Dean and Fuck Castiel :P I want Dean FOREVVVER (Not creepy at all haha)

      And I'd fuck Samuel.... I lust Mitch Pileggi big time.

      But otherwise... yup!

  6. Melissa, we answered the same I think--except for the women. Hmmm...

    M-Mary. She's tough and knows what she wants out of life. She's a no-drama queen.
    K-Samuel. That one was easy.

    F-Cas. Sex with an angel? Okay.
    K-Sam. Sorry. Nothing personal. You were the last one left.

    M-Gabriel. You would keep life interesting, for sure.
    F-Balthazar. I just think you would be hot in bed.
    K-Crowley. I love you, Crowley. But you cannot be trusted.

    M-Ellen. I want this woman in my corner til Death do us part.
    F-Jo. Default option. Because...
    K- Lisa. Not your fault, really. I just don't think you ever belonged in the SPN world.

    M-Ruby. Huge girl crush on Ruby the second.
    F-Bela. She'd be fun in bed, I think. But I couldn't spend more than a couple hours with her.
    K-Meg the first.

    M-Chuck. The only person I'd want in my corner for eternity more than Ellen would be, oh God, Chuck. And he can write so he'd keep me entertained.
    F-Ash. He probably knows a thing or two.
    K-Henrikson. Even when he came around (briefly) he was still an ass.

    1. This looks a lot like my list, except for a couple of rounds :) I could share, of course!

  7. Oh My God! Really, Veronica! Don't make it easy on us, huh? :)

    Disclaimer: I'm only just now nearing the end of Season 5, so if these characters change drastically in the next couple of seasons from what they are now, please take that into consideration for my answers!

    Round 1: Marry- Mary (She's badass and beautiful).
    Fuck- John (He's hot!)
    Kill- Samuel (Just cause the other two options are already taken.)

    Round 2: Marry- Dean
    Fuck- Castiel
    Kill- Sam
    (Yes, you are totally an evil bitch Veronica...still love you though...but this was a tough one! I don't want to kill Sam, but Dean and Cas are my boys and when me and Cas are fucking, my husband Dean is totally present and participating! ;)

    Round 3: Marry- Gabriel (after the episode I watched this morning "Hammer of the Gods" I couldn't not choose to marry Gabriel right now)
    Fuck- Crowley
    Kill- Balthazar

    Round 4: Marry- Ellen
    Fuck- Jo
    Kill- Lisa
    (Because Ellen's awesome, Jo's cute, and I don't know Lisa that well but for me Dean belongs with Cas, not Lisa.)

    Round 5: Marry- Ruby the second
    Fuck- Meg the first
    Kill- Bela
    (Because out of the three, I kinda hate Bela the most and I'm shallowly basing most of this on looks because I can't stand any of these three.)

    Round 6: Marry- Ash (I know...not the best in the looks department, but brains are a total turn-on for me)
    Fuck- Chuck (I like Chuck too much to put him in the kill category, plus he's got that geeky/writer thing that just does it for me)
    Kill- Henrikson (again, just for lack of other options)

  8. Are you a Destiel shipper too, Lisa? Yay! :-)
    They just belong together. I don't want any other chick with Dean. Or Cas.

    1. Oh, I am definitely a Destiel shipper! :D Thanks to friends on Tumblr, I was shipping Destiel before I ever even met Castiel! They soo totally belong together.

  9. Round 1:

    F - Mary - She's pretty, but a one time deal.
    M - John - I would not mind waking up to that every morning. *wink*
    K - Samuel - I mean, this is an easy one, he's such an asshole.

    Round 2:

    F - Dean - Just...damn.
    M - Castiel - He's such a sweetie.
    K - Sam - I don't hate Sam I just have more issues with him than the other two...especially soulless Sam.

    Round 3:

    F - Balthazar - Sebastian Roche though. *another wink*
    M - Gabriel - He's really a softy.
    K - Crowley - Man, choices are tough but Crowley can be a bigger dick than the rest of the angels.

    Round 4:

    F - Jo - She's one hot tamale.
    M - Ellen - She's real sweet at times and makes a damn good mother.
    K - Lisa - I always hated her, because she made me so jealous.

    Round 5:

    F - Ruby 2 - What?...She's hot.
    M - Bela - Tough choice but I hate her a tad less than Meg 1.
    K - Meg 1 - The bitch of bitches. I probably would've switched her and Bela if we were talking about Meg 2.

    Round 6:

    F - Ash - "Business in the front, party in the back".
    M - Chuck - He's just so adorable.
    K - Henriksen - Eh, he wasn't really that important. Also, I hated him when he was trying to jail the Winchesters.

  10. Yayyyy

    Round 1
    F - Mary
    M - John
    K - Samuel

    Round 2
    F - sam
    M - cas
    K - dean

    Round 3
    F - Balthazar
    M - Gabriel
    K - Crowley

    Round 4
    F - Jo
    M - Lisa
    K - Ellen

    Round 5
    F - meg
    M - Bella
    K - ruby

    Round 6
    F - ash
    M - chuck
    K - Henrikson

    Do more do more!!


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