Quote of the Day

There's still a need inside me. A need to feel close, to feel intimate, to feel desired, keeps me trying again and again. Even now, I highly doubt it will ever happen, but I still miss having a man in my bed. The way my sheets smell like a man, the feel of a man's rough hands on my skin, burn from five o'clock shadow on my chest or between my thighs--I miss it all. And if I really am honest, I miss the look in a man's eyes when I'm on my knees with his cock between my lips. 

That's control, that's power, and I crave it like a fucking drug. Literally, having a man by the balls. Oh, oh, or when he's behind me and just to tease him, I lay my chest on the bed and spread my legs giving him the view he wants so badly. Fuck. Every time I look over my shoulder and watch his reaction. I crave it all. I like sex, I love sex--even if I don't climax. It's the power a woman holds in the bedroom, a power that I hold in the bedroom.

 ~~ HATE Sex by Billy Storm


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