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As I'm sure regular readers are aware, a large portion of us Wenches are OB. SESSED. with Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampire series. The penultimate book in the series, Midnight Marked, was recently released and it was so, so good that Headwench Barb and I both decided to reread the entire series from the beginning. As it turns out, that was a really good idea for me. There was a lot from the earlier books that I have forgotten. And, reading through this time, with the knowledge that there is only one book left, I am finding a lot of questions I would like answers to. Statements that are made that haven't yet come to pass, or things I would like clarified or elaborated. I actually have so many questions, that this post will only cover Some Girls Bite. We may not get answers to these questions. But, who knows, maybe we will. Maybe the lovely Ms. Neill will satisfy all of our curiosities. She is pretty spectacular. She might be the one author that ties up all of the loose ends and questions before the end of the series. Keep reading after the break to see what my questions are!

I'm just going to jump right in and start at the beginning. I have included the quote that spawned my questions as well.

Where are the other Cadogan vampires, who don't live in the House? 
Three hundred and eight nationally. Eighty-six actually live in the House proper.
Are they all in the Chicago area? If not, where are they? We are given the national number. Are there any Cadogan vamps left in Europe? Did any of them defect when Ethan took over as Master? Most importantly, how do the rest of the Cadogan vampires feel about the shenanigans the live in vamps get up to?

Catcher says Merit will be a Master, has that changed and/or will that ever come into play? 
You'll be a Master vampire, Merit. You'll have your own House one day. 
Obviously she's still very young to be a Master, but has this prediction changed because of her relationship with Ethan? Would she leave Cadogan to have her own House? Would she give up her beloved position? She would have to have leave the RG, as well. Now that she's on her way to repairing her relationship with Jonah and the RG, would she be willing to give up her membership and her partnership to run her own House? Is her strength and possible Masterdom part of the test she and Ethan have to go through? Is there any scenario (that does not involve Ethan's death) in which Merit could become Master of Cadogan?

How does Commendation work for normal vampires?
And on that irreverent note, I call this Commendation closed and bid you good night. Dismissed. 
Is it at the same time each year? Does each House do their's at a separate time? Is everyone turned at once or is it staggered? What is the application process like? Merit only had about a week between being turned and Commendation. Is this the normal time line, or does everyone else have more of an adjustment period?

Where is the rest of Merit's Initiate Class?
There's twelve of us, and it would be wrong for only eleven to show up.
We don't even know most of their names, let alone what they do now. We see Connor a few times and Christine is mentioned, but that's it. What are the rest of them up to? What jobs were they assigned? What job was Christine assigned because I feel like with her background, working with Helen would be a good job for her. Obviously, they can't all be guards or sentinels but what other jobs are there for low level vamps?

Is war still coming? 
War is coming, Ethan Sullivan of Cadogan House. The temporary peace, born of human neglect, is at an end. She is strong. She will come, she will rise, and she will break the bonds that have held the Night together. War will come. She will bring it. They will join her. Prepare to fight.
What war? Is this the war Celina was trying to get off the ground or something else? If it's not Celina, then who is "She"? Catcher and Ethan both agree it's not Merit. Who is it? Was it Celina? Is it Nichole or Sorcha or someone else? Was it Mallory? Was what she did considered war? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?

Is it still a possibility that Gabriel will order the Pack to Alaska?
They'll disappear into the wilderness and leave the vamps to fight it out alone. Again.
Now that Gabriel has moved his base to Chicago and has an official alliance with Cadogan, would he still order the Pack to Aurora? Would Jeff go or defect from the NAC? What about Fallon? Would Gabriel forsake that alliance and his word for the good of the Pack, if it became necessary?

Catcher owes Ethan a debt. What was that debt for?
And that instruction will fulfill the debt I owe.
How did Ethan and Catcher become friends? When did Catcher come to Chicago? Why did Catcher come to Chicago? I know he had some sort of premonition that Chicago needed a resident sorcerer, but what was the premonition? How old was Catcher when he was kicked out of the Order? Where did Catcher live before he met Mallory? Did he still, technically, have his own place when he moved in and Merit moved out? I actually would like to know quite a lot of things about our Mr. Bell, cantankerous asshole or not. 

What happens if there are two (or more) vampires with the same name?
Hey. It's Morgan. From Navarre, in case you know a lot of us.
Do they get to keep a last initial? Does the younger one have to go by a different name? Are they relegated to being older and younger John, or big or little John? Or blonde Lindsay and brunette Lindsay? Guard Peter and dishwasher Peter? Do different Houses have different policies on vampires with the same name?

How did the Rogues hear about the meeting?
"Frankly, Noah," Ethan was saying, "it wasn't an oversight that you weren't invited to talk, nor was it a sign of disrespect. It was a choice, based on my assumption, apparently incorrect, that you weren't interested in participating."
Did Celina tell them? Or Amber? Was it through Jonah and/or the Red Guard? A source inside Cadogan? How did Noah find out this was taking place?

What is Noah's backstory?
I blinked, trying to guess how I was supposed to react-- was there etiquette for this? The unintroduced Sentinel responding to a flicker of interest from the spokesperson for Chicago's Rogue vampires?
Has Noah always been a Rogue? Did he defect from a House? How old is he? How did he become the spokesperson for the Rogues? Was he too strong for his Master to handle, but not strong enough for his own House? If he was Housed at one point, what made him defect? Or was he kicked out for some reason?

And finally, how often do vampires participate in formal courtship rituals?
Merit, Sentinel of Cadogan House, I hereby claim the right of courtship. Do you accept?
Obviously, Merit is courted by Morgan. But, does this happen often? Is this official procedure for inter-House dating? Would a different sort of courtship occur when a vampire is looking to transfer between Houses, kind of like athletic recruitment?

That's all I've got for Some Girls Bite, Readers. Do you have any questions from this book that you want answered or elaborated? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Not really from that book - actually, some of those were answered in a few of the later books, it feels like, though not directly or in detail. Just small bits and pieces here and there. I'm finishing up my re-read (going at a snails pace..because life and puppy), but there are a lot of things I noticed now, in earlier (and later) books, that I never noticed the first time or two reading them. I feel like each read through I find more pieces. That's just me, though. :)

  2. I have also been thinking about some of these questions: Catcher's prophecy and where did Catcher live before he moved to Mallory? And I'm interested in why Morgan can connact mentally with Merit?


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