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In a quick shift, she shot around his body, jumped back into her car, and slammed the door.

He moved just as fast.
Surging in through the open window, he turned her head and kissed her hard, his mouth taking over, the drive to wipe clean any trace of that human male making his sex pound.

She kissed him back.
With equal strength.

As his shoulders were too big to fit through the window, he wanted to claw through the steel. He had to stay where he was, however, and that made him even more aggressive, his blood roaring in his veins, his body straining as his tongue entered her, his hand snaking behind her neck, burying in her hair.

~~J.R. Ward, Lover at Last


  1. I heard who the next book is going to be about, which wasn't who I was expecting. Makes me wonder how much of Assail's and Sola's story we are going to get.


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