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He shook me, hard.  "You have no business looking forward to pink cakes.  That's not your world anymore.  Your world is hunting the Book and staying alive.  They're mutually exclusive, you bloody fool."
"No, they're not!  It's only if I eat pink cakes that I can hunt the Book!  You're right--we're not the same.  I can't walk through the Dark Zone at night.  I don't scare all the other monsters away.  I need rainbows.  You don't.  I get that now.  No birthdays for Barrons.  I'll pen that in right next to Don't wait on him and Don't expect him to save you unless there's something in it for him.  You're a jackass.  There's a constant for you.  I won't forget it."...

Waiting outside for me was a thermos of coffee, a bag of doughnuts, a set of car keys, and a note.  I unscrewed the thermos top, sipped the coffee, and unfolded the note.
Ms. Lane,

I would prefer you join me in Scotland this evening, but if you insist on helping the old witch, here are the keys, as you requested.  I moved it for you.  It's the red one, parked in front of the door.  Call if you change your mind.  I can send a plane as late as 4:00.
It took me a moment to figure out the initials.  Constant Jackass.  I smiled.  "Apology accepted, Barrons, if it's the Ferrari."

It was.

Mac and Barrons, Arguments and Apologies
~~Faefever by Karen Marie Moning


  1. Ah, how I loved that scene. And how I love this CJ!


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