Reading Slump Solutions

It's a reading slump, so what do you do???? Yes Outlander, I'm looking at you.  I've queried with my fellow Wenches what they would do and here are a few ideas below to help you get through a slump.

1. Reread an old favourite book or series.

2. Binge watch some of those shows you've been meaning to get around to. Just watching more TV in general. This is something Donna and I have in common. I do this too.

Don't worry. It only means you have to contend with a TV Slump next.

3. See your friends. Yes, get out of the house and go to a movie, for a wine or dinner. Then marvel at how you really should catch up more often.

Less reading. More wine drinking. In a bubble bath.

Although drinking wine could also lead to the below. Take your pick. Both look like a great time to me.

I know it is Brad Pitt. Awesome moves.

4. Talk to those mysterious other people who seem to live in this house with me.

Wow, we really do live in the same house together.

5. Try 50,000 books and realise you can't move on. 

No book will ever be as good again. Guh.

6. Read every book that the author has ever written. It's their fault you are in a book funk in the first place. Feel dissatisfied as now you have to wait like those devotees who said you must read this series, like yesterday, that now you actually have to wait for a new release. Looks evilly at Kathi.

7. Pick up the nearest Regency period romance! Preferably an Amanda Quick! I concur Zee. This is a perfect solution. Just the mention of hessian boots makes me go weak at the knees.

Hessian Boots!!!

8. Knit, then binge watch Doctor Who. 

Daleks. That old villain. 

9. Ask friends what to read next. A Song of Ice and Fire. Come on. I've converted one person. Who is next?

Jaime Lannister. Why else?

10. Look through my secret stash of historical romances, erotica, and other "guilty pleasures" that I keep on my e-reader for just such occasions. Open a book from Outlander or Fever

I think I understand why Kathi needs to reread Outlander.

11. Grumble about how I have nothing to read, even with well over 200 books on my nook. Feel like I've not read in *ages,* and pick up a series I haven't read in a decade. This usually sets me off on a reading spree.

12. I just keep going! Whatever book I've chosen to read (after the last book) will finally kick in at some point. I read, at the very least, *every* night before bed, so there are no breaks in between books. Keep trying books until something sticks. Sometimes an old fave helps, sometimes a fluffy romance, sometimes a non-fiction book, sometimes literary fiction. I don't try to force it, though. It comes back when I'm ready. Barb, Anne and Amanda are troopers. They just keep reading until the right next great book comes along.

Amanda you are a legend!!!!

13. Maybe you could sing your way through a book. Looks like fun!! Maybe this might be more applicable to a children's book. What the hell, with a bit of wine this could be fun.

So I hope we have given you some ideas about how to get over a reading slump. Good luck.

What do you do when you have a reading slump?

All images from Tumblr.


  1. I don't ever really get into a reading slump, but there are times when my I've had trouble sleeping and then my eyes are so tired they bother me and I can't focus well enough to enjoy reading. So I start binging on whatever programs I've let stack up on the DVR, or stream movie after movie on Netflix.

    1. I like to do that as well. It's a good time to catch up on some TV. I usually have a reading slump when I've just read something really good and nothing else seems to read that same level of book love I had for the previous book.

  2. I rarely get into a reading slump, but whenever that happens, your number 7 is my solution. Regency romance!!! I may also go with part of number 8, you'll never catch me knitting but I'll defenitly watch Dr. Who.

  3. Ha ha, Angela! #sorrynotsorry I am deliriously happy that you enjoyed Outlander so much! I was just passing it forward, from Merit and Donna. :-) I fully expect to be in a slump after finishing A Song of Ice and Fire. One. Of. These. Days. I signed up for it in the reading challenge, so I’m committed. Then I will be hitting you up for reading suggestions and you'll be steering me back to Outlander. See how well that works? ;-)

    1. Haha it is a very cunning plan. The pressure is on. I'm looking forward to rereading Game of Thrones this year for the challenge. I'm wanting to reread Outlander as well. Maybe once I get rid of my challenge.


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