Quote of the Day

Ty looked at him seriously as he stepped closer, letting Zane's arms encircle his hips. He put one hand on Zane's upper arm, fingers digging into his bicep. He reached up with the other hand to touch Zane's face, gliding his fingertips along Zane's lips as he looked him over. It was an odd gesture from his normally undemonstrative partner, one that struck Zane silent as he waited for Ty's next move. He had expected Ty to make another comment or wisecrack, but Ty said nothing, letting his fingers slide down Zane's neck, over his chest, down to his waist to disappear under the unbuttoned shirt Zane still wore. Zane shivered.

"Care to help me get into character?" Ty whispered with a mischievous smile.

~ Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux, Fish & Chips, Cut & Run series


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