What The Wenches Are Reading

“Don't join the book burners. Don't think you're going to conceal faults by concealing evidence that they ever existed. Don't be afraid to go in your library and read every book...” 

― Dwight D. Eisenhower

Amanda: I'm still reading HATE Sex by Billy Storm. This book is fluffy and delicious! But yet not...stay tuned for my review.  

Angela: I've carried on with the India Black series. What a delightful discovery. India Black and the Widow of Windsor (#2). I haven't laughed so hard while reading a book in a long time. Let's just say that India Black being a lady's maid is something to behold. Let's just say snuff and elderly marchioness aren't exactly a great combination. However the Marchioness was one of the reasons I loved this book. Next up was India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy (#3). Again I loved this Victorian mystery romp. I love bumbling secret agents it seems. There is a beauty to me in books that don't end with a nice little bow. I love that the solving of the mystery isn't neatly done. There is only one book to go and then I've read them all. I'm a tiny bit saddened that there won't be any other books after that as the publisher didn't pick up the series after the fourth book.  I've also been slowly carrying on my Game of Thrones reread. It remains a pure delight to me, as it always has.

Anne: I finished The Hunger Games last week and started Catching Fire. There's so much I forgot since last time!

Barb: Since last we spoke, I read all three books on Tarryn Fisher's Love Me With Lies trilogy. Wench Merit told you about it here. The first book was iffy for me, but I was curious enough to read on. The second was that perfect blend of batshit crazy, hilarious, appalling, and heartbreaking. I loved it way more than I should have, mostly because I was so shocked by the cuckoo bananas lengths Leah was willing to go to to win. Damn Girl! And then there was Caleb. *sigh* Caleb. That book made me love Olivia in a way I didn't when I read the first book. Overall the trilogy was amazing. Wench Olga (because once a Wench always a Wench) insisted that I continue with Tarryn Fisher and read Mud Vein next, so that's where I am. Halfway through an incredibly fucked up book that I cannot put down. I have itchy suspicions about what behind our MCs' predicament and I'm eager to find out if I'm right. 

Donna: I finally found some free time to start reading Kim Harrison's The Drafter. I'm just a few chapters in, and I'm both curious and intrigued. Peri Reed is a special task force agent with the ability to jump back in time to change events (hmmm, how handy would that ability be?) and her partner, Jack, is the one who keeps her sane and grounded. I just watched the first few episodes of the new television show, Minority Report, and if you like that sort of thing, The Drafter should be your cup of tea. This is a completely different change of pace from Kim Harrison's last book series, The Hollows

Kathi: I finished reading Kiss of Steel and moved on to the next book in this series, Heart of Iron. I’m enjoying these books well enough. They’re sort of HEA steampunk PNRs that help me escape from the veritable cyclone of project deadlines raging around me. I might take a break to read a different book for my reading challenge after this, but I do look forward to finishing the next the books in this series soon. I’m also making good progress with The Walking Dead. I’m over halfway through season 4!

Merit: Speaking in Tungs by Karla Jay was a wonderful read. The story of Marliegh, a young woman, going from her home in San Francisco, to Tungston (Tungs), a small town in rural Pennsylvania, in an effort to find her birth parents. Marliegh is a speech therapist, and for me, one of the best aspect of this story, is her work with the local patients. We see and hear them (and the story), through the eyes of Marliegh. He story is full of compassion and humor, cleverly written, with quirky, great supporting characters and rattlesnakes… Marliegh is obviously out of her element in this rural county,but she doesn’t give up. There is a bit of mystery and danger, and you see the hints of a romance on the horizon. I love the elegant way Ms. Jay plays withwords, just think about the book title and you’ll see what I mean. I enjoyed the writing very much (Even though I’m not really qualified to judge the language). I recommend this book wholeheartedly.


  1. I just finished Maplecroft. I've read all of Cherie Priest's books, so I knew I was going to like this one. I loved it! To see Lizzie Borden portrayed in such a completely different manner was a bit of a surprise, but it made perfect sense. I can't wait to read the sequel.


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