ARC Review: Garden of Dreams and Desires by Kristen Painter

It's been very busy on my TBR thus far in 2015, with new installments, and some final books, in several of my favorite series, and Garden of Dreams and Desires in the last one I've been on pins and needles waiting for since I closed the last book. I told you how much I loved the first and second installments. I've actually had this book on my hot little hands for a month now, but since learning that it was going to be the last installment in the Crescent City series, I've been putting off starting it. I wasn't ready to let go of Augustine, Harlow, Lally, Olivia, and all of the wonderful characters that make up this rich world, not to mention leaving behind New Orleans again. 

I finally started the book, and while I dragged my feet a bit getting to the end, I  finally made it to the end of the journey. Come with me through the jump and I'll tell you whether the adventure was all I had hoped for. I will attempt to keep it spoiler free, as always.

What to you mean it's the last book?!?!
Upon finishing this book my most prevalent feeling is that I'm really sad this series is ending. Everything wrapped up nicely with this one, but there is so much potential still. Augustine is one of the best new heroes I've read, Harlow is fascinating and just coming into her powers, and the cast of supporting characters are rich and entertaining, leaving this reader willing and eager to spend much more time with them. Also, I can never visit New Orleans too much. So much potential in this incredibly rich setting, so I am quite bummed to have to leave. 

But while I'm sad that the series is ending, the story itself was riveting and action-packed, rocketing from one problem to another, tying up loose ends along the way. We got the kick ass Harlow I've suspected was in there from the beginning, one who embraces her fae side and accepts her role in the fae NOLA world. It's great to see. Augustine was as fantastic as
Harlow and Augustine are going to have
great adventures together!
we've come to expect, although he is rescued more in this book than being the rescuer. But it's refreshing to see a hero truly part of the team that supports him, and Harlow leads a rescue showing how far she's come and how perfectly matched our couple is. The face-melting sexual tension Auggie and Harlow had in the first book morphed into a deep respect and love for one another that would make for a great team whose adventures I would be happy to read more about.

I really did! Check it out!
I loved this series from the start, completely captivated by Augustine and confident Harlow was a spoiled brat whose entire world was sure to change. These books have never disappointed, keeping me entertained and surprised throughout. I wish there were more books coming in this series, but this was certainly a satisfying ending with all of the loose ends neatly tied. Although Crescent City is ending far too soon for me, it's a very satisfying conclusion to my favorite new UF/PNR. 

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