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Who else could I do my Fangirl Friday on but the freakin fantastic Stephen Amell. Who is Stephen Amell you might ask? He only plays the title character in CW Network's Arrow (which I told you how much I love in my last Fangirl Friday!). I had no idea who he was up until the point I started watching this show my husband was raving about.  I couldn't believe how great it was. It was only a matter of time before I was following Stephen on Facebook and boy, am I glad I did. Whether it's those blue eyes or the sincerity he projects, he makes many people he has never and will never meet very happy.

So let's check out below what makes Stephen Amell so great in my eyes.

STEPHEN AMELL. What can I say, but following him on Facebook is a real delight. From the photos, the show teasers, the fundraising, the comments. It makes Amell feel approachable and just a genuine human being. Making the most of his opportunity, enjoying interacting with fans and embracing the fandom. He shares with his fans and you can tell what a generous, thankful person he is.

TREMENDOUS Fan Art Friday. How cool is that. Fans get to submit their amazing art work on Amell's Facebook page. I am gobsmacked by the talent that people have. I have to say. They leave me and my stick figure creations for dust. I won't even submit my stick figures. Well unless there is suddenly a new crazy for ballpoint pen stick figures.Hey I'm sensational at colouring in though. Maybe I need to wish for an Arrow colouring in book and then I might be in with a chance of taking part. There needs to be a colouring in competition.

EXCLUSIVES. What better way to reward you fans then an odd fan exclusive (well with the other 2 million plus followers) why not? Plus the odd bit of merchandise put up as raffle items for fundraisers.  Exclusives equal appreciation. 


PRAYERS FOR SOPHIE. The ability to bring together a group of strangers and for them to donate to helping this little girl and her family with her battle for cancer. Once the idea took off to do raffles and everyone who entered has had chances to win somethings.

Prayers for Sophie

HUMBLE. Of course he is grateful for the wonderful TV show he is on, but you never get the impression that it's all gone to his head. I think it takes a very humble person to recognise their success, to share it as much as he does and to embrace the whole experience. Of course there are going to be some crazy, wacky, wonderful and just plain awesome fans, but you always have the sense he just takes it all in his stride.

AYE AYE CAPTAIN AMELL. That ability to know another Amell Facebook friend by their knowledge that they address their leader as Captain Amell and it seems the most natural thing in the world to do.

NOCKING POINT WINE. He has his own wine label with his buddy Andrew!! Being a wine drinker myself, how can this not be fantastic? Wine and Amell. It just goes well together. If you live in the USA, check them out.

Nocking Point Wines

Q & A. Every once in a while the Captain surprises the Facebook page with a Q & A where questions range from the bizarre,

 "Can I have Felicity Smoak's phone number?" 

or "Do you want to build a snowman?" Who are these people? Although the answers they received were priceless. To more interesting questions, like Amell's workout routine and trying to glean information about upcoming episodes. 

MEME MONDAY. Love it on Stephen's Facebook page. Do you know how talented some people are with making memes? I just look and read some of them in awe. Plus it gets the fandom involved and wiles away the time until Season #3. It makes me slightly envious, as I wish I was that witty at thinking up memes.

ENERGETIC. I watch some of Stephen's workouts and I get tired just watching them. Memo to self. I need to be fitter. Memo to Stephen, keep up the great work. Are those workout's humanly possible? I don't think they are. It just goes to show what it takes when you are dedicated to your work and just love what you do.

LIKABLE. Stephen just comes across as a really genuine person. And he isn't afraid to call an idiot an idiot. But if he likes something he will tell you as well. Oh, I see all the people on Facebook just wanting Amell to say hello to them, but I don't care about that the same. I just love the interaction and so many talented people out there with memes and art work.  Haha, this is not to say that if one day he said hello to me I wouldn't be over the moon. However I guess you need to comment to make that happen and not just lurk. It's this likability that makes Stephen come across as so genuine.

Also well Stephen can act on TV, when asked questions directly about the show, he seems to have a hard time trying not to give future events away. Yes, Felicity Smoak is the end game on Arrow for his character, Oliver Queen. I have no doubt. To say I'm in love with the show is putting it mildly. The below image might have made my inner fangirl freak out.

FANTASY FOOTBALL? I think I need to be guy to totally understand this or be into sport. Plus isn't football soccer?

Are you fan of Stephen Amell? If not check out his Facebook page. If so, what do you love about him? No, I don't mean his abs.

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  1. Great post Angela! I haven't seen that show but seeing how much you love it makes me really want to see it! And having an eye candy like Amell on it can only make it better and he seems to be a great person.

    1. Thanks Beta. Yes I love this show like crazy. Anything to spread the love. :)


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