Quote of the Day

Becky whistled and began to laugh. “He’s pretty.”
Zane clucked his tongue, mentally echoing her.
The man welcomed them to a night of debauchery and decadence, and almost immediately he began to pick people out of the crowd and insult them. Zane was surprised at first, but the packed audience was eating it up.
The man turned his attention on them with an appreciative whistle. “Well hello, beautiful,” he said in a deep voice as he took a few steps toward their table. “Where have you been all my life? Where are you from, gorgeous?”
Becky laughed and sat forward. “Austin, Texas.”
“Yeah, wait your turn, honey, I’m talking to your boyfriend.”
Becky cackled and covered her mouth with her hands, looking at Zane as the audience laughed.

Touch & Geaux
~~Abigail Roux


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