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Click through to see what the Wenches are reading this week, and be sure to share what you're reading in the comments below!

Amanda:  With school starting for my 4 kids and home improvement projects, I haven't had much time to read.

Angela: When Maidens Mourn (Sebastian St. Cyr #7) by C.S. Harris was up this week. Only two more to go and I am up to date. As usual the murderer was beyond my grasp. I did suspect the culprit at one point, but only briefly. Harris continues to bring London vividly to life and makes the page come alive.  Also reading An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon in my lunch break. Thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait to get back to Scotland with Jamie and Claire. However, I do not doubt Gabaldon will put me through the wringer to get there.

Anne: I haven't done much reading this week. I've been fighting a cold and a newly crawling baby (well, army crawling but still....). It's really wiped me out. I'm hoping to get back on the horse this week.

Barb: Still slightly book-hungover from House of the Rising Sun, so I'm rereading it. The hubby and I got seriously hooked on Orange is the New Black on Netflix, as well, which is taking a lot of our time. I'm adding the book to my TBR as well.

Care:  So, I've been out of town for the last three-ish weeks, and am now back!  I've, in that time, gone back through Cross & Crown (I adore Nickels, I really do), picked up Making the Choice:When Typical School Doesn't Fit Your Atypical Child, and last night I read Jack, Me and my Irish Mystery.  Cross & Crown, as always, was wonderful.  Making the Choice was an excellent read, coming off more like a letter to a friend than any kind of textbook, and the premise for Jack, Me, and my Irish Mystery was really cute, the execution... not so much. Lots of flipping tenses and going from colloquialism to technical speech that threw me off (plus the leap to ZOMG, FOREVER WUVS!).  It was cute, and definitely did exactly what I wanted it to (something new to read, back into fiction, non-stressful) while I was sick, but I don't know that it'll see a lot of re-reading time.

Kathi: Don’t faint. This week I started reading American Gods, a book not written by Diana Gabaldon. ;-) Very good so far! I still don’t have much time for reading right now, but am enjoying these highly imaginative characters, the marvelous descriptive passages, and the spot-on social commentary.

Merit: The Selection by Kiera Cass was recommended to me by a friend who heard about my love for the Lunar Chronicles books. The Selection is the first of 4 books (so far) in the series, this is aYA dystopian story, but color me disappointed. The world building is on the lightside, as are the politics and the romance; it is lovely and sweet, easy to read but no more than that.

Natalie: Hello Wench Followers! This week I'm in the Outlander world and I'm getting closer to the 1/2 way point of Voyager. It's getting so good. Let's just say my brother and his wife were in the room when I was screaming at the book. My sister in law was busy reading the Book of Life by Deborah Harkness that I got for her while my brother played video games. A family that reads together stays together. Happy reading all.

Shau: This week I'll start a completely new series, M.L.N. Hanover's The Black Sun's Daughter: Unclean Spirits. I like the synopsis so we'll see. I'm one of those people who won't read the rest of the series if the 1st book is a turn-off.

Zee: I really haven't had the time to sit and read lately, but this week, I want to finish the books I started two weeks ago (and haven't touched since!) and maybe start Wench Barb's recommendation House of the Rising Sun!


  1. gasp! Kathi! You're reading something that isn't Outlander! I can't remember the last time you did that! Lol! ENJOY! That's one of my fave contemporary novels.

  2. Just finished reading Dirty Magic and Curse of the Moon by Jaye Wells. Fabulous books. Sly mentions of the red-head step child (hee hee).


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