Fangirl Friday: Find Your Tribe!

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So many things have been said about great authors, great books, great actors, and great people, but today I'm feeling the need to squee about one specific subset of this - finding your tribe. Way back when, probably a good ten to fifteen years ago, I had no idea what those words meant. Individually, sure, but as a single concept? What are we, nomadic people who band together for warmth and food?

Great big NOPE. As I've gotten older (and I'm SO not thinking about that today!), I've realized that, you know what? I have very few true friends. People I could ring up at midnight (when I'm usually up kicking around blog entries!), or go out for tea on a moment's notice - I don't have many of those. But I've needed them. We all do. We all go through something, it's different for everyone, and we need people to share the journey with us. Whether it's great books, parenting, atypicalities of some fashion, or even fashion, we need people to squee with, and people to cry with, and people to laugh with. I've found I have a lot of very eclectic interests, and only very rarely do I find people who overlap from one to another (I've only just recently learned there's a friend of mine who homeschools her kids AND reads M/M romance - Mind. Blown.). But when you find your tribe, you know.

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It's not like a bolt from the heavens or whatever, but suddenly, your load is a little lighter, and you find yourself reaching for communication at whatever weird hour about whatever insignificant thing, and you realize, "This is them. This is my tribe. These are the people who matter most to me, and who will take care of me if I stumble." Sometimes they're one cohesive group. If you're like me, you'll find your tribe overlaps in places - I have members of my tribe who are involved in neuroatypicality and homeschooling, homeschooling and natural living, natural living and books, and books and neuroatypicality. It's incredible to see how even just a few things find their ways back into a circle, pulling you in, sustaining you when you're low, celebrating with you when you're high, and reminding you that tomorrow is another day.

Find your tribe, folks. It sounds like nonsense, but it is, in fact, one of the very best things life has to offer. What do you think? Have you found your tribe? Does your tribe overlap mine somewhere?


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