Quote of the Day

A smile quirked the corner of my mouth at a sudden
thought. “Hey, Ivy,” I said lightly. “Pass me the clotted

Not missing a beat, she pushed the bottle across the table.

Glenn froze. “Oh my God!” he whispered harshly, his face going sallow.

Ivy snickered, and I laughed. “Relax, Glenn,” I said as I
squirted ketchup over my fries. I lounged in my chair, giving him a sly look as I ate one. “It’s ketchup.”

“Ketchup!” He pulled his paper place mat with his food
closer. “Are you insane?”

“Nearly the same stuff you were slurping last night,” Ivy said.

I pushed the bottle toward him. “It won’t kill you. Try some.”

His eyes riveted to the red plastic, Glenn shook his head.

His neck was stiff, and he pulled his food closer. “No.”

~ Kim Harrison, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead


  1. Hehehe, they were so evil to Glenn back then :)

  2. I know Krista. Glenn is one of my favourite characters.


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