Fangirl Friday: Care's Laminated List!

So, ages ago, Wench Angela did a post on her Laminated List.
It occurred to me that, you know, I don't think I've ever shared my laminated list. Sadly, I don't think I can ever really laminate it, 'cause there's too much shifting. Anyway, click on through to see who makes the list! With both video and photographic evidence to support my choices. You're welcome.

Tom Hiddleston

A lot of times, I find that celebrities are ridiculously gorgeous... right up until they open their mouths. Then it's all over - I can't handle the idiocy. Tom Hiddleston? He and Bendybars Comeandgetem only improve the longer they talk and it's the Best. Thing. Ever.

John Barrowman

Hot as hell, funny, and absolutely without self-consciousness? Sign me up. I love John Barrowman, he has a kind heart, a wonderful sense of humor, and a streak of just FUN that can't be beat!

Sam Heughan

Oh, Sam. I'm late to the party on this one, but seriously. He's... There isn't a word for it. Beautiful-but-rugged, impish, with a killer smile, and I've yet to hear him open his mouth and say anything stupid in his gorgeously accented voice, which makes for all kinds of starry eyes. Mine included.

Karl Urban
Karl took over for my beloved DeForrest Kelley as Bones in Star Trek when the reboot came around, which already bumped him up a few points on the HOLY SHIT scale. But then we got more glimpses of him, actually HIM, and the sense of humor on this guy is incredible, and that just makes it for me. <3

Colin O'Donoghue
Dear lord save me from this one. He's a geek. An unashamed geek (another like Barrowman!), with gorgeous eyes, a spectacular smile, and the package is pretty killer, too. He is all kinds of fantastic, and it's kind of no wonder at all that he's on the list.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HONORABLE MENTIONS!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

David Tennant
David Tennant. David is one of the few actors that turn up on the list that I know very little about. But honestly, between The Doctor, Twigs, and his playful seemingly-nature? Definitely a GIANT honorable mention.

Cole Hauser
Honestly, Cole Hauser is just damn pretty. And very real. And also kind of taken over by a fandom for a character I absolutely adore. The two merge, and WHOOMPH. Cole Hauser. *_*

Joe Manganiello
Another unabashed geek, great eyes, great smile, smart and funny? Sign me up! 

So tell me, Saucy Readers, who's on YOUR laminated list? I obviously trend to smart, funny geeks, what about you?


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