Quote of the Day

As of late, I have pondered the great astronomers and their great debaters. I have heard the arguments on both sides, and I feel that they wildly miss some larger point - that these are only the same things our ancestors asked, when the church told them to stop asking. The question is no longer, does the sun revolve around the Earth? The question has become, does the universe revolve around our solar system? Or our celestial neighborhood? Or our galaxy? 

Stupid, stupid, stupid - the insatiable demand to be at the center of something. 

Better to stay at the fringes, I say; rest on some outer ring or spiral of some small, insignificant corner of the infinite. And if we are very lucky, and if there is a greater space than infinity to hide us, then perhaps the terrible things on the other side of the universe will never take notice of us at all.


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