Quote of the Day

Glenn? I thought. My face went slack as I remembered our missing ketchup and the pieces fell into place. “You…” I sputtered. Glenn had stolen our ketchup?

The man’s face went panicked, and he reached out, almost covering my mouth before he drew back. “No,” he pleaded, leaning close. “Don’t say anything.”

“You took our ketchup!” I breathed, shocked. Beyond Glenn I could see Jenks rocking in mirth on Edden’s shoulder, able to hear our whispers and keep up a running conversation to distract the FIB captain at the same time.

Glenn shot a guilty look at his dad. “I’ll pay you for it,” he begged. “Anything you want. Just don’t tell my dad. Oh God, Rachel. It would kill him.”

For a moment I could only stare. He had taken our ketchup. Right off our table. “I want your handcuffs,” I said suddenly. “I can’t find anything real without fake purple fur glued to it.” His panicked look eased and he shifted back. “Monday.”

~ Kim Harrison, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead


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