The Wicked Wednesday's MFK; Fever edition

So, are you guys ready for another round of the saucy game called M.F.K? 
No?... Hmm, ok, then I've got nothing...

... Just kidding! 

Since we are dedicating this week, and the next one, to the Fever world I asked our Wenches, which character from the Fever series they would want to Multiply, Fertilize and Kaboom. Or in other words Marry, Fuck and Kill which was a given, right? 
There was just one rule, they had to pick three characters and choose only one category for each of them.

Without any further adieu, let's go over to our Friend, Joey, who loves to play games and will have the honor of kick-starting this one. Joey, take it away...

No Joey, you've got the wrong game, you were suppose to say "Let's play MFK"
We talked about this remember? *

       Hey dude, there's no need for the
      attitude. Do I need to spell it out
   for you? Why don't I just give
          you a second to think about it... **

Aaaand now he get's it... ***

Anyway, let's go and see what the Wenches desires are, right after the break!

Marry: Barrons Of course, I am assuming that this means lots and lots of "F" and since I play by the rules, I can't put him for both. 
Fuck:  Darroc This is a tough one. V'lane seems like an obvious choice because of his, ahem, special touch. However, in Shadowfever, I was almost wanting Mac to have one night with Darroc. If that makes me a traitor, so be it. 
Kill: Rowena That was easy. She is evil, and I hate her.

Marry: Ryo, because that animal magnetism is calling to me.
Fuck:  V'lane. Yeah I know he could use his magic powers to make me fuck him anywhere anytime, but I wouldn't mind as long as I had a magic power that could release me anytime I wanted.
Kill: Rowena. Always hated her.

Marry: Christian, of course. There is no other option for me.
Fuck: Barrons. I have to. Just once. 
Kill: As much as it pains me, I think I may have to go with V'lane, just because of how he ends up (don't want to spoil anything). I'm really sad about it though!

My Fever picks change, because sometimes I think I can handle Barrons, and sometimes I don't think I can. I think I'm going to cheat a bit here, and include MacKeltars in my choice:
Marry: Dageus--that MacKeltar just curls my toes
Fuck: Barrons--I'm pretty damned fabulous, but I still don't think I'm epic enough for Jericho
Kill: Rowena--I know she's already dead, but she deserves to die again. And I can see both sides of every other character. Ro was just plain evil.

Marry: Barrons, Barrons, Barrons! And that means lots of "F" too. Sorry Kat, I know you don't want him belonging to anyone else but there are few of us here who you have to share him with. I do have to say I'd love to have you as a sister-wife.
Fuck: Christian! There's just something about that Scot I find intriguing. Early on when reading the books I would totally have said V'lane... but that was BVBM (Before V'lane's Big Mistake)
Kill:  This is a tough one 'cause there are two women I'd really want to pick. Fiona's behavior towards Mac and what she tried to do to her was outrageous, ugh, but since I have to follow the rules I'll go with Rowena.  That is one evil, selfish, sitting on a high horse, biatch!

Guest Wench, Chloe:
Marry: Christian MacKeltar, because MacKeltars make excellent husbands and I'd like to find out what God made well hung Scotsmen for!
Fuck: Well, Barrons, of course, keeping in mind that if I married Christian I'd still fuck Barrons all the time. Like every day.
Kill: I have no idea. (Can I say I have no idea?) I love all of KMM characters, even the shitty ones (except Rowena and she's gone). How about the Shades? I wish they were dead/gone.

Marry: Christian
Fuck: Barrons
Kill: Malluce

Guest Wench, Inga:
Marry: Barrons, who else :) 
Fuck: Ryodan 
Kill: I'd really like to bring Rowena back to life just so she could be killed again. Hated that b**** 

Guest Wench, Jane:
I would marry: Christian. So HARD. 
I would fuck: Barrons. 
I would kill: Dani (I hate that little twit)

Marry: Barrons! I want to fuck him too, but I can do that when I'm married to him. I want to keep him. wink 
Fuck: Christian. It was a toss up between him or Ryodan, but if he's hung like his uncles, I absolutely want him. 
Kill: V'Lane. Again, toss up between him or Rowena, but she bites it anyway. After what he did to Mac, he deserves it. Plus, he's Barrons's competition.

Marry: I would of course marry my Barrons. How could I ever let that glorious piece of man heaven belong to anyone else? Yeah, I know. He's a fictional character, but damn what I would do if he were real !
Fuck: Anyway, as far as the fuck category, I would have to say Christian. KMM's description of Christian's transformation as witnessed by Mac, Barron's and Fiona in the White Mansion was very intriguing! I want him to show me what God made woman and well-hung Scots for!
Kill: As far as killing goes, my gut says Rowena because that fucking witch deserves to die, but I since I am a jealous woman, I kind of want Fiona snuffed out too. And really its just because she had a tiny little crumb of a piece of Jericho's heart and that just doesn't sit right with me. But since I DO have to choose, I'd kill Rowena. Bitch that she is!

I haven't gotten to Fever in my reread yet, so many of the characters are not fresh in my mind. But here's my standard list. It's kind of a "duh" for me. 
Marry: Barrons 
Fuck: V'Lane 
Kill: Rowena (I really can't stand her) 
If I had to pick a runner up, in case every other Wench picked JZB, I'd go for Adam Black or Drustan (or even Dageus) MacKeltar for M or F, whichever way I could get them. They don't get much book time in Fever, but they do make an appearance, and in their own books I decided they were pretty damn awesome.

Picture from KMM' FB
photo album
Guest Wench, Lisa:
Marry: Barrons (Duh)
Fuck: Christian
Kill: Fiona

Marry: Barrons.
Fuck: Dreamy-eyed guy.
Kill: Rowena

Marry: Inspector Jayne,The raw-boned Irishman looks interesting, clever and fearlessly loyal. 
Fuck: Well, do I need to spell it? Very unoriginal but so obvious. 
Kill: V'lane, I don't like him, no I hate him.

Marry: Christian. No, it's not Barrons. For starters, because he would outlive me by, like, forever. Secondly, because I love family and children. Who's better for that than a Keltar? A young and handsome MacKeltar!
Fuck: Jericho Z. Barrons. You're shocked, right? *grin*
Kill: Rowena. I know she was taken care of, but can I do it again, please?

.... I'll try to avoid the obvious (M and F Barrons, K Rowena).
Marry: Inspector Jayne. He seems like a BAMF and a family man to boot.
Fuck: Darroc. Yes. Really. It would be satisfying to love him and leave him.
Kill: Fiona. Right away. Before Mac even meets her.

Marry: Barrons. I did not even have to think about this for a second. I want him. Always. Nothing and no one will ever change that.
Fuck: V'lane. (with the whole "death by sex" thing switched off like he says he can do of course) I mean, come on, who wouldn't want at least one round with the guy who has probably perfected the art of sex? Sign me up please!
Kill: Rowena is an obvious choice, the bitch clearly deserves it, but I think she was an important part of Mac growing up and learning to hold her own (I love how Mac showed spine when dealing with Rowena!). So I'm going to go with Fiona. That bitch tried to kill poor, innocent Mac with fucking SHADES! When Mac wasn't even kick ass Mac! I can never get over it. And all because of petty jealousy, not even a "greater good" like Rowena has deluded herself into thinking she's doing everything for. Some women...ugh. I won't even mention all her other appearances in the books because she pisses me off too much. I'd kill her every single time!


So what most of you fine ladies (including yours truly) are saying is that you basically want the biatches Rowena and Fiona gone? 

Consider it done!


What about you? Which Fever character would you want to MFK?? Sound off below!

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  1. Wow, I loved this!! So many interesting choices! However, you guys know that Christian is mine right? I have dibs. But, I'd be willing to share occasionally. :-)

    1. Thanks! I know so many interesting choices :) And thanks for your willingness to share him occasionally for those who want to have a go at him one time... just for the sex ;) But you're gonna have to fight a few ladies in here who want to marry him too. I love a good catfight ;)

  2. Now the F part... is that just once? Or repeatedly whenever we want? Because that really influences my answer :)

    1. Lol Krista, I think usually it's just ONE great fuck :D

    2. LOL Krista, yes like Zee said it's usually just one, big, awesome, sweaty, hairpulling F part :D

      But now I'm curious, I want to know what your answer would be if it's only one fuck AND if it was repeatedly, whenever :)

    3. Once:
      Marry: Barrons (so I can screw him repeatedly)
      Fuck: Christian (on the King's bed of course! Although I think the fine print in the Fever MFK game says you get to do it twice if you pick on the King's bed. Once on each side!)
      Kill: The Grey Lady (totally stole from another commenter)

      Marry: Christian
      Fuck: Barrons (mostly because he kinda scares me and I'm not sure how much I trust him to actually marry him)
      Kill: The Grey Lady

    4. LOL those are good choices and you present them with very good arguments.

  3. I was worrying that the Fever MFK would never come!
    Ok, there's 2 parts for my answer:

    1. Answering by the rules:

    Marry: Barrons
    Fuck: V'lane
    Kill: Rowena

    2. Answering against the rules:

    Marry: Barrons
    Fuck: Barrons, V'lane, Ryodan, Darroc and Christian
    Kill: Rowena, V'lane, Darroc (the latter two, after the fuck, of course)

    1. LOL, your rule breaker choices are interesting! :)

  4. Marry: JZB
    Fuck: Ryodan
    Kill: The Grey Lady. I would not want to owe her any favors.

    1. Ohhh that is brilliant!! WHY did no one think of the Grey Lady!

    2. What an excellent choice!! I totally forgot the Grey Lady!

  5. OOHH Veronica,I didn't think I'll have a competition,LOL

  6. I love this game. What great choices. I love how we are all pretty much in agreement regarding who we want to kill. So we are going to turn off V'lane's death by sex right and then we are going to turn it around on him.

  7. What an awesome way to start a Thursday morning :)
    My choices would probably be something like this:
    Marry: Christian
    Fuck: Barrons (and like someone commented here above I would like it to be repeatedly, not just once, so Christian will just have to wait for a little while ;)
    Kill: This is a tough one since like most of those who answered this I have to choose just one out of Fiona, Rowena and Vlane? I think I will have to go with Rowena this time just so I won´t break the rules ;)

    1. Thank you Konný! And you made some excellent choices :D


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