Fangirl Friday: The Hotties of How To Get Away With Murder

Many months ago Zee told me that I should be watching How To Get Away With Murder, but the
season was far enough along that I couldn't get all of the episodes on Hulu, and it wasn't yet on Netflix, so I decided to wait until I could watch the whole season in one shot. When Netflix finally got the first season, I did, indeed, watch the whole thing in one shot--four days to be exact. And now I am completely, utterly hooked. It is my favorite thing on television at the moment.

HTGAWM is such a spectacular, flawless show that there are a million posts we could write, each about different facets of its perfection, but today I'm going to focus on the shallowest of reasons that this show is amazing--the stellar Man Candy. Whoever does the casting for this show is a person after our Wenchy hearts, because not only are the men gorgeous (you'll see) but their characters are smart, funny, flawed, and just all-around great. Even when they're despicable they're still great. And still gorgeous.

So come with me through the jump as we look at the men of How To Get Away With Murder. With plenty of visuals. Happy Friday, Saucy Readers!

Billy Brown

When I started watching the show, one of the first things Zee asked me was whether I had seen Nate without a shirt yet. Well, there is a fabulous scene in the very first episode in which Billy Brown is performing topless.
We know nothing about Nate at this point (the first episode), but we definitely want to know more. Boy howdy. We learn that he's a very ripped police officer, with a toe-curling voice who can read us bedtime stories any time he wants.

Alfred Enoch

HTGAWM is definitely an ensemble show, but Wes Gibbons takes center stage for much of season 1. An adorable, somewhat goofy transfer student who Annalise takes a shine to, Wes is always at the center of trouble. And looking mighty fine doing it.
But we're certain those dimples combined with his wit and charm can get him out of any scrape.

Jack Falahee

Like so many characters, you think you have Connor pegged as the shallow, pretty, rich kid who screws around with every boy he meets, but he actually ended up surprising me. Not only for his depth, loyalty, growth, and sense of humor. But also because his love scenes with all the guest guys were freakin hot.

Even when he shouldn't be doing it and it leads to nothing good...still ridiculous hot.

Conrad Ricamora

Introduced as someone Connor screws to help him get information on a case, Oliver becomes so much more. Self-deprecating and sweet, I wasn't swept away by Oliver at first, but he grew on me. And now I love him.
And I love how adorable Connor and Oliver are together, how much they've been through together in such a short time. Also, how frickin hot they are. Yes, please.

Matt McGorry

Asher is yet another spoiled rich kid working for Annalise, and he comes across as obnoxious and annoying. But we're finally learning that there's more to Asher. I've been following Matt McGorry since I found him on OITNB, but I fell head-over-heels for him (as did every woman in America) because of his hell yes! posts and tweets about female empowerment and positivity. Here's a bunch of Asher, because he's so delightfully ridiculous...

Charlie Weber

Here's my confession: I made this whole post so that I could GIF-hunt and post about the exquisite Frank Delfino, played by the foine Charlie Weber. I am not usually a fan of a full beard, but Frank's three-piece suits and quiet badassery have had me completely hooked, a whimpering mess since I binged-watched this show. Here's a little taste of why Frank Delfino is my newest fictional boyfriend.

Okay, last Frank treat. Because I could get lost in Frank GIFs all day long. But I won't. This is epic, although maybe a teeny bit spoilery if you haven't started S2 yet. Only mildly, though. And hot with a twist at the end. Enjoy Charlie/Frank's toe-curling voice.

Hope you've enjoyed your Friday treat, Saucy Readers. If you haven't watched HTGAWM, Zee and I can't recommend it highly enough. I assure you, the ladies are every bit a gorgeous and fierce and the gents, and the stories are absolutely riveting. Are you as hooked as we are? 


  1. I stumbled upon this post while looking for gifs of Charlie Weber.. which is why I like it very much. ^^ The thirst is real.. xD


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