Quote of the Day

"Ward this. Spell that. How did you navigate life before you met me?"

I shrug. "It's kind of like realizing you're married to Bewitched. Except not in the married sense," I add hastily. "But you know what I mean. Why break your back vacuuming when a saucy twitch of the nose can clean the whole house.?"

"My nose has never twitched, saucily or otherwise. And that was an utterly absurd premise. The only price for using magic was compounded human stupidity. Humans consistently engender chaos without violating alchemical principles."

"Oh, my God, you watched -- "

"I did not."

"Yes, you--"

"Did not."

You just said --"

"Inescapable pop culture."

"Oh, you so watched it." 

BURNED by Karen Marie Moning


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