So Many Questions: Twice Bitten, Part Two

I'm back with yet another set of questions from my Chicagoland Vampires reread. As I stated in Part One of the Twice Bitten questions, this might be one of my favorite books in the series. I had quite a few questions come of this book. And, armed with the knowledge that we get one extra short story and a potential spin-off series, I'm hoping that we get some of my questions answered. But, if not, I won't mind. I'm enjoying re-reading and discussing these almost as much as actually having the answers. I hope you all are too! Join me after the jump for part two of my questions for Twice Bitten.

Does Gabriel know about Seth Tate at this point?
"And whose territory is Chicago?" Ethan asked, his head titled to the side. "You said Chicago was a city of power. Whose power?"Gabriel shook his head. "You don't want to know the answer to that one, vampire."
Does Gabriel know what Tate is at this point or does he just sense immense power in Chicago? Or, is there someone else that we don't know about yet? If Gabriel does know
about Tate, why doesn't he say anything when everything is going to hell with Mallory? Does he think or, possibly, does he know that Tate isn't involved? Because he doesn't say anything, and doesn't let on that he doesn't know about Tate in later books, when the Tates become a problem, that leads me to believe that he doesn't know about Tate. This means that he's talking about someone else here. But, who and/or what could it be? Is there some sort of magical center in Chicago that produces or magnifies magic? Is there a stone circle, or intersection of ley lines here? What does this mean, you cryptic bastard, Gabriel?

Why does Gabriel call Merit Kitten?
Gabriel barked out a laugh. "Given what we've seen so far, I'd guess one hundred percent." He leaned in toward me. "Pack whatever steel you can find, Kitten. You'll probably need the arsenal."

I don't know why it didn't strike me until this passage. Why does Gabriel call her Kitten? Does it have something to do with his prophecies about her? Or, is it just because she stood up to him even though she knew she'd lose, like a kitten who gets all puffed up and spitting mad? Or, is it because she's so graceful, like a cat? I have no idea. But, I'd like Merit to ask one day. Also, I love that, at least Adam, also picked up calling her that. I'd like it if the entire Keene family took to calling her Kitten. It would be amusing for me.

​Do Cadogan novitiates have to do their own laundry? 
It steamed the knees of my suit pants, no doubt leaving a disk of grease in the process. Good thing I had a couple of back up pairs.

Do the novitiates have to do their own laundry? If so, do they have to go to a laundromat or are there facilities in House? We never hear Merit talk about needing to do her laundry and, obviously, even if everyone else does their own, Ethan wouldn't. But, neither of them ever mentions it. If they don't do their own, does the House employ a laundry/dry cleaning service?​ Or, is there a group of people within the House whose job it is to do everyone's laundry? Or, is that a form of punishment, you have to do laundry detail for a week? Come to think of it, we know they have a kitchen staff of vampires. Do they have vampire housekeepers as well or is that kind of thing beneath them? If not, when do the housekeepers come? Do they clean all of the bedrooms as well, or is everyone responsible for keeping their own rooms clean? Is this part of Helen's world employing and coordinating all of this stuff or is there someone else who takes care of this and any other maintenance for the House?

When did vampires change over into more human behavior?
Vampires were different then, closer to animal than human. They were roaming bands of scavengers, taking what blood they could find.

Ethan says more animal than human. What prompted the change over? When did this
change take place? Was it later, as populations began to grow and cities became more prevalent? Was it earlier than that, later maybe? Was it after one of the clearings? Did this have anything to do with the formation of Houses? Did vampires look different then, or did they still look human? Obviously, Ethan looks wholly human. But, was that not always the case? Did they look more Nosferatu like at any point? Also, what is the vampire origin story in this world? Is it Cain based, or something else?

Not so much a questions, but a statement....
"You know I'm a Cubs fan?""Yes, although why remains a mystery."I glanced back at him. "You're not a White Sox fan, are you?"

There's nothing wrong with being a White Sox fan, Merit!! At least we have a World Series win in the last 100+ years. Ok, I'm sorry, I'm done now.

How different would this series be, if Merit had joined the Red Guard at this point?
I considered calling Noah and consenting to join the Red Guard right then and there, consenting to partner with Jonah to oversee the Masters, to judge them, to take action when they fall short of their potential. But that was a betrayal I still couldn't commit.
To remind you of the events immediately preceding this thought, Ethan had just told her that they couldn't be together because it was too much of a risk. Because he's a dumb boy who doesn't know how to deal with his feelings. Anyway, if Merit had joined the Red Guard right at this moment, how much of this series would be different? Would she and Jonah start something? Would Ethan have died to save her, if he knew she was with Jonah? Would she have even been in Tate's office that night? I would have joined the RG that night, but I'm much more spiteful than Merit is. What else would have changed if she was as spiteful as I am?

Why was Catcher's childhood so bad?
"It's some kind of shepherd's pie thing. His mom was experimenting one day and made it, and it's like the only good thing from his childhood or something, and he paid the restaurant a buttload of cash to make it."
What happened in Catcher's childhood to make it so bad? Were his parents abusive or
addicts or were they killed? Did they die of some disease or magical accident? Were is parents even sorcerers? Did they disown him when he came into his powers because they were afraid, or super religious or something? What happened to make his childhood so bad that this disgusting sounding pizza is the best thing from it? Or, is Mallory exaggerating this story? Did Catcher just say that it was his favorite thing from childhood and Mallory morphed it into this? Where are Catcher's parents? Where is Catcher from? We know he isn't a native Chicagoan, but where did he come from? Did he run away at some point and wind up with the Order or did he join the Order at the proper time? Was Catcher a foster kid for some reason? I need a lot more background information on Catcher.

How would the GP find out Ethan lashed out at that shifter?

We were all silent for a moment, maybe wondering whether I'd been sufficiently threatened to justify Ethan's reaction...or whether the GP was going to want a few words with our Master.

I understand they have a policy for this, but how would they even find out it had happened? Only a handful of people in Cadogan even know that it happened. Those that do know are the most loyal of the bunch. None of them would tattle on Ethan to the GP. I don't think Gabriel would tell them, if he could even reach them. I doubt that the GP would take calls or contact from any shifter lesser than an Apex. They may not take calls from any shifter. The GP is pretty stuck up. I'm fairly positive that Gabriel would tell them and I don't think he'd allow any other shifter to do it either. So, why the concern? How would the GP even find out that anything had occurred? 

Was Lacey's trip prearranged? 

Margot nodded. "Lacey Sheridan's on her way to the House." {snip}"I can't believe he'd ask her to come back here," Margot said. "Especially now."Especially now that he'd slept with me, or broken up with me?

Later, Ethan says it was arranged six month's ago. But, a few moments after this conversation, he thanks her for coming on such short notice. Which is it Ethan? Are you a total and 100% complete dick bag or not? If it was prearranged that is the most awful luck of all time for both Ethan and Merit. If it wasn't prearranged, what the ever loving fuck, Ethan? Why on earth would you do this to your novitiate who did absolutely nothing except what you asked of her? The only other alternative I can think of, was that this was prearranged, but Ethan was supposed to go to San Diego for "reviewing the financial status of her House." But, when the convocation came up, he asked Lacey to come here instead. Even if that is the case, he would have known she was coming when he slept with Merit. Don't you think a little warning would have been good, Ethan?

Does Tony not have an heir?

"We convene today with four Packs, but three alphas. When we are done, Great Northwestern will begin the task of choosing another to speak for the communal voice, for the Great Family. But today, we must focus on the business at hand."

Did Tony not have any kids or siblings to step up to the role of Apex after his demise? We
know that the North American Central Pack Apex is a position of inheritance. At least, that's the impression we are given. Gabriel inherited the role from his father. If something happens to Gabriel, it will go to Connor. If something happens to Connor or if something had happened to Gabriel, like maybe, I don't know, a murderous younger brother, Apex would go to Fallon, and then Eli, etc. Is this not how Great Northwestern operates? Or, did Tony have no one else in his family? Does Great Northwestern elect an Apex or is there some sort of test? Is it a gladiator style last man standing kind of thing? What about the other two packs? How are their Apexes chosen?

How old are the Keene siblings?
"We've half destroyed a church. Although the damage still isn't as bad as the ninety-two ConPack.""Or ninety-four," Adam added with a wicked smile. He rubbed a hand across his stomach. "Ninety-four was a wild ride."
I can't find it now, but I thought I remembered reading that Merit guessed Gabriel was around 30. Assuming the Keene siblings were born one year after the next, that would put Adam at around 23. Using the year of Some Girls Bite's release, 2009, as a marker for the year of this book, since this book takes place just a few months later, the '94 and '92 ConPacks were 13 and 15 years ago. Adam would have been somewhere between 6 and 8 years old. Given the level of violence at this Con, there is NO WAY their mother would have let them attend. There's a lot of assumptions there, I know. But, I'm starting to think that maybe shifters have an interesting relationship with age. What if shifters just age more slowly than humans? If the Keene siblings are any younger than what I posit above, Adam wouldn't be old enough to remember the '92 and '94 Cons, if he was even born at all. What about Jeff? Merit thinks that Jeff is about 21. But, what if he's not? What if he just LOOKS like he's 21? I am know calling everything I know about Jeff and the Keene family into question!

What would happen if two Masters got married?
She moved as if she were his property, as if there were nothing she wanted more than to be at his side. Even though she had her own House, she wanted back in Cadogan.
How would operations work if two Masters got married? Would they still operate separate
Houses or would they combine them into one House? Could they co-Master them? So, the Houses are still separate, but they Master them together? Would one of them have to give up their House? Or, am I over thinking this entirely and it wouldn't matter at all? I'm just thinking about how certain everyone was that Merit would eventually become a Master. What would happen to her and Ethan? Could he appoint her co-Master of Cadogan?

What happened to Adam, exactly?

"You are responsible for the death of a Pack leader. I will not-- cannot, given the vows I made to our father-- take you out, despite the pain and embarrassment you have caused."Gabriel shook his head, resignation in his eyes. "And maybe you'll be lucky. Maybe the members of Great Northwestern won't, either. But it will be their decision to make.""Gabriel--," Adam hoarsely pled, but Gabriel shook him off."You will present yourself to the members of the Great Northwestern, and they will decide your fate."

What did Great Northwestern decide to do with Adam? Gabriel implies that they will more than likely kill him. But, did they? Did he even make it to Great Northwestern's territory or did he present himself to members who were in attendance at ConPack? What if he just ran off and never arrived for his punishment? Or, what if they decided not to kill him? What would his punishment be besides death? Is it possible we could see Adam again? Could he, again, be the reason Merit will save Gabriel's family? Does Adam come back and try something?

Well, that's all I've got for Twice Bitten, Readers. Do you have any questions from this book that I missed? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This post is nearly a month old so not sure if anyone will see this, but - Catcher told Merit in Some Girls Bite that shifters live 'a hundred and twenty, a hundred and thirty years'. So shifters do indeed have an interesting relationship with age.

    And I have long thought that Merit will end up as Cadogan's co-master. I can't see her ever leaving Cadogan to start her own house - yet masterhood has been foreshadowed for her all throughout the series. Ethan seems utterly inundated with responsibilities now that he has supplicants to deal with and other duties related to the American Masters Assembly, as if he weren't busy enough before. He could probably use the help.:)

    -- philosopher queen


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