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"But I want to know important things," I said, gazing deep into his eyes, "For example… what you like." 
I undulated my hips against his as I said the last bit, before leaning forward to nip, very gently, at the soft flesh of his ear lobe. "I want to know what turns you on." His big hands flexed on my hips as I breathed over the shell of his ear, letting him feel my breasts press against his chest as I kept my hips moving. 
"I want to know how to make my puppy growl."
With that I kissed him hard on the mouth, raking my nails gently down over his T-shirt covered back.
"Bad girl," he rumbled, as he used his strength to topple me backward and his earth magic to cushion our weight as he landed on top of me.
"This isn’t letting me get to know you," I pointed out, as his mouth found that place on the side of my neck that made me whimper.
"Oh gods, Jane, the answer to all those questions is you. You turn me on; you’re what I want; you make me growl." He punctuated his words with feathery kisses on my neck.
"You’re mine, little minx," he said, and that’s when his teeth found my neck, marking me possessively.
Tempest's Fury by Nicole Peeler


  1. Oh wow....I need to add these to my list!!!

    1. Yes, Zee you should check'em out:) It's a whole new world from the vampire books or other supe books we've been reading and it's got a lot of interesting action although Peeler makes us wait a long time for some other kind of action ;)

  2. Yum! We really need to pimp this series. Because it's awesome!

  3. I've never heard of these books! Jeez my must read list is getting LONG!!


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