MFK: Black Dagger Brotherhood Edition

The latest in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover at Last, releases on March 26th, and the Wenches couldn't be more excited. We're celebrating all week, right up to the 26th, by sharing all the BDB goodness we can handle. And what better way to start than . . .

What's that you say, dear readers? You want to join us in the Wenchiest (and the most satisfying) game around? Well here you have it! The Black Dagger Brotherhood Edition of Marry, Fuck, Kill! Find out which Brothers the Wenches want to walk down the aisle with, who we want to have a tangle in the sheets with, and who drives us mad and makes us want to commit murder! And thank you to Wench Olga for the beautiful banner. ;-)

Marry: JM of course. Tall and silent. Yum. I would love to run my hands all over him.

Fuck: Qhuinn. Just once, and then he can go off with Blay. Because he was a little bit promiscuous, I know he will be able to satisfy me.

Kill: This was a really tough one. It was a toss up between Phury and Payne because they are just boring. I needed toothpicks to keep my eyes open. If I had to pick one, it would be Payne. I had high hopes she would be far more kickass than she was. Especially being Vishous's sister.

Marry: Rhage. He's pretty and can turn into some sort of beast. What more do you want in a husband? But honestly, besides the beast thing, he doesn't have any other major issues like some other Brothers. So I think he'd make a pretty good husband. And I'm a very calm person, so I think, like Mary, I could talk him down from beast form. Though I'd have to get my jealousy under control.

Fuck: Vishous. This would obviously be INCREDIBLE sex. But I'm not sure I'd want to be married to V, as much as I adore him.

Kill: Murhdur. I know this is sort of an odd choice. But if he comes back and causes more problems for Xhex and John, I might just chuck my Nook at the wall. I have NO interest in reading about Xhex and John's problems anymore. They have enough issues when it's just the two of them. We don't need an outside source of problems. Also, I assume Amanda is going to kill Layla, so I don't have to!

Marry: No doubt in my mind that the male of worth I would choose as my mate would be Zsadist. He is fierce, ferocious, but gentle and loving, and nothing and no one gets in his way when he is protecting what's his. God, I love that vampire!

Fuck: Vishous!!! One word:. SINK!! Okay, two words: SINK and PENTHOUSE!!!

Kill: That Scribe Virgin. Cruel and useless bitch that she is. She just needs to be put out of her misery!

Marry: Wrath. Maybe it's because I tend to become emotionally attached to the first book of a series, when its cast of characters is fresh and new, which in this case was Wrath's book, but I am attracted to the strong, steady hand with which Wrath guides the Brothers. He is grounded and has gained much wisdom. His emotional baggage and physical challenges are not too bizarre. (Because seriously, I am not brave, skilled, or patient enough to deal with some of those guys.) And of course he has been unwavering in his devotion to his shellan. I love him even more since he got a dog!

Fuck: Hmmmm. Rhage if I were in the mood for gorgeous. V if I wanted to experiment. Kind of depends on my mood.

Kill: The Scribe Bitch. Once I gave up looking for any logic or plan behind her often heartless decisions, I was ready for her to go away. And her brother. None of their mythology makes any sense to me.

Marry: John Matthew. Granted, I will have to learn ASL, but John, baby, anything for you!

Fuck: Can I take more than one for this? No? Dammit! Then Zsadist!

Kill: The Scribe Virgin. For Vishous, for Payne, for Rhage. And for everything else!!!

The Qhuay Girls (aka, guest Wenches Anna, Erin, Hannah, Lisa, Rachel, and Camilla):
Marry: Blay. Five Girls chose Blay, with Camilla wanting to marry Zsadist instead (but he's mine ;-) ).

Fuck: Qhuinn. This was a unanimous decision, with the general sentiment being that if they were to fuck Qhuinn, they would also be able to join in the Blay/Qhuinn fun as well. ;-)

Kill: Layla. Again, unanimous decision.

Marry: This was so hard to choose between my two favorites. I'm going to go with Vishous because he seems like the more emotionally mature of the two, and being with him would probably be a lifetime of interesting sex.

Fuck: I thought I was going to pick Zsadist, but if I'm going purely for the F factor, I'd have to pick Qhuinn. Everyone knows he's the best at it!

Kill: Phury. I just can't handle it. It's a pity kill; somebody has to put him out of his misery. If he ever pulls himself together, I might change my mind.

Marry: Vishous. Although Rhev is a close second. I just never felt the same way about any of the others that I felt about V. I love complex characters, and boy is he complex. And sexy as sin. He attracts me on so many levels, I would love a lifetime with him!

Fuck: Rhev. (Rhage would be my second choice. But since you're FORCING me to pick... ) Even phone sex would do! Lucky Ehlena.

Kill: Scribe Virgin. I hate her. Have since the V book. She needs to go. She's pretty fucking pointless, if you ask me.

So, dear readers, what do you think of our responses? Are your choices any different than ours? Have we overlooked your beloved book boyfriend? Or have we offed one of your favorite characters? Sound off below!


  1. Oops! I didn't do this in time.

    M: None - I was thinking about it, and these guys are much too serious for me to want to marry, however, I'll put a few of them in the next category.
    F: Vishous, Rhage (I'd put Qhuinn, John Matthew in there, but they're still boys in my mind)
    K: Scribe Virgin

  2. Wow..lots of Scribe Virgin picks.

    1. Anne after reading your picks I was nodding my heard so hard at each that I actually thought about changing mine lol!! You are so right on all counts!

  3. Marry: Would have to be Vishous. Besides the "lifetime of interesting sex" as previously mentioned, he is so damn funny and smart. Factor in the intense loyalty that's such a major part of his character and you have the perfect man. Er, rather the perfect male.
    Fuck: This was more difficult to narrow down but I would have to say Rhev-the man is too sexy for words. Rhage and Butch are a close second here but a Butch and V sandwich would be the absolute ultimate! ;)
    Kill: I'm with the majority here-the Virgin Scribe needs to go but I was a little tempted to list Phury. Honestly, the whining in his book, along with that damned Wizard, just about did me in.

    1. For some reason, I couldn't get the site to take my name so it came up anonymous. Kim Fox here, just for the record! ;)

    2. Me too Kim! If the other Wenches hadn't assured me that it returns to the previous awesomeness after his book, I may have stopped reading at Phury's. I just can't stand him.

      But, I also don't want page time wasted mourning him. So, he gets to live in my world for now.

    3. Ugh, that flippin' Wizard!

      I really liked Phury before I read his book. It's a shame, really.

  4. M: Noone, they have too much baggage for my taste. I'd like to be BFF with all of them.
    F: V, Rhev, Rhage
    K: Phury and Scribe Virgin (I can't make up my mind, maybe I dislike Phury a little more)

  5. I could not make up my mind, but I mostly agree with the Qhuay girls:
    M: Zsadist or John Matthew...really they are all wonderful hellrens.
    F: Qhuinn or John Matthew or Z...really, there's no wrong choice here.
    K: Layla X 1000

    1. I knew I didn't have to waste my kill on Layla. :-)

  6. Thank you my wenches for your input! Oh how I love you all! And thank you to anonymous, aka, Kim Fox!! Thank you for your comment and for playing with me! I must say that I am diggin the Rhev love!! That man has the sexiest phone etiquette around!! Rawr!! And I ABSOLUTELY agree on the Butch/V sandwich!! You are a girl after my own heart!!!

  7. How I'd love to run my hands through his....Mohawk!

  8. I loved the phone talk by Rhev. It was all kinds of yummy. I completely forgot about getting rid of the Scribe Virgin.


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