What The Wenches Are Reading

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Angela: There hasn't been much reading this week, as I spent most of it travelling on a road trip with two friends and nine kids to Cape Reinga at the very top of New Zealand. A great adventure.  I've made more progress on A King's Ransom by Sharon Kay Penman. I didn't want to put it down last night, but had to as I was exhausted after so much road trip driving. I've also been reading Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. Unfortunately it's been a really struggle as I've actually found it pretty boring. I'm going to finish it though as I need it for a challenge book. 

Anne: I finished up the heartbreak of Hard Bitten and, after falling down a Captain Swan fanfic rabbit hole, I have continued on with Drink Deep. In the audio book world, I'm still listening to The Boys in the Boat. I am really enjoying it. I highly recommend it, if you enjoy narrative non-fiction. I'll finish this up this week, most likely. Not sure what I'll listen to next.

Barb: I still have I'm Judging You and Made for Sin active in my tablet, but I got distracted by a reminder that Shayla Black had put out several Wicked Lovers books since I last read that series. So I am almost halfway through His To Take. Long chapters and a slow burn are ensuring that I'm not getting very far very fast. 
Donna: Lots of work, no time for reading.

Kathi: I can’t believe I’m still rereading The Stand. It’s intensely engrossing and I hate to put it down when I’m reading, but there haven’t been many chances to pick it up. I’m 95% done, though. It seems alarmingly more relevant this time around, and scary in ways I couldn’t even imagine in 1978.

Merit: Didn’t read much these last two weeks, I’m more than busy with work and family matters. Still, I can’t do without a book, so I am reading A Scot In The Dark a little here and there. A lovely, humorous historical romance, a good writing style. I like that the heroine was not a damsel in distress, I like the author emphasis on the sexual double standards of men and women in that period. On top of it all there is a rough sexy scot walking around in a kilt. A bonnie tale. 
Shau: This week I'm reading the new Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews, Magic Binds. I'm so happy I finally found the time for it. I've had it since it came out but RL kept getting in the way. I haven't read much so far, but it's lookin' good.

Zee: There's so much I want to read lately but not enough me time to actually get around to it. I'm so cuarious about The Girl On the Train. I hope I can read it before I watch the movie.


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