Quote of the Day

A tall figure hurtled through the gate and slammed face-first into the wall, six inches from her nose. 

She jumped back, heart thudding.  

Wild crimson hair, the exact shade of the blood dripping from his nose. Black waistcoat, arms in dirty white sleeves shackled behind him with rusted iron at wrist and elbow. The warder jammed a crackling electric hoop stick around the man's neck, pinning him to the wall at a safe distance. The lunatic laughed and wriggled like a netted fish, earning him a punch in the small of the back that knocked his breath away. 

Every nerve screamed at Eliza to flee. But the narrow corridor left her nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. 

Malachi Todd grinned at her, green eyes sparkling with mischief. "Hello, Eliza," he panted. "Always we meet in such a crowd. Surely we no longer need a chaperone?"

The Diabolical Miss Hyde by Viola Carr.


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