Quote of the Day

Luc looked at me. "I'm guessing you're going to be busy with Navarre House tomorrow but do remember us, withering away in the basement of Cadogan House."

I hitched a thumb at Ethan. "I go where he tells me to go."

"You need training."

I'd known that was coming and had a response in the chamber. "I bested the captain of the Navarre House guards with a dagger, while wearing stilettos and a gown, in front of an audience. I have all the training."

"I'm taking credit for this one," Catcher said to the room, hand in the air. "Just FYI."

"I like to think it was a group effort," Ethan said. "All of us working together to shape our lump of girl into a Sentinel."

"I like to think I'm more than the sum of my training."

"You are," Luc said. "There's at least some hot beef or deep dish in there."

"I am also more than Chicago foodstuffs."

Ethan grinned at Luc. "Pumas? Diet Coke? Smartassery?"

Lus snapped his fingers, pointed at Ethan. "Yes. And, like three percent medieval literature."

Dark Debt
~~Chloe Neill


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