Fangirl Friday: Last First Kiss by Mr. Ron Pope

Working on my novel...
  Not many of our readers know that not only do I write for our blog but I am in the process of writing a novel that has been haunting my dreams for the last several years.  Please don’t instantly leave for I’m not going to subject you to my book, or not just yet at any rate.  I would wager decent money that you are wondering just what that little “book writing” fact has to do with the subject of my Fangirl Friday.   Well I bring it up because it has everything to do with who I listen to when I write, and that has EVERYTHING to do with my piece today.    

Personally I don’t feel my book would have nearly the emotional pull nor the depth of character if music were not involved in helping guide my mind and emotions.   As an avid reader and follower (aka: stalker) of Authors I've noticed that there seems to be a growing
trend among Authors to release a playlist of what music they listen to while writing the books we obsess over and I find that I am no different.   There is one artist out there, and he is the true subject of my Fangirl Friday. An artist who has caused my heart to swoon.  Ron Pope’s music is the background for the love story portion of my book, and whose music I’d love to have as the background for my own real life romance.  Follow me through the jump to see how I discovered Ron Pope and why his style of Down Home Southern Charm meets East Coast Rocker has not only made it onto this Wench's play list but into my heart.

Thank You YouTube Jesus!
  Late one night a few years back I was trolling YouTube for music.  Anyone who has been bored and playing on YouTube knows that you can go to one video and then all down the right side of the site it recommends other videos you might like based on the one you were watching.  For the life of me I do not recall what I was watching that lead YouTube to recommend Ron Pope but it did and I THANK YOU YOUTUBE GODS for doing so.  The title that caught my eye and motivated me to click “watch this video” was the song Last First Kiss.  With a title like that for a song I should have known I would be done for, but really I was not fully aware of just how far down the Fangirl hole I would go.  I think I listened to that song on repeat for an hour or more straight.  Ron’s voice sang to me in that raspy, smokey tone he has, while the guitar played a blues rift, and the drum beat as if it were my own heart. Then if that triple threat were not enough to destroy me, then came the lyrics that went straight into baby making territory.   Lyrics like:

We might have met His children

Maybe it’s been a couple of weeks

I don’t even know anymore

You have that affect on me

And now I’m feeling like forever

Just showed up at my door

I’ve got a little piece of heaving

It’s all mine to hold onto.

What I’m trying to say

In my own simple way

Is I want you to be my last first kiss.

I want you to be my last first kiss

My heart, yes it’s it’s finally found

Someone I can’t live without.

And I wonder what you’re thinking

Whenever you’re not around

Any secret I was keepin’

I wanna tell you right now

And when I dream about tomorrow

I’ve got you on my mind

I am hopelessly devoted

Just want you in my life

What I’m trying to say

In my own simple way

Is I want you to be my last first kiss

I want you to be my last first kiss

My heart, yes it’s finally found

My heart, yes it’s finally found

Somone I can’t live without

I promise you nothing new

Is gonna come around

Making me change my mind

Nothing new, only you on my mind

What I’m trying to say

In my own simple way

Is I want you to be my last first kiss

I want you to be my last first kiss

I want you to be my last first kiss

My heart, yes it’s finally found

My hear, yes it’s finally found

Somone I can’t live without.

Do yourself a favor, go check the song linked above and I guarantee that you will not be sorry that you did.  I know I am not sorry that I did in the least bit, I love being down the rabbit hole of being a fangirl so why don't you come join me!?  

So after that first hour of that song on constant repeat I decided I needed to hear more and know more about this man. Ron Pope’s other songs and lyrics are just as amazing.  Ron Pope is now number one on my play list not only for writing but for driving, cleaning, and when I'm at work.  Basically anytime I can listen to music I will have Ron playing as I simply cannot get enough of his music.   I am not the only one to see the fantastic artist that is Ron Pope for his song A Drop In the Ocean has made it to the soundtracks of several TV shows here in the US.  One of the TV shows is a Wench favorite, The Vampire Diaries; the song was aired during their season 3 premiere episode.  

Ron was briefly signed to a label but after a year of being with Universal Republic they parted ways and he has been making music on his own ever since.  Now, with social media propelling YouTube Starts into the lime light it is no doubt that is part of the reason why Ron has 165,000 plus followers on Facebook and now travels around the world preforming to sold out crowds wherever he goes.  I've been lucky enough to see three of his shows and had the chance to meet him after one of them.

 He truly is a down-to-earth and genuine guy, from staying after a show to see those who came to see him, to the funny posts he puts out on Facebook.  I am sure he does not recall me but I did tell him that he was part of my inspiration when writing.  I am crossing my fingers that I will get to see him on October 4th in Chicago, IL at The House of Blues because he puts on one of the best live shows I’ve been lucky enough to attend!    

Though Ron Pope’s music has yet to fully make main stream, I feel he will one day be there and that he will be one of the hottest tickets in town.  I could totally bore you to death with my writing but alas I do not want to do that….for there are no amount of words that I can share that would truly encompass how I feel about his music.  So with that, I’ll let the music speak for me and feel free to tell me what you think of his music in the comments.

A Drop In The Ocean

Perfect For Me

Our Song


One Grain of Sand

Reason Why

Wait For You


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