MFK: Smokin' Hot Vampires Edition

It's time, once again, for every wench's favorite party game! Season Four of The Vampire Diaries premiers in the US tomorrow night, and what better way to celebrate that with a little premeditated seduction and murder.

Check out the Wenches' (and a few special guest Wenches!) choices of who they would like to marry, fuck, or kill in The Vamipre Diaries (TV show! What, there are books??) and then share your choices below. 

Marry- Alaric
Fuck- Damon
Kill- Tyler

Guest Wench, Jennifer:
So, I have to play along with the vampire diary...
Marry: Ric, the protector
Fuck: Damon, do we need a reason?
Kill: Tyler, just because he annoys me..

My choices three years ago would have been Stefan, Damon, Katherine. But after the last season here they are :) 
Marry : Elijah. I have been in love with that Original from day one. Such a gentleman, so polite, well spoken, and a man of his word... I love him. Even his weakness for his family and how he was willing to actually believe Klaus was telling the truth (and fucked everything up for everyone else.....*eye roll*). And to top it all off, he is fine! This would have been Stefan for me a season ago, but the years have kinda reduced my love for the Salvatore brothers.
Fuck : Klaus! Those lips!! That beyond sexy pout! When he talks all I can think is "HOT.SEX.NOW.PLEASE!" The man is gorgeous, and better than that, he is charming, SO charming. A truly irresistible Vamp. (I am one of those people who is all for the Originals getting their own spin-off btw.)
Kill : This is tough. I want Tyler out of the way because I want Klaus with Caroline. (And because I think he's a VERY useless character) But I've hated Bonnie, Miss "I've been on a power trip forever and make weird faces" for longer. But since she occasionally proves herself useful...I'm going to have to go with Tyler. Go away already. Nobody cares. (Well at least I don't), and Caroline can do SO much better. She is way outta his league.

I don't watch Vampire Diaries, but I love Ian Somerhalder. So, I have some choices.
Marry: Damon (Ian)
Fuck: Klaus (Joseph Morgan)
Kill : Elena (Just because she's dating Ian in real life)

Marry Damon
Fuck Klaus
Kill Tyler's mom

I still haven't watched that many shows so I'm going on first impression from the S1 plus all the gifs, pics, comments and youtube clips I've seen :)smile

Marry: Damon... bad boy or not he's my vamp! *slurp*
Fuck: Klaus... from what I've heard and seen he's yummie and I wouldn't mind one time with him.
Kill: Stefan... sorry Stefan lovers, he was just so broody and meh in the episodes I watched him in that I didn't care if he was there or not plus then Damon can have a shot at Elena.

Marry: Alaric. Why because he is Hot
Fuck: Damon of course. I don't need to marry him, I just need his hot, vampire strength making me orgasm over and over again.
Kill: It use to be Stefan, but I quite liked bad Stefan. So I would now probably say Matt. Because I just feel sorry for him all the time. All his friends are either dead vamps / werewolves / witches or can see the dead. What does he have? Nothing.

Marry: Alaric--he is fine, brave, has great smartassery, and did I mention he's fine (I cried SO hard, btw)
Fuck: Damon--c'mon, it's DAMON!
Kill: Elena--oh, yes, I'd kill Elena in a frickin heartbeat!

Guest Wench, Diane: I would marry Damon, Fuck Klaus and kill Stefan because he gets on my nerves.

Guest Wench, Lisa:
Marry-Damon (that was the easiest one to choose)
Fuck- Klaus (most difficult choice...Ric and Caroline were a very close second and third there)
Kill- Stefan (that was the second easiest choice, though I wavered for a moment whether I wanted to kill Stefan or Bonnie, lol)
Actually so if I had to choose a second set after Damon, Klaus, Stefan..
then I'd choose:
Marry- Ric
Fuck- Caroline
Kill- Bonnie

Guest Wench, Molly:
Marry: Klaus (ha ha)
Fuck: Damon
Kill: Rebekah
(Yes, Molly, that gif is JUST for you!)

Well, it seems the Wenches want Damon, but agree that he's not the marrying kind. Poor Tyler, he wouldn't make it out of a Wench party alive. I though we'd see more Wenches killing Elena.

So, awesome followers, what do you think? Do you agree with our choices? Who would you Marry, Fuck, or Kill? Share your thoughts below!


  1. Haha I flove this one, most fun MFK!

  2. Marry: Damon (swoon)
    Fuck: Klaus ( yawza!!)
    Kill: Tyler ( because I cant think of anyone else to kill )

  3. Marry: Alaric, all the way! I love his sexy half smile (and everything else, too).

    Fuck: Damon. Oh Damon. I love love love my bad-boys! Don't hate me, he's hot, no doubt, but I don't think he's the best looking guy ever, but he has that certain something that I just adore. He is a sexy bitch. (Hubby calls him Mr. Dreamy-Eyes LOL)

    Kill: This is a hard one but I'll go with Tyler. Just cuz he's such a dick, even though I love his smokin hot bod. But really there are a few I'd like to off. And what is Matt still doing in this show? Does he have a purpose? Or, ooo does he get killed in the last 3 eps of Season 3, because I haven't watched those yet? The good guys are so boring. ;)

  4. I love this game. I didn't realise I would have to share Ric so much though. I LOL pretty hard the that just about everyone wants to fuck Damon. Although Klaus is hot on his heels.

  5. After my Vampire Diaries marathon this weekend I'm about to start season 3 now (Tuesday). It's now that I can play this game.

    M. Damon. I wanted to marry Alaric first, but then thought better. I don't know if I can get enough of Damon just fucking him. So marriage it is!
    F. Alaric. Sorry but Damon goes first.
    K. Stefan. Because Elena is too stupid to get over him and choose Damon and I wish I could kill them both actually. Stefan is lame, tame, and generally BORING! Why would she choose Stefan? I just don't get it!

  6. Marry: Stefan
    Fuck: Klaus
    Kill: Caroline


    1. Oooh Team Stefan fans! Hello!! :) I heart Stefan too :)

  7. Marry: Stefan

    Fuck: klaus

    Kill: damon

    1. It makes me happy to see more Stefan love around me :D


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