So Many Questions: Hard Bitten Part One

​I'm back with more questions about the Chicagoland Vampire​ series. This time, I'm focusing on Hard Bitten. Yes, the heartbreaking one. It is one of the toughest in the series to get through, if you know what's coming. But, I did it and I have questions. This is part one of the Hard Bitten questions. If you need to catch up, here are links to the previous books' questions, SGB, FNB 1, FNB 2, TB 1, TB 2.

Join me after the jump to see what I want to know about Hard Bitten! I think it goes without saying, but SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Are there any other creatures we don't know about?​
Humans hadn’t been thrilled to learn we’d existed, and if werewolves were out there, too, what else lurked in the shadows?
​Humans know about shifters now. We, the readers, know there are also nymphs, fairies,
trolls, and sorcerers. ​Later in the series, we learn about Messengers/angels, gnomes, and sirens. Are there any other creatures in this world that we haven't encountered yet? What about the Greek and Roman mythological creatures? Did or do any of those exist? Or part humans, like mermaids, centaurs, satyrs, harpies, sphinx, etc. do they exist? What about sprites, unicorns, dragons, veela, zombies, Frankenstein's monster, devils, chupacabras? Or any of the thousands of other fictional creatures that could roam the earth? Do any of them exist in this world? Or, like the pixies, did any of them used to exist?

​How long has Tate been the mayor?​
It wasn’t my first time in the mansion. My father (being well moneyed) and Tate (being well connected) were acquaintances, and my father had occasionally dragged me to Creeley Creek for some fund-raiser or other.

Merit is 28 now. She claims to have been taken to fundraisers at the mayoral mansion when Tate was mayor. Mayoral terms in Chicago are four years long. When was the last time Merit would have allowed herself to be dragged to a fundraiser by her family? I guess it is possible that she could have gone to one after she came back to study at the U of C, but frankly, I don't think she would have done it then. I would say that she wouldn't have allowed it past undergrad. So, Tate has to be on at least his second term, possibly his third as Mayor. And, he was an alderman before that. How long has Tate been in Chicago? And, how old is he pretending to be? Can he age his vessel so that he doesn't arouse suspicion? Would anyone have noticed anyway?

I'd like to learn more about magical education.
This is like sorcery boot camp-- learning stuff I should have studied ten years ago, cramming all of that into a few month period.​
Do sorcerers identified at a young age go to a separate school from their muggle peers? Do
they go to an Ilvermorny/Hogwarts/Xavier's School for Gifted Children type boarding school? Or, do they have like summer camp or after school tutoring? Catcher never really got into any of this, so Mallory is the only example we have. If she had been discovered at an earlier age, how long would her training have been? We know Catcher came to Chicago at around 18-20 and was a fully trained member of the Order. Is the intent to have sorcerers trained by 18? Because there is no magical presence in Chicago, how many other undiscovered sorcerers are there?

How long was Mallory planning the Maleficum heist?
And when she brushed away the tears, I realized her fingers were red and raw.
Obviously, at this point, she's just learning about black magic. Or, at least, that's what she claims. But, it's several months from now that she goes on her black magic spree. Is she already thinking of ways to right the magical balance? Or, does that come later? Did she use Ethan's death as an opportunity? Did she have another plan in mind before his ashes presented themselves? How long did she resist that feeling of wrongness she says she feels? Did she resist it at all or was she immediately lured by the evil?

What is the Order baring Mallory from telling anyone?
She shook her head. "I can't tell you.""You can tell me anything."She looked over at me, frustration clear in her face. "Not won't tell you, can't tell you. There's Order juju at work. I know things, but I can't get them out. I can summon up the phrases in my head, but can't actually give voice to the words."
What kinds of black magic is the Order hiding info about? And, why? Hiding information about something just makes the rest of us want to know said information even more. Actually, that might just be me, maybe I just want to know it even more. Anyway, what are they barring her from talking about? What could they be hiding? Is she talking about the Maleficum and it's hiding place? Or is there more to it than that? Also, what are the Keys of Black Magic? Or, are they broken down the same, but using weapons of black magic and power of black magic, etc?

What would happen if a sorcerer became a vampire?
"...There's not a doubt in my mind that he's all in, and there's nothing you can't tell him. Well," I added with a smile, "unless you became a vamp. That would probably be a deal breaker."

Given the scarcity of sorcerers and the pickiness of vampires, it's doubtful that this would
happen. But, if it did, what would happen to the sorcerer? Would they survive they transition? Would they retain their magic? Would their magic change at all with their new biology? What about other supernaturals? Would it even be possible to change anyone that wasn't a full blooded human in to a vampire? If it was, has anyone ever tried it? Did the sup survive the change? Would they be outcasts, like in that other series about vampires and a telekinetic girl that I don't want to talk about? Would they be all powerful super vampires? If they were a shifter before, would they still be able to shift? I have a lot of interest in this area. I'd like to know all of the things about this.

​Does medication work on vampires?
"Anyway, Max was a vampire with Masterworthy power, but no House. The GP considered him unstable and wouldn't give him an official title. They were right about the instability thing. My guess? Max was bipolar as a human, and becoming a vamp didn't help."
Does medication work on vampires or other supernaturals? Could Max have taken a HUGE dose of lithium or anti depressants and stabilized himself enough to become a Master? Or, do drugs like this not work on vamps? We know SOME drugs do, because of the V problem. But, what makes those work when other don't? There is a whole new branch of science that will be needed to research drugs effects on vampires and other supernatural populations. Also, what about pre-existing conditions? For example, I have a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's Disease. I take a pill every day to stabilize my hormone production. If I became a vampire would I still have to take that pill every day? Would it even still be effective? Or, would my vampire biology ​fix it for me with my new super healing abilities? Also, just as an observation, smoking and drinking without the fear of lung cancer or liver cirrhosis would be one of the best parts about being a vampire. Just saying.....

Who else in Cadogan, and the other Houses, is a transfer?
"I transferred to Grey House when Scott got his Masterdom. Each new House gets to steal a few Novitiates from the others to help fill it out. They're able to initiate new vamps, as well, obviously, but the trade gives them a start."
Who in Cadogan is a transfer? What House were they made into? Or, were they Rogues?
Also, which Cadogan vamps went to Lacey's House when she started it up? According to Lindsey, no one liked her. Did they have to draw straws or something? Who gets to choose to transfer? Does the Novitiate get to decide whether or not they want to transfer or is it mandated by their current Master? Who in Grey House used to be Cadogan? Are they glad they aren't involved in their shenanigans or do they miss it? Can you transfer back once the new House's ranks are a little more filled out? How is there not more spying going on between the Houses if people transfer? Or is there spying we don't know about? Intrigue.... I'd like to read a whole book on the forming of a new House. Obviously, I'd love to see Master Merit, but I'll take what I can get.

How many American Housed vampires are left from the Colonial Age?
"The American Revolution was a difficult time for the British and American Houses, as you might imagine. The GP hadn't yet been formed-- that was still decades down the road-- and the Conseil Rouge retained power. Being French, the Conseil supported the colonies' freedom. Being British, we did not."I nodded my understanding. "And immortality being what it is, some of those colonists are still alive in the American Houses."
The Revolutionary War was more than 200 years ago. How many American Housed vampires are left from that period? Did they fight in the war or help in some other way? Or, were they fighting their own war against the British? Is anyone we know a vampire alive in this time period? What about the other sups, did they fight in this or any other war? What stance do sups, vampires in particular, take on human wars? Are any of the wars we think were strictly human wars actually about some sort of supernatural issue?

Who owns Temple Bar?
"Offering an opportunity to casually investigate whether someone is using my bar to recruit human victims. Good thought, Sentinel." "I don't know what you're talking about, Sullivan. I'm just talking about a few drinks with my girlfriends."
Does Cadogan own Temple Bar? Or do Sean and Colin own it? If Sean and Colin own it, how do they get around the no last name issue? Or, is the no last name thing just amongst vampires and everyone actually has an ID with a full name on it? How do vampires get credit cards or bank accounts or drivers licenses? Do they just glamour people into giving them up or do they have official IDs? Also, do all of the American Houses have a bar or club that they consider theirs? We know the Chicago Houses do. 

Well, that's all I've got for Hard Bitten Part One, Saucy Readers! Stayed tuned for Hard Bitten Part Two coming soon to a blog near you! Did I miss anything else you'd like to know from this portion of the book? Let me know below!


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