So Many Questions: Friday Night Bites Edition Part 2

I'm back with the second half of my questions from my reread of Friday Night Bites. Check out the questions I had from Some Girls Bite and Part One of Friday Night Bites. I'm just going to jump right into these, so keep reading after the break!​

Well, I'm going to start this one off with a bang....​

Is there supernatural porn?

"I know this is a little forward, but I did want to give you my card. I think you could benefit from representation."​"I'm sorry?" I glanced down at the card, which bore her name beneath the heading CHICAGO ARTS MANAGEMENT.She was an agent.​ {snip}​I'm not sure about your experience or interests-- modeling, acting, that kind of thing-- but we could definitely find a niche for you.​
​Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but that's where I went straight to when she said "find a niche for you." So, is there sup porn in this world? If so, are there different kinks to go along with it? Vamp/shifter, vamp/nymph, etc?​ Would that be an exclusively Rogue job? I feel like the GP would disapprove of a Housed vamp doing porn. However, I do think that both Ethan and Scott would be ok with it, as long as it was a choice and not out of necessity.

Was Ethan at the club from Midnight Marked that night?​
"No," he said. "I was out."
We all stood silently, waiting for Ethan to elaborate, but got nothing.
I think it's a distinct possibility that's exactly where he was that night. If he was out having dinner or a drink or something, he would have just said so. The only other option is if he was out finding someone to drink from. The evasive answer actually gives a lot away, knowing what we know now. Especially, since Merit is standing right there, it's something he wouldn't want her to know. That means it's something she would disapprove of, be jealous of, or be angry about. That narrows down the field of possible activities quite a bit. Or, I'm reading too much into this and he just wasn't in the mood to share.

Cather's specialty is the Second Key. What is Mallory's specialty?
"It's the condensation of magic. The First Key. Power"​
​Does Mallory even have a specialty? Do all sorcerers have specialties? How powerful are Mallory and Catcher anyway? We know Mallory is pretty damn powerful because the Order sent someone to train her, instead of insisting she go to them. But, what about Catcher? It's been alluded to that he is pretty powerful, but how powerful exactly? Is there a ranking system like with vampires? If so, how do Mallory and Catcher rank?​

​Is it a possibility that someone will go after Merit's family?

"But you're also a Merit, for better or for worse. You have the ability--- you're the only one of us who does-- to keep them safe."
We know that, while Merit isn't exactly close to her family, she wouldn't let someone hurt them. This is a vulnerability for Merit, being such a new vampire, she actually has family still. Would any of her enemies go after her family? Is this part of the test she has to endure before she has her own child, choosing between her House and her family? Also, I'd like to know a little more about Merit's siblings. How many kids do Robert and Charlotte each have? What are their names, how old are they? Is there a possibility that one of them could grow up to join a House someday? I think Charlotte might be ok with that, but Robert seems the type to throw a fit about that.​

Does anyone else wonder what they'd smell like to a supernatural?
Tate smelled like lemon and sunshine and sugar, a weirdly ethereal combination for a city administrator, but delicious all the same.
​Do other people wonder this? No? Just me then? That's fine. I do wonder that. Of course, we know now why Tate smelled like that, but it makes me wonder all the same. I also wonder sometimes how my favorite authors would describe me and the people I know. I hope it would be a flattering description.​

​Is Morgan's power that he can​ telepathically​ connect to anyone?
​I ignored him, and I'd just taken a step toward Morgan when I felt like I was falling through a tunnel. I had to touch Ethan's arm just to keep myself upright. It was the telepathic connection Morgan and I had formed when he'd challenged Ethan at Cadogan House.​
We know he can connect with Merit, but what about others? Is she special for some reason? Is her mind more susceptible to​ that form of communication, or is that just Morgan's gift, like Lindsey's telepathy? And, while we are on the subject of connecting to people telepathically, how does this work for Masters? Is it some sort of spell that kicks in when they take the Rights of Investiture or is it only with vamps they've made? Can Malik connect with people while he is Master? Can Scott connect with any of his people, even though a lot of his vamps are transfers?​

What is Scott's story?
Scott, I'd learned from my research, was a relatively new Master.
What House did he come from? Who did he apprentice under? What are his strength ratings? Who made him? Where was he made? How old is he? Why did he settle in Chicago? Where did he grow up? What was his family like?

What is the relationship between Rogues and the GP?
"Look," Noah said, "her previous acts notwithstanding, before we get too involved in personal vendetta, I'm with Greer. If we have no evidence either way, then let's leave out assigning blame to anyone in particular. The GP released her, so we'll be overstepping our bounds if we take too close a look--you know how that goes." I didn't, but the comment made me wonder. I added that to my library to-do list.
How does the GP deal with Rogues? Are Rogues basically anarchists or they looked at as homeless​? If a Rogue breaks a law, do they get shipped off to Greenwich for​ GP punishment or are they left to local law enforcement? Does the GP have any idea how many Rogues there are and where they are? We know Noah is basically the Rogue liason in Chicago, do other major cities have similar arrangements? Is there some sort of Rogue network to contact?

What kinds of shifters are there besides wolves?
​Every shifter has a primary form. The animal they change into. Shifters are born that way. The form a shifter takes, that doesn't change. You're born into it, and that affects your rank in the pack.​
Are most shifters wolves or predatory animals? Or are there all kinds of animals, like in the TV show, Grimm. How do shifter numbers compare to vampire numbers? Obviously there is the potential to make more vampires to outnumber shifters since shifters are born. But, what is the ratio?​​ Is the animal you shift into affected by where you live? For example, are there more lions, cheetahs, etc in Africa, rather than wolves?​ What animal would be the lowest ranking? Does anyone out rank a wolf, because I feel like Jeff's tiger would outrank a wolf for sure.

​What is Jeff's family situation?
We're born, not made like you, so we operate on more of a, I guess you'd say, family level.
Where are his parents? Are they in Chicago? Are they alive? Does Jeff have any siblings? Where do they live, are they older or younger? What was it like growing up a tiger? When do you first shift? Is it right away or, like some mythology, do you not shift until puberty? Are there squib shifters or is everyone born of two shifters a shifter? We know the Jamie Breckenridge is weak, but what exactly does that mean? What if a shifter and a human have a child? Is it just a 50/50 shot of shifting or is it more complicated than that? Ms. Neill, if when you are done with the Devil's Isle series, you wanted to go back to the CLV world and do a series about shifters, I would not be opposed.

​Does Mallory's magic smell like lemon also? 
A pale golden glow of light. The smell of lemon and comfort.

This line is immediately after Merit is hit by Mallory's ball of magic. Is the lemon and comfort that she smells Mallory's magic? If so, why does Mallory's magic smell like lemons, a smell that we will come to associate with Tate? Does magic just smell like lemons? Or is it certain types of magic? Could Mallory be a nephilim, a half angel, instead of a straight sorcerer? Does the intent of your magic have anything to do with the smell? If that isn't Mallory's magic she's smelling, what is it? What does comfort smell like to Merit? Because for a lot of people, a comfort smell is baking. Vanilla, or sugar. Sugar and lemon, again jut like Tate. Or, is she just smelling Mallory's natural scent and equating it with comfort?

That's a wrap for Friday Night Bites! Did I miss anything that you are curious about, Readers? Let me know in the comments and tune in soon for my Twice Bitten questions!

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