Fangirl Fridays – Sam Heughan and Jamie Fraser

Jamie Fraser, King of Men
...The Visual Edition

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma, Saucy Readers. I’ve been working lots of overtime, and not doing nearly enough fangirling. So what could I possibly fangirl about today, other than not working too much?? Time for fall gardening?? Time to read?? Aaaccckkk… Let me just scroll through Facebook while I ponder the situation....

Well, lookee there. It would appear that my fangirling interests are written all over my news feed. Problem solved!

When I’m stressed, it probably isn’t a surprise that I like to read about Jamie Fraser. And, when I’m stressed and don’t have time to read, I like to look at Jamie Fraser. Which means I’m also looking at Sam Heughan, who brings Jamie to life in front of the cameras for the Starz Outlander series, and lives a pretty interesting life himself off camera. So today I’d like to dedicate my fangirl post to looking verra closely at these two favorite men of mine.

Sam Heughan, King of Actors
I hope you don’t mind another man candy post, as I know it can tire our eyes to devote the close attention they deserve. But there’s no time for a heartfelt analysis of the many reasons why I love these men, because you know that would take quite a long while. Possibly weeks or months...

So in the meantime, here are a few of the many reasons we love to look at Jamie. And Sam. Both of whom are kind, generous, hard-working, thoughtful, adventurous, smart, funny, sexy, and beautiful men.

By the way, you might want to grab a fan. And a cold drink. Or shower. Just sayin’...

It’s almost All Hallows’ Eve, and you know what that means!

In tribute to that mystical time of year known as Samhain in the Scottish Highlands — and Halloween in America — I wanted to write about scary things that go bump in the night. But the world can be a scary place every day of the year, and a lot of us could use a break from that. So instead, I’m celebrating the fact that TV’s Claire Fraser traveled back through the stones to 1743 right about now. And found Jamie Fraser for us, and Sam Heughan, and something verra sexy that goes bump in the night!

Hubba hubba

In the beginning, there was Jamie Fraser...

Lovingly rendered from the mind of the Creator Herself, Diana Gabaldon, as words onto paper in the form of Outlander, then faithfully adapted to the visual medium by various believers.

From The Exile, artwork by Hoang Nguyen

Fan art from Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook page

And then there was Sam Heughan...

He probably had no inkling of how beloved Jamie Fraser was, or by how many fans. And how he held our fragile hearts in his hands. And how we were counting on him, despite the fact he looked not one bit like the Jamie we’d been picturing all these years. At first.

But that expressive face, those bottomless eyes ... then the scruff, the steely glint, the honeyed voice, the witty repartee with fans and co-workers ... the arm and knee and collarbone and kilt porn ... hmmmmm ... winning me over.

Collage by @lsdragonfly1

This gorgeous photo shoot by Faye Thomas introduced us to a darker, edgier, Sam, who might indeed be able to do “rugged”. He could certainly do sexy, and smolder, and “come hither”.

Social media introduced us to sporty, socially responsible Sam, who raises money for leukemia and lymphoma research, motivates fans to challenge their fitness goals, and serves as Patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland. (Read more about that here.)

California beach selfie, 2014

Kilt Walk, 2014

Munro bagging, 2014

Finishing the Los Angeles marathon, July 2015

And hard-working, tirelessly dedicated Sam, who somehow still finds time for fans, even after long weeks of grueling shoots.

Pre-BAFTA kilt shopping with Terry Dresbach, 2014

Outlander fan gathering, 2014

Resting between scenes, 2014

Last guy in the gym, October 2015

And artsy, fun-loving Sam, who knows how to enjoy himself when they finally let him loose.

Exploring NYC with co-stars Caitriona and Tobias,
July 2014

Interview magazine, April 2015

Emmy magazine, May 2015

Playing pirate, July 2015

Laphroaig whisky tasting,
September 2015

And then there was Jamie Fraser in the flesh!

Large as life and pocket sized!

If you’re a pre-TV-series Outlander fan, you probably thought that no mere mortal male could ever portray James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. That Sam has brought Jamie to life is a gift beyond measure.

Sam has dedicated himself fully to a role that is physically and emotionally demanding, for months on end, riding and fighting and doing what has to be done, in snow and rain and mud, in heavy costumes or nothing at all, up castle walls and down dark dungeon depths ... along with his feisty Claire (Caitriona Balfe, who needs her own fangirl post!) and the rest of the fabulous Outlander team.

Je suis prest... to fight...

to protect and defend...

to gently nurture a free spirit...

to seek the noble path...

to comfort...

to welcome you with kisses and whisky...

to tuck you in at night...

to rock a kilt...

to fit in your pocket...



I lost my train of thought...


Something in the way he moves...

That smile!

When Jamie smiles, my heart sings, my knees wobble, and all is right with the world. That smile says it all. No words required.

Those (dreamy) eyes!

But those amazing eyes — convey a million words, a stunning range of thoughts and emotions. And when he looks at Claire ... intrigued, inviting, incendiary ... *sigh* This series needs a spontaneous combustion warning and I need a fainting couch.

Those luscious lips!

He’s both a tender and a steal-your-breath-away kisser, an enthusiastic student of anatomy, and a veritable prodigy at sexy. Thankfully, not a monk.

And he’s equally sexy when he speaks, in between the kisses, and the eye sex, and the general he-manliness.

That heart!

And there’s never any doubt how verra deeply he feels it. (Which made Wentworth scenes especially difficult, so we’ll just ignore those today. Except to say that Sam should have been nominated for an Emmy. And a BAFTA. Period.)

O. M. G. This. Scene.

Onward through the drought...

How I miss slaking my Outlander thirst upon new episodes — from the wellspring of ways that Sam embodies Jamie so remarkably as scenes unfold — during each desolate day of Droughtlander. Yet I find ways to console myself. With repeat viewings (shocking, I know!). With little peeks into the filming of season 2. With the fabulous fan art and memes on Facebook from the more creative fans who keep us focused on our common obsession goal. And I know this too shall pass. One day our interminable passage through the desert shall lead to our oasis, and we’ll feast upon the lush abundance of springtime in Paris together!

A little peek at Paris

Or Outlander...for NINE long months of Droughtlander

Here’s how talented Doughtlander sufferers...

keep the rest of us entertained!


My thoughts exactly! Happy Droughtlander, y’all!

For links to specific sources, where I could find them, click the pictures. (If you know the source for an unsourced picture, I will be happy to add it.) For more lovely pictures, here’s where I found many of these:


  1. I love you. This is THE BEST Jamie/Sam post I have ever read. Of course now I'm all angsty because I don't have any Outlander to enjoy. Why can't Starz just run it ALL the time. Seriously, would that be too much to ask? LOL

    1. Thank you so much, you are quite welcome! I share your angst...and completely agree that Starz should run Outlander all year round!

  2. Ok, first - never read your blog before, but you won me over with my favorite pinup picture before I even started reading. Second, what a lovely tribute to JAMMF and our beloved Sam, both as a character and as an actor/person outside the role (something I think fans sometimes forget).

    For me, the thing about his acting that really does me in is the way he commits to the role so fully, putting little book-Jamie mannerisms into his portrayal (like the half smile and the twitchy fingers). I just noticed the other day, rewatching "The Gathering," that as Claire is talking about bashing Dougal over the head with a chair, he touches the back of his head - a subtle but wonderful reference to the injury book-Jamie suffered at Dougal's hands! Such a lovely guy! Thanks for doing him justice - both TV-Jamie and Sam! - in this post!

    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate his many nuanced mannerisms, too, and I love discovering more every time I watch. That touch to the back of the head was perfect! Sam really gets Jamie.

  3. What a fantastic post Kathi. I was trying not to drool. I think Sam makes a wonderful Jamie.

  4. Great Post! and humbled you posted a pic of mine. eeeeek !

    1. Thank you so much, for your compliment and for creating that photo! I just love that photo, so much that I couldn’t bear not to include it even though I could not find the original and wasn’t sure if I was spelling your name correctly. (I have corrected the source name now.)

    2. The original photo I edited was this.

      I loved the pic, which originally was just a black background that I use on my iphone and ipad.

      That evolved into more wallpapers.

      Again, thank you. Truely.

  5. Thankyou for sharing such a fantastic post Kathi. Love You.

  6. Wow great post thank's for awesome content.


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