What the Wenches Are Reading


All of the Wenches reading Gone Girl finished up this week and agree that it is delightfully fucked up! We highly recommend. Additionally we're reading some new-to-us fantasy (par for the course around here), old favorites, an award winner and an unexpected contemporary romance. Click through to see who's reading what, and be sure to share your reading list in the comments below!

Amanda: I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and It.Was.Awesome. I had not seen the movie. I highly recommend this suspense novel. I've also picked back up with Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh, where I left off at 80%. Looking forward to wrapping it up! I'm feeling it more this time around.  

Angela: This week I finished Before They are Hanged (The First Law #2) by Joe Abercrombie and really enjoyed it. Action packed. A good cliffhanger ending. It wasn't a WTF ending, but a where the hell are the characters going to go from here? Can't wait to read the final book, Last Argument of Kings.
Anne: This week, I finished Gone Girl. That was a really fucked up book. But, it was a great book too. I also started a Supernatural fanfic that I'm hoping will help me get over my book hangover that's been lingering since Crash & Burn. I am also debating my next audio book.

Barb: I am absolutely wallowing in my reread of Darkfever. It's been a while so it's glorious. And, as always, I notice things I missed before. For example, did you know that the first time "Hope Strengthens, Fear Kills" shows up, it wasn't Barrons saying it at all, but Mac's rambling inner musings? Also, I saw lots of people bitching about Mac's rambling inner monologue in Burned, but they must have forgotten that that's Mac's style. Always has been. Personally, I adore it. 
Care: I've been out of town, so it's hard to keep track of everything and still kick back and read! Since last time, I've reread Cross & Crown for comfort, plus done a slow reread of Crash & Burn. I'm feeling much better for it, and am starting to look at what to pick up next. 
Kathi: I’m still reading The Luminaries. The prose is exquisite. The story is compelling, and its slow revelation through the changing POVs of various characters is fascinating. Good call, Angela, this is a great book! Though I keep hearing it’s a ghost story, I have not yet seen evidence of that. So far it’s an intricately plotted, lushly inhabited, richly drawn mystery set in the 1860s New Zealand gold fields, containing some combination of the following possible offenses: fraud, theft, backstabbing, blackmailing, kidnapping, smuggling, poisoning, political corruption, and murder.   

Merit: I’ve read Darkness Taunts, book 2 in The Sensor series by Susan Illene. I like this UF story. Melena, our kick-ass heroine, is fighting again. In the first book, she fought evil vampires; in this one, she fights demons and her feelings. A good, entertaining read.

Shau:  I've decided to read a contemporary romance novel. My reason is singular? The man on the cover...HAWT!! I'm talking about Changing the Game by Jaci Burton. Apparently, this is the 2nd book in a series called Play-by-Play. It was interesting enough with a predictable story. The characters are fleshed out, sexy and sympathetic, so I enjoyed it. 

Zee:   I've been kinda lost in smutville since finishing Gone Girl last week. Not really sure what to move on to just yet. A reread might be in order, maybe Downside Ghosts. Hmmm... or maybe some more smut. All I know is, no more free erotica off Amazon. There's a reason most of that stuff is free. Is all I'm saying. 


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