My Dream Cast: The Fever Series

“I love books, by the way, way more than movies. Movies tell you what to think. A good book lets you choose a few thoughts for yourself. Movies show you the pink house. A good book tells you there's a pink house and lets you paint some of the finishing touches, maybe choose the roof style, park your own car out front. My imagination has always topped anything a movie could come up with. Case in point, those darned Harry Potter movies. That was so not what that part-Veela-chick, Fleur Delacour, looked like.”
― Karen Marie Moning, Darkfever

In August of 2011, our dreams came true.  DreamWorks announced that they had purchased the rights to Karen Marie Moning's five book Fever series.  Since then, speculation has been rampant about who will play Ms. Moning's characters.  As far as I'm aware, the production of these movies hasn't really moved forward since the purchase of the rights.  Therefore, in place of actual casting news, I'm here to offer up my vision of these (mostly) beloved characters!  Obviously this post would be ENORMOUS if I tried to cast everyone, so, I'm just going to stick to the major players.  But, fair warning, it's still a pretty long post with some spoilers.  However, there is also plenty of man-candy gorgeous men fine, upstanding actors, who were judged on their talent alone!  Find out who I chose after the jump...

The Humans 
These are the completely, or mostly, human characters.

First, BB&B's first keeper, Fiona.
The full-bosomed, elegant woman who came into view had once been stunning in the way of movie-star divas of old. In her early fifties now, her sleek dark hair was gathered back in a chignon from a pale-skinned, classic-boned face. Though time and gravity had traced the supple skin of youth with the lines of fine parchment and creased her brow, this woman would always be beautiful, right up to the day she died. 
 My choice for Barrons' would-be love, Fiona, is Sela Ward.

Sela is a knock-out.  There is no doubt about that.  She's also a great actress.  She's strong, but still feminine.  She's charming and smart.  A perfect choice for Fiona.

Next, the young sidhe-seer we get to know the best, Kat.
...the tall, gray-eyed brunette with the unwavering gaze that kept sweeping the pub-and I doubted she missed much...
In her mid-twenties, she had the unassuming quiet confidence of someone much older. 

For the Grand Mistress in training, Kat, my choice is Deborah Ann Woll.  

Yes, I know that she's known as a red head, and believe me, if I thought she could pull off 14, she'd be my choice for Dani without a doubt.  But, she's pushing the boundaries playing a 17 year old on True Blood.  As stated above, Kat has a confidence and maturity beyond her years, a quality that Deborah Ann has in spades, regardless of her youthful looks.  I think she's a great choice for Kat.

Next, our heroine's parents, starting with Jack Lane.

Six feet two inches of corporate tax attorney that manages the IRS on behalf of his clients and frequently bests it, Jack Lane is smart, charming, well spoken, and tough as a tiger when provoked.  And from the way he was raking back his silver-tipped dark hair and his brown eyes were flashing, he was currently very provoked.  

My choice for Mac's daddy, Jack Lane, is Dennis Quaid.

To me, Dennis Quaid is the embodiment of Jack Lane.  He's got that commanding presence that Mac describes her father has having.  But, Jack Lane also has a soft side that still wants to protect Mac, even though he's really the one that needs protection.  And, he can charm the pants off anybody.  Mac says in Shadowfever that her father's interrogation technique is to turn on the charm, especially around women.  They tell him much more than they mean to.  I think Dennis Quaid is the perfect actor to play our feisty heroine's father.

And, next, of course, is Rainey Lane.

Mom pushed ash-blonde bangs back from blue eyes that were red-rimmed from weeping... 
Her eyes were clear, her face gently lined and beautiful as ever.  


My choice for the devastated Rainey Lane is Michelle Pfeiffer.

This choice was a hard one.  We don't get much description of Rainey.  But, Michelle Pfieffer is gorgeous, just like Rainey.  She can play the sweet Southern Belle, the grief-stricken mother and later, the woman who accepts all of the changes in her life and moves forward with grace and poise.  She's got it all.  Plus, I can picture her in a Georgia kitchen baking pies and yelling for Mac and Alina to come inside for dinner.

Let's move on to Inspector Jayne.
Tall and burly, with brown hair neatly combed to a side part, his craggy face was set in harsh lines.  
My choice for everyone's favorite Garda, Inspector Jayne, is Christopher Meloni.

This one was a little bit of a tough choice.  That description doesn't give me much to go on.  So, after some deliberating, I settled on Mr. Meloni.  Who better to play a burly detective than SVU's own Elliot Stabler?

Next up is Rowena, the Grand Mistress of the sidhe-seers.

Thick silvery-white hair was pulled back in a long braid from a fine-boned face....Fierce blue eyes glittered furiously at me from within nests of fine wrinkles. 
She looked elegant, in charge, and, although diminutive of build, full of piss and vinegar as my father would have said.  


My choice for Her Royal High and Mighty, Rowena, is Helen Mirren.


No one can compare to Helen Mirren.  She is near perfection in everything she does.  She can look quite frail, but she can do an action sequence too.  She can be a doting mother or a manipulative politician.  Playing Rowena would be a walk in the park for her.

Then, we have my favorite Druid, Christian MacKeltar.

He was tall with dark hair, a great Scottish accent,.... and pretty dreamy eyes himself, an unusual shade of amber, like tiger eyes, framed by thick, black lashes.  

Scotty was broader, his body more filled out, and there was maturity in the way he walked and moved, a quiet self-assurance, as if, even at his age, he'd already been tested.


Six foot two or three, his hair was long and dark and pulled back at his nape...this boy was a man... 


Christian was the kind of good-looking that hit you over the head, made you keep stealing second and third glances at him... 


My choice for the sexy, well-hung Scotsman is Ian Somerhalder.

Truth be told, Christian is my favorite character in this series. (Yes, I know.  Shock and horror that is isn't Mac or Barrons.  That is another post!)  So, it was tough for me to find the perfect person to embody him.  But, when I found the picture above of Ian smirking at the camera, I could almost hear him calling Mac out on a lie.  Plus, even though he's supposed to be in his twenties, Mac says several times that he is all man.  Ian is the perfect example of youthful looks mixed with alpha male qualities.  Plus, if I got to hear him speak with a Scottish accent, I might die.  PS: The second and third pictures are just for my enjoyment and yours.  ;-)

Finally, although she's rarely seen, Alina Lane.

She was twenty-four and I was twenty-two. 

Though our faces and builds were very different, I have the same color hair and eyes as Alina...sunny blonde with green. 

My choice for Mac's big sister, Alina, is Dianna Agron.

                           Source:                                                                                             Source:

Alina was a the second hardest choice.  I wanted her to look enough like Mac to be sisters, because it is stated several times how similar they look.  She also had to look older and wiser than Mac.  She needed to be able to pull off the qualities of Alina, the intelligence, the ambition and drive, plus the southern charm both girls were raised with.  Plus, she needed to be a person Mac could look up to.  So, after deciding who I wanted to play Mac (you'll have to keep reading to see who it is), I decided that Dianna Agron was the best choice for Alina.

The Wild Cards
The characters we aren't sure of.  Whether it be what they are or if they can (and should) be trusted.

First is the would be vampire, Mallucè.

Muscular and graceful as a cat, he was pale and smooth as a marble bust.  Dead yellow eyes lent a feral cast to his sharply chiseled, too-white face.  Long blond hair, pulled back in an old-fashioned, amber beaded queue emphasized his abnormally rigid pallor. 

My choice for the billionaire man-child, Mallucè, is Tom Hiddleston.

Watching Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers is really what sold me on him as Mallucè.  They are extremely similar characters.  They both want power and will stop at nothing to get it.  And, they are also both a little whiny and spoiled.  

Next up, Ryodan or IYCGM.
Handsome, chilling man.  His eyes were the clearest I'd ever seen.  This was a man that suffered no conflicts with himself.  He had no problem being what he was. 

For Barrons' right-hand man, Ryodan, I chose David Boreanaz.
Source:                                                                    Source:

Ryodan needs to have a commanding presence to hold the position he does in Chester's and as Barrons' partner in crime. David has that presence. Every scene he walks into, he dominates. We need to be able to believe that he could protect Mac in Barrons' absence. I think David is the man for the job. He could protect me any day....I mean....::shifty eyes::

So, let's move on to the rest of Barrons' Band of Merry Men.

Big men.  Couple of 'em seem more animal than human. 
For the rest of the boys, I choose Chris Hemsworth, Jared Padalecki, Joe Manganiello, Daniel Cudmore, Jensen Ackles, Jason Momoa, and Channing Tatum.

                                       Source:                            Source:                               Source:

                                                                        Source:                  Source:

                                                                      Source:                     Source:

Do I really need to explain my choices?  Nearly the only description we get of the boys is they are all big and they are all badasses.  These men all fit that to a tee.  Besides, I will look for any excuse to include Joe Manganiello in a post.

Next, we have the enigma of a man that is the Dreamy-Eyed Guy.

Tall, dark, dreamy-eyed, he was boy-on-the-cusp-of-man, in that perfect stage where guys are velvety skin over supple hard bodies, without an ounce of fat. I'd bet he had a serious six-pack. 

My choice for this bewildering character is Richard Madden.

                       Source:                                                                                                         Source:

DEG is compared to Christian in the earlier books several times.  Mac calls Christian a man and DEG a boy.  So, with the piercing eyes and boyish looks, I think Richard is a great choice to play the DEG.  Plus, a crucial quality in the later books, Richard as an air of authority and maturity to him.  However, if Ryan Phillippe could still pull off early 20s, I'd cast him in a heartbeat!

Next is the ex-Fae and Unseelie leader, Darroc.

He and my sister must have turned heads all over the city, yet no one had even been able to tell me what color his hair was. It was shimmering cooper, streaked with gold, and it fell to his waist. 


...beneath his expensive clothing was the kind of body man only got from weight-lifting and intense self-discipline. 


He looked to be somewhere around thirty, but could easily have been younger or older; there was a timelessness about him. His skin was tanned gold and smooth. Though he was smiling, his strange copper eyes held the arrogance and entitlement of aristocracy. 


For the Lord Master, Darroc, I choose Michael Fassbender.



I had a hard time with this one.  The most beautiful man, a title Mac uses to describe him, is a hard title to bestow.  And truthfully, I don't know that Fassbender fits that role, but he does have a very European sense of sophistication about him that I think Darroc needs.  He also has an other-worldly air as well.  That's what ultimately led me to choose him over, say Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling.

And last, but not least, V'lane.

There are some things that are simply too immense, too rich to be contained in words. This is the best I can offer: imagine a tall, powerful, mighty archangel, frighteningly male, terrifyingly beautiful. Then paint him in the most exquisite shades of chestnut, bronze, and gold you can possibly imagine. Give him a mane shimmering with strands of cinnamon gilded by sunlight, skin of tawny velvet, and eyes of liquid amber, kissed by molten gold. 

My choice for the illustrious Fae prince is the one and only, Alexander Skarsgärd.


                                                                                Source:                                                                                  Source:

If there were such a thing as a death-by-sex Fae and they looked like Alex, consider me signed up.  It'd be a hell of a way to go.  Who else could be cast to play the golden god Fae?  No one projects ethereal beauty and scorching sexuality like Alex.  And, much like V'lane, Alex's smile lights up the room.  But, he can also be a scary, scary man.  He could absolutely play V'lane.

The Leads
Well, two leads and a sidekick.

First up, the sidekick, Dani O'Malley.

A halo of curly auburn hair framed slight features, a small straight nose, a rosebud mouth, an impudent jaw. I pegged her for fourteen, fifteen at the most... 
My choice for the hyperactive teen, and Iced heroine, is Georgie Henley.
                                                               Source:                                                  Source:

I went through a lot of options for this one.  But, after watching Georgie as Lucy Pevensie in the Narnia movies, I decided she was a great choice for Dani.  She's about the right age, she's in that stage where she's not a little girl, but not quite the woman she will become.  She's smart and she knows how to yield a sword.  She also can seem, at times, much older than her age.

Next, the incomparable Jericho Z. Barrons.
About thirty, six foot two or three, he had dark hair, golden skin, and dark eyes. His features were strong, chiseled. I couldn't pinpoint his nationality any more than I could his accent; some kind of European crossed with Old World Mediterranean or maybe an ancestor with dark Gypsy blood. 
He wasn't handsome. That was too calm a word. He was intensely masculine. He was sexual. He attracted. There was an omnipresent carnality about him, in his dark eyes, in his full mouth, in the way he stood.


There is only one choice for the unequaled Jericho Barrons.  That is David Gandy.

Source:                                                                  Source:

                                                               Source:                                              Source:

How can I describe how perfect David Gandy is to play Barrons?  He is gorgeous, fierce, confident, exotic looking, sophisticated, tall, muscled......I'm sorry, what was I talking about?  David Gandy, got it.  You know what?  Words are inadequate.  Just look at the pictures and behold the perfection that is his existence.

Finally, our heroine, MacKayla Lane.

I'm healthy through the bust and bottom, but slim through the waist and thighs. 
Because I was blonde, easy on the eyes, and guys had been snapping my bra strap since seventh grade, I'd been putting up with the Barbie stereotype for years. 

My choice for our star, MacKayla Lane, is Jennifer Lawrence.

                                                 Source:                                                                                               Source:              

This was THE single hardest decision to make.  I changed my mind so many times, went back and forth between so many different girls.  I drove the other Wenches crazy asking for opinions and advice.  But, I finally settled on Jennifer, who I think is the right girl for the job. She's gorgeous.  She's smart and fierce.  We know she can handle any fighting and action that Mac does.  But, she can also be soft and pretty and pink, like Mac 1.0.  I know she's a little young, but let's be realistic here.  Jennifer will be tied up making The Hunger Games movies for another two or three years.  By then, she'll be 24 or 25.  Perfect for Mac.

These choices are, of course, just my opinion.  But, I hope you enjoyed reading through them.  I had a lot of fun looking at pics of gorgeous men researching!

Now, I'd like to hear your opinions!  Who would you choose for these characters?  Did I leave out anyone that you have a strong picture of?

Sound off below!


  1. Loved your choices, Anne!

    I totally agree with your choice for Barrons. I'm sure you're not shocked by that, LOL. David Gandy is gorgeous, has a commanding prescence and is absolutely perfect to play him.
    Your choice for Mac took me by surprise, but I can see what you mean. I always liked Katie Cassidy for the role. But, yeah, finding a good enough Mac is hard.

    Also, Ian Somerhalder for Christian is a good one. I always pictured him playing DEG, but how you explained it made sense. I can totally see him being Christian.

    And Alexander Skarsgard for V'Lane? Yes, please! Another perfect choice.

    As for Fiona, I always imagined Susan Sarandon, even if she is a little older than what Fiona is supposed to be. She just has a timeless beauty about her, but I really liked your choice in Sela Ward.

    1. Also, I had Amanda Seyfried in my mind for Alina. But, Dianna Agron was a good choice.

      And thank you for including Jensen Ackles in there as one of Barrons's eight. :-D

    2. I almost picked Amanda Seyfried for Alina. But, Zee's girl crush on Dianna Agron brought her to mind and I thought she was a good fit with Jennifer.

      And you're welcome for Jensen. I had Jared in there already and was having a hard time choosing one last man for Barrons' men and I thought Jensen would be fun to throw in there.

    3. I love your picks especially for Barron's and his men but especially for dani! But to me Jennifer Lawrence is all Hunger Games. I like the other reply for someone like Katie Cassidy someone that hasn't had a strong lead role. I just wish they would hurry up and make a movie already!

  2. Ooohh...Jennifer Lawrence! Good pick for Mac! I agree she's got that balance of soft and tough that would be hard to find.

    And ditto what Jaym said, thank you for that delightful picture of Jensen. :)

  3. Thanks ladies!! I'm glad you liked it! As you are well aware, Mac was really tough. Going into this, I had Katie Cassidy in mind, then I started my re-read and Mac kept going on about her boobs and Barrons just couldn't stop staring at them, and suddenly Katie Cassidy didn't seem right.

  4. Ok, WHY have I never thought of Jennifer Lawrence for Mac!! Makes perfect sense!! Curvy, kick ass, and pretty! LOVE IT! And I FLOVE Michael Fassbender as Darroc! Esp if he were a little taller! Gandy as Barrons... yeah you know how I feel about that :D

    Richard Madden...*sigh* I can totally see it, especially after Fever Moon DEG.

    Hmmm the only ones I don't COMPLETELY agree with (but can still see) are Dani, Ryodan (even though I LUST David Boreanaz) and Christian and Inspector Jayne.

    But otherwise, SPOT ON! Sela Ward and Michelle Pfieffer... seriously... YES!!

  5. I think ASkars IS V'lane!

    But MY Ryodan is no other than Karl Urban. I like David Boreanaz, but I think he doesn't have the edge to play Ryodan.

  6. Anne I love your post a lot. I knew there was a reason V'lane was one of my favourite characters. Anything that Alexander can play definitely perks my interest. I love your choices.

    Of course there is only one Barrons. Gandy is perfect for the role. Loved your choices for Barrons "Merry Men". Especially Joe M. He is so versatile ;). Also Fassbender is a great choice for Darroc.

    NIMM I might melt if Karl Urban was one of the Merry Men as well. Or combust.

    Helen Mirren perfect for Rowena. She has that edge where she can play sexy and threatening so well.

    I can see how Mac was a tough choice. I'm not sold on Jennifer Lawerence, but can't thing of anyone else. As Zee said, she has alot of qualities that would work perfectly for Mac.

  7. Bravo, Anne! You made some great choices. I had never even thought of many of them, yet most were absolutely spot-on for me and I will be trying them on for size during my reread.

    But I'll be a rep for the tiny (and perhaps somewhat older) group of Wenches who still see Eric Etebari as our first choice for Barrons. Even if he is getting too old to play the role, those years just add layers of depth and gravitas that I expect to see in his face. Barrons will never look 30 in my mind. (Really, I am not so sure that either Etebari or Gandy has the acting chops required for Barrons.)

    And I might be the only one who still can't see Skarsgard as V'lane, but that's okay. He wasn't book Eric for me either, but he totally owns the role on True Blood. I might continue picturing Jason Lewis as V'lane.

    Ian has always been the DEG for me, but I didn't realize the DEG was supposed to be so much younger. I am perfectly willing to picture Ian in another role. He certainly makes a fine Christian MacKeltar.

    Congratulations on your choice for Mac. I know you struggled with this one, and Jennifer Lawrence would be wonderful! I don't know why I'd never thought of her. She's a great actress who should be able to do sexy and tough equally well. And Mirren, Pfeiffer, Ward are all so perfect!

    This is just the perfect way for me to begin my Darkfever reread, picturing this cast as I read, so thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your results!

    1. I wasn't familiar with Hiddleston, but in that second picture I can totally Malluce. Ewwwwwwwwww.

  8. Wonderful post Anne!,I can only guess how much you straggled doing this post.I love Sela Ward for Fiona,just perfect,same goes for Helen Mirren,Diana Agron is a favorite of mine also.As for Barrons...Eric Etebari will always be Barrons for me but I wouldn't mind David Gandy at all.
    My choice for Ryodan would be also Karl Urban and I don't like Dennis Quaid (sorry) as Mac's father,I always pictured Colin Firth as her father (I hear your laugh).Never thought about Jennifer Lawrence,a surprising good choice,I like it.Again very enjoyable post.

    1. Agree Merit re Dennis Quaid. When reading the description I kind of pictured George Clooney myself.

      I am loving the Karl Urban love.

    2. Dennis Quaid was a last minute decision. I didn't want him to be too handsome like Clooney.

      I just don't see Karl Urban as Ry. He's attractive, but to me, not chillingly handsome, like Mac says.

  9. Oh,I know it was a tough one,I know.

  10. Anne I enjoyed your post so much! Now I don't even need their movie because I have this! And THIS is just AMAZING!
    I love ASkars so much but I never thought of him as V'lane but now I can see it, he is SO V'lane!
    Your Mac, Barrons, Rowena, DEG, Alina are terrific.

  11. You did an AMAZING job! Any idea when we might get a movie? Hasnt Paramount been sitting on the rights for a few years now?

    1. Thank you, on Anne's behalf, Francis! Dreamworks had bought the rights to Dreamfever two years ago, but they recently reverted back to Ms. Moning. So nothing in the works right now. At the Iced release bash in New Orleans last year, she did say that she'd prefer a TV show at this point. So I'm hoping for that!

  12. Is there any room for Joel Kinnaman, from "The Killing" & "Robocop", "Easy Money"...

  13. I like most of your choices...However I cannot agree with who you like for JZB. Gorgeous is fine, but you need him to pull the roll with the arrogance. Try Luke Evans.
    Also No way on Jennifer...she doesn't fit Mac at all. I think it should be a no name...some one who can pull the softness of Mac 1.0 then the hardness of Mac 4.0 etc. Jennifer can't. She is too soft.

  14. I am bit freaked out considering some of the actors you have mentioned I have also imagined in the fever series! Although portrayed as different characters. Michael Fassbender was Cruce for me. Darroc- Alexander Skarsgard. Ian Somerhalder- Ryodan. Richard Madden- one of Christians uncles. Although my Barrons was the beautiful Tom Hardy and V'lane pictured as Charlie Hunnam.

  15. Barrons and Ryodan...all I have to say is ' thank you' :D
    'I'll resume to my drooling now...' haha

  16. I have also considered some of the same actors for the roles but my dreamcast would be as follows....
    Mac- Margot Robbie
    Barrons- Eric Etebari
    Rowena- Helen Mitten
    Kat- Deborah Ann Will
    Jo- Ashely Greene
    Dani- Sabrina Carpenter(dye her hair red)
    Jada- Eleanor Tomlinson(works great looking like an older version of my pick for Dani)
    Ryodan- David Randy
    Remaining Nine- Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, Jason Bennett, Eduardo Verastegui, and Dominic Purcell
    V'Lane- Alexander Skarsgard
    Christian- Ian Somerhalder
    DEG- Theo James
    Darroc- Michael Fassender
    Sean O'Bannion- Shamier Anderson
    Dancer- Matthew Gray Goblet
    Jack- Dennis Quiad
    Rainey- Michelle Pfeiffer
    Inspector Jayne- Christopher Meloni
    Fiona- Sela Ward
    I am still thinking about some of the lesser characters like velvet, rocky, enyo, deagus, drustan, and so on.

  17. Please, not Jennifer Lawrence as Mac. She is not what I would picture Mac.

  18. Barrons: Henry Cavill
    Ryodan: Hands down, JASON MOANA. I'm a die hard fever fan and even b4 there Was a thought of a movie, I could see Jason personified as Ryodan. He is tall. Built. Sexy. Witty. Intelligent. Had all the jestures of the Ryodan character. C'mon! Do you really see Ryodan when David takea his shirt off? Uh, NO! They say a picture says a thousand words. How can you not hear Jason's pic screaming RYODAN. Please, please DO NOT choose David BOREanaz or it truly will be a BORing character. Nothing against him, he just could NEVER pull off Ryodan...never!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

      As I'm sure I'm not alone here but there really aren't any men on planet earth that could do Barrons real justice but if I had a vote, it would be
      David Gandy. Scratch Cavill...what was I thinking???!!?
      Moama just oozes Ryodan. Chester Owner. Barrons right hand. Why can't everyone see this?

  19. For Christian, Ian Somerhalder was a very good choice. He played very well in Vampire Diaries as Damon.


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