Quote of the Day

"When was the last time you were out on a date, Blaylock?"
"I . . ." Blay took a long draw on the cigar. "It's been a long time."
"Whatever have you been doing with yourself? All work, no play?"
"Something like that." Okay, unrequited love wasn't exactly in either of those categories, although the no-play was certainly covered.
Saxton smiled a little. "I was glad you called me. And a bit surprised."
"My cousin has a certain . . . territorial response to you."
Blay turned his cigar around and stared at the glowing tip. "I think you vastly overread his interest."
"And I think you're politely telling me to mind my own business, aren't you."
"There's no business to mind there." Blay smiled up at the waiter as the guy put two port glasses

- J. R. Ward, Lover Mine


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