What the Wenches Are Reading

“October knew, of course, that the action of turning a page, of ending a chapter or of shutting a book, did not end a tale. Having admitted that, he would also avow that happy endings were never difficult to find: "It is simply a matter," he explained to April, "of finding a sunny place in a garden, where the light is golden and the grass is soft; somewhere to rest, to stop reading, and to be content.” 

― Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 4: Season of Mists

Amanda: I'm still reading Outlander...still. I really need to prioritize and make more time for reading!

Angela:  I haven't been reading this week. Too busy moving house and carting kids around the city to their various activities. Only 9 weeks of madness and then it will be the Christmas holidays!

Anne: I'm onto Mockingjay in my Hunger Games re-listen. I forgot how different the book is from the movie. I'm also reading a very interesting Supernatural fanfic based at a music school. Castiel is training to be a concert pianist. I'm enjoying it quite a lot.

Barb: I finished Megan Hart's upcoming release, Hold Me Close, which was amazing. As always. I've never read another author who is like Megan Hart. I don't know how she does what she does but I'm so glad she does. Never light and fluffy, she always makes me think, takes me out of my comfort zone, and isn't afraid to tackle the ugly side of life. Look for a full review close to release day, but plan to pick this one up right away. I've also been trying to read Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling but it is the epitome of light and fluffy and that is just not working for me right now. It's too shallow, intentionally, and I think I'm going to need to come back to it another time. So I picked up Tight by Alessandra Torre, a book I had shelved after reading Ricochet this summer because they were supposed to be similar. Both with kidnapping themes, Tight isn't nearly and disturbing or graphic, but still a terrific read that I couldn't put down, and finished in about a day.

Kathi: I finally started reading and listening to “an old favorite” for my Saucy Wenches Goodreads book challenge. I chose Dune, which used to be my favorite book. I’m curious to see how well it holds up after 40 years. I’m only 10% in so far, but the world building is stellar, as the various characters, families, and political factions are introduced. Great stuff! I’m sure I’ve forgotten most of the plot, so it’ll be almost like reading it for the first time. :-)

Merit: Bury Me by Tara Sivec. I can’t believe this dark and twisted story was written by the same author who wrote Seduction and Snacks! This is the story of Ravenna, 18 years old, who wakes up from a head injury and can’t remember how it happened. This one has twists and turns every few pages. Thank you Olga, for recommending it. That was a crazy ride. I continue on that track of dark and twisted with Broken (Lost #1) by Cynthia Eden, the creepy prologue made me go on reading. An ex-SEAL, a woman who can’t remember who she is, a serial killer on the loose. Very good read.

Zee:  I haven't been reading much these past couple of months. I think MAYBE I read like four books. And that is rare for me. But I've been in a bad book funk, and in a blah mood. So nothing is appealing to me. The Paper Swan did kinda nudge me out of it a little, where I felt like picking up something. So I went back to my comfort reads, Regency/Victorian romances, and started Sherry Thomas's Not Quite A Husband. I'll admit, it was intriguing from the get-go because it started off like none of the books I've ever read, and was a COMPLETELY different formula. And while it had a couple of things I find very problematic in the genre and avoid completely, it sucked me in. The dialogue was Jane Austen-ish. And the romance was unconventional. Interesting enough for me to wonder of the rest of her books are like this, minus the thing I find problematic.


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