Fangirl Friday: The BadAss Chicks of How To Get Away With Murder

Last week Barb told you about the very attractive men that populate the hit TV show How To Get Away With Murder here, and this week we decided to give the women equal treatment. It's only fair, since this show clearly has one of the most attractive casts to ever grace our TV screens! 
Sexy, and they know it. 
If there's one thing Shondaland has taught the world, it's that there's no one way to be a woman. That strong women don't fit any one box (Although many TV and movie writers clearly think the only "strong" women are those that kick ass in leather and remain largely poker-faced throughout every ordeal). The women of How To Get Away With Murder are complex, broken, manipulative, sometimes tragic. They love, they hate, they're loyal, and capable of betrayal. And they are awesome. And it doesn't hurt that each and every one of these women is absolutely gorgeous! 

Click through to read. *Will contain minor spoilers for season 1*

Viola fucking Davis as Annalise Keating

Annalise Keating is at the center of this particular solar system. And it's hard not to love her. In all her damaged, manipulative, amazing glory. 

Annalise is spectacular when she is her fierce ass-kicking self in the courtroom and the classroom. She's the kind of powerful and gorgeous woman we all aspire to be and makes us all want to kick ass and take names. We adore her confidence in her job, her willingness to pass on her knowledge, how proudly she embraces her sexuality, and her unwavering pursuit of a win for her clients. 

But we love her equally as much for her vulnerability, her pain, the chinks in her armor that make her badassery even more admirable. This is a real woman with a range of experiences and emotions, one who keeps her promises and protects those close to her while refusing to take shit from anyone. On the shallowest of notes, her wigs and wardrobe could be characters by themselves. Keep working it, Queen Annalise.

Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom 

Reminding everyone that a nice face
doesn't mean she has time for your shit.
Ah, Bonnie. A character with so very many layers. Those are our favorite! What could so easily have been a mousey, quiet, doormat of a character is so much more! 

She sees a lot more than she's given credit for. And her and Frank's relationship is one of our favorites on the show. They're almost like siblings, and she sees right through his tough guy act and calls him out on pretty much everything.

Her loyalty to Annalise (and maybe Sam) seems to be her Achilles heel. And I'm sure we're going to find out more about that in the coming seasons. 

Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo

We did not think we would like Laurel when the show first started. I mean sure, she was attractive as hell. And yeah, Zee might have a thing for Karla Souza, but she took a while to really blossom on the show as more than the token good girl. 

Her sizzling hot chemistry with the unbelievably sexy Frank helped make her more interesting. She was clearly drawn to the "not your average good boy" and you immediately liked her better for it. 

More than that, it was her no nonsense attitude when it came to everything. Her desire to do some good, and her dislike of all their horrid clients (when they were obviously douchebags). And I LOVED watching her call people out on their shit in her quiet way. 

But we have to say, our favorite thing about her, has been her amazing calm in the face of everything. It is so sexy! She has kept her shit together better than anyone else in the group. And keeping Michaela's ring to shut her up and get her to cooperate was a stroke of genius. Weak links are hard to handle, but she handles this one LIKE.A.BOSS. And we love her for it.

Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt 

Look at that smile.
Michaela took a long while to grow on us. But we always saw things in her we liked or admired. Her sense of ambition and competition was exhausting, but it's what made her someone to watch out for. 

Other than being obviously gorgeous (FFS just look at her!), we've enjoyed her unlikely friendship with Connor and her terrible taste in men, which might be coming  to bite her in the ass again. And not in a good way.
More coming your way, unfortunately.
Hands down one of the best lines of the entire first season was by Michaela. And if you didn't want to stand up and applaud her for it, I don't know what to say. Recognizing your own worth and loving yourself is more important than any Prince Charming, no matter how big the castle he comes with, and no matter how much he says he might love you. *High Five*

Brilliant, loyal, fierce, vulnerable, and gorgeous, the women of How To Get Away With Murder are absolutely spectacular. We love watching them cause problems and then solve them, having one another's backs, while still keeping it real. We've been awed by them and we know they're going to keep keeping us on our toes, and we'll be along for the entire ride. 

Are you watching HTGAWM, Saucy Readers? Do you adore the chicas as much as we do? 


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