What the Wenches Are Reading

 We are light on Wenches this week, as Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) activities and back-to-school have us busy. We'll never understand why Real Life doesn't understand our need to read!

Click through to see what some of the Wenches are reading, and share your list in the comments below! We need suggestions!

Amanda:  I finished up Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews; review soon to come! It was great! I have no idea what to read next...might be going back to ASOIAF to finish that up.

Angela: I finished off What Darkness Brings by C.S Harris. As usual it was brilliant and I've got one more book to go before I'm up to date on the whole series. Also finished off The Punishment of Gaza by Gideon Levy. An interesting set of articles about Gaza and I enjoyed reading it. Now I'm making a lot of progress on An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. So far there hasn't been a whole lot of Jamie and Claire and I'm already at 40%. I am enjoying it, but I guess I just love spending time with Jamie and Claire more than the other characters.

Donna: This week I read Ain't She Sweet? By Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I was curious about this book after seeing Nicole Peeler mention it on Facebook. Being Alice to her White Rabbit, I followed her down the rabbit hole, and I'm very glad I did. Sugar Beth is a delightful and sassy heroine in this modern romantic tale, set in Parrish, Mississippi.

Kathi: I’m still reading American Gods, but this week I got the audio book and began to listen as I read. This book and its colorful, offbeat, vividly drawn characters remind me of the Ray Bradbury tales I loved in my youth. So far I’m quite intrigued, and frustrated that I don’t have more time to read so that I can see where this is all leading.

Merit: I am reading PoisonPrincess (the Arcana Chronicles #1) by Kersley Cole. A YA dystopian fantasy,as you can imagine, the world is in ruins after the apocalypse and the 2 young protagonists need to find their way between the harsh environment, the bagmen (Zombies), cruel militia and other horrors. They also need to find who and what they are and the story involves tarot cards’ figures. Of course there is a romance story here, hey! It is Kersley Cole. A strange, captivating tale.

Natalie: Hello to our Wench Followers! This week I've had the joy of going on a journey with the book Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. Having completed book 2 of The Outlander series it was a natural progression to move to book 3. I have been devouring book 3 as if it were not a 870 page book. As I type this I am at page 754 and with just over 100 pages to go I hope to complete it tonight so that I might start on book 4. However in the next few weeks work and real life will be rather on the crazy side so I do not know how much I will likely read. I might, gasp, take an Outlander break. Well I wish everyone a happy week of reading.


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