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Interview...with the Wenches!! BDB style

Some of us are so excited about the release of Lover at Last, the newest novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, that all we can think of is our favorite males in Caldwell, N.Y. And since I'm a firm believer in sharing this love, I thought that a post was in order! When I look back to the time when some of the Wenches began reading BDB, what struck me right away was how each of the girls fell for different brothers for such different reasons. We all connected to a brother pretty quickly and have never really strayed. Anne has always been Rhage's girl, Barb always has preferred Rehv, and Zsadist has owned my heart since I first saw him on paper. So what is it about these brothers that make us swoon? I decided to pay a little cyber visit with my lovelies and ask them for the particulars, the ins and outs of how and why they fell in love with our favorite males of the BDB. Check out the BDB Wench interviews after the jump...

First up, Guest Wench Natalie. A little birdie told me that if I really wanted an in-depth look at Wrath, I absolutely needed to get in touch with Natalie and get her take on the Blind King. Here is a snippet of that conversation...

Guest Wench Natalie and Wrath

So tell me, Natalie, what first drew you to our majestic king of all vampires, Wrath? Was it his power, his attitude, his intelligence? Was it the long, black hair and the wraparound sunglasses? Or the massive arms that just won't quit? Tell us, what was the moment when you fell for Wrath?

    "Even with the start of re-reading Wrath's book, Dark Lover, I cannot locate the one moment that I was first attracted to Wrath. I know that within the first 75 pages of the book I got to see the hard emotional exterior that he has, and I also can start to see that balance that Beth brings to his life. I think it is his rebel avoiding a cause attitude that I love the most, and watching that break down over time. Eventually the core of him is brought out by Beth and he steps up and takes ownership of not only his life, but the lives of others he must lead. An example of this stepping up that Wrath does that occurs early in the book is when he accepts Fritz. Though he does not want to do it, he lets Fritz take care of him after Darius's death, because he understands the pride Fritz has in taking care of a house. To Wrath, stepping up to honor Darius's last request was to help Beth transition.  So though on the outside he's very "I could give two shits less," deep down he cares and it's that honor that comes out in him."

Do you have a favorite line that was delivered so perfectly or a moment that captured your attention and just made you love him instantly?

    "I cannot say that I have an All Time favorite line by Wrath, but there are a couple of scenes that stick out in my memory that I love. One is when Beth runs out of the house and he pretty much drags her back in, which is fairly early on in Dark Lover. Another — and this one is not in Dark Lover, but I forget which book it was in) — Wrath is in his office and Beth is in the door. Somehow they start at it by the door to the office and are so enthralled with each other that they end up on the other side of the office, having just had sex from one end of the room to the other. Even going under his desk, and neither of them noticed until Beth hits her head on the wall. And because I tend to do things in threes, my third most favorite scene is in Dark Lover, when they were mated. I cry at that scene every time! Maybe I have a lot of Wellsie in me!"

We could go on and on all day long about how awesome Wrath is, because, well, he just IS, but for you, Natalie, what just makes you go ga-ga when you think about Wrath?

    "I have to say, and this sounds really silly, but my favorite attribute about Wrath is his love for animals. In Dark Lover, he befriends Beth's cat Boo really early in the book, by purring at Boo. Then later on, when he gets George as his Seeing Eye dog, signifying that he really has given up on seeing, he just really bonds with the dog. To me bonding with animals really shows the true nature of who you are...and deep down Wrath's got a big heart to match his big frame and body! Sorry! I know all the ladies want me to be like "I love his large cock," but honestly, what I love about Wrath and the Black Dagger Brotherhood has nothing to do with sex. Do not get me wrong, the WARDen knows how to write great sex scenes, but I like the depth that both the men and women have in this series."

Is there one thing that drives you crazy about Wrath...and not in a good way?

    "I will admit that I am not a fan of Wrath's temper to some extent. Not having lost my parents, I could not say how long I would hold on to the anger of losing them the way Wrath did, but I think he's held on to it too long. In general, his anger though endearing in some ways, is not good in others. However when you like take the good with the bad in my thought process."

Last question, Natalie. If you could steal Wrath away from Beth for one night, what would your date with Wrath be like?

  "My dream date with Wrath? I would not have to leave the mansion! I think a night at home with a well cooked dinner by Fritz, with Wrath feeding me would be the ticket. Then ending up so engrossed in each other that we don't notice that we just found our way across the room having gone under the dining room table, pool table, or whatever random furniture is near us. Being that Wrath is six foot nine inches tall...I'll ride that tall bado all day if he wants to stay on his back. I'm five foot two inches...I'll use his body like a school yard jungle gym and figure what best way he fits. I always loved a climb!"

Twister sex with Wrath! NICE!

On to our next Wench, Anne, and her favorite brother, Rhage!

Anne and Rhage

Hey there, Anne!  So what I shared with our readers before is that you have been a Rhage girl from the beginning, and I can absolutely appreciate the love! I love to laugh, and there is no other brother who can joke like Rhage does! But beyond the humor, the legendary sex drive, and the ridiculous great looks, there is a humble heart who just needs a calm voice to soothe him. Tell me, which of these characteristics made you fall for Rhage?

    "Obviously, what hooked me from the start with Rhage were his looks and his sense of humor. But then when reading his book, you learn that he is actually quite sincere and sensitive behind the jokes and the tough guy exterior, and that made me love him even more."

Rhage is such a funny dude, and I have cracked up at least a dozen times over something he has said. Was there any favorite moment or joke that he cracked that hooked you?

    "I am a sucker for pretty much anything Rhage says, comic or otherwise. But I think my favorite line of his is a simple, yet heart-wrenching statement. V and Mary are chatting, and Rhage comes over and nudges V away from Mary. V says that Rhage was never the possessive type before. Rhage says 'That's because I never had something I wanted to keep.' His brutal honesty about his feelings for Mary just melts my heart."

I know its got to be hard to say with so many things to choose from, but what is your favorite thing about Rhage?

    "Besides how pretty he is you mean? My favorite thing about Rhage is his honesty. I like a man that will tell me what he thinks flat out, with no bullshit. Then, when I need to ask a serious question, I know I'll get a truthful answer."

This might even be a harder question to ask, but is there anything that you don't like about Rhage?

    "This is going to sound odd, but one of my favorite attributes of his, his scorching good looks, is also my least favorite thing. I have some insecurity issues and, just like Mary, I would feel so vastly inferior to him when we were out in public. Even though I know he would have eyes only for me, my jealousy and insecurity would be out of control for awhile."

Now for the good stuff Miss Anne. If you could spend some time with Rhage, what would you do...and most importantly, how would the night end...?(Feel free to be as detailed as you want! know...for our readers! ;-))

    " dream date.......Even though his taste in movies is somewhat suspect, he does seem to love horror movies, and I do, too. So I think my dream date with him would be an all-day movie marathon. We'd just hole up in his room or in the theater and have the doggen bring us popcorn and meals and drinks. And should we get distracted from the movies, I think I'd prefer to start out with good, old-fashioned missionary position. I'm an "arms and chest" kind of girl, and I'd love to see Rhage in all of his glorious perfection looming over me. Of course, after that first time, things might get a little creative, but I want to watch him first."

Heck YES!! I'd love to see him in action myself! Alas, my heart already belongs to another brother. The fiercest, most mysterious, scarred, but gentle, sweet, and honorable, Zsadist. 

Katherine and Zsadist (Just saying that gives me goose bumps)

I guess I just couldn't resist the opportunity to share my thoughts on my beloved Zsadist. So, dear readers, you are going to have to smile at my antics as I ask myself the same questions I asked the girls!

So Katherine, when was the first time that you fell for Zsadist?

    "*sigh* Zsadist. I've loved him from the first time I saw him on paper. Lethal, menacing, brutally cold and distant, and dead on sexy. I was intrigued instantly and knew there had to be more to him than pure rage and incredible pain. So I looked deeper and I could see that despite spending a century in a living hell and in spite of all the damage caused by the cruelty he suffered, I could see humility, kindness and empathy also lingering in his eyes. I think I first realized how deep his suffering was when it was so terribly difficult for him to strike Rhage during his visit to the caves and it warmed my heart when Rhage, after having thought he lost Mary forever because of his deal with the Scribe Virgin, looks at Zsadist and asks him how he could live with all the pain and anger on a daily basis. Zsadist just walked up to Rhage and stood next to him. Offering him support in the only way he could. That's what I love about Zsadist. He might not be loud, overly charming, doesn't call attention to himself, I mean dear God, if he could melt into the woodwork, he would. He doesn't come with bells and whistles, but what you get is real. He feels his brothers' pain deeply and profoundly and to be able to do that you need deep recesses of love in your gut and soul. Love to spare. So that's when I first noticed him but every page he is on afterwards just makes me melt more and more." 

So what you are saying is that he had you at hello...or rather at fuck off? I see. Mother would be proud! But I get it. You fell for the suffering anti-hero. Lots of women do. Looking back at all the times you've read and re-read these books, is there a favorite moment, line or scene that you love?

    "Hell yes! Too many to count! I love so many because they all reveal a little more of his character...bit by bit. There are so many that I love for different reasons but I'll choose three that I always find myself reading and re-reading. I'm cheating...sue me!

The first scene is one of the first times they are getting intimate. I don't know why it gets me, it just does..."

"You've got one chance to tell me no, Bella. If you don't right now, I'm going to be all over you. No stopping, and I don't think I can be gentle about it." She held her arms out to him. He nodded once, as if they'd made some kind of pact, and then went to the end of the bed. "Spread your legs. I want to see you." A nervous flush came over her. He shook his head. "Too late, Bella.'s too late. Show me."  

"Gone is the trepidation and the uncertainty. Finally, he is just being all male and letting go of the torment in his head and living in the moment!

Second is from Lover Awakened. A trainee had left his sweatshirt behind in the gym where Zsadist had just had a training session, and the trainee is sneaking in to get it and run back to the bus.  But he is mesmerized by the following scene..."

The trainee knew he should leave, but he was unable to look away.  He'd never seen anything snap out so fast or strike so hard as the male's fists. Obviously, the rumors about the instructor were all true. He was a flat-out killer. With a metal clank, a door opened at the other end of the gym, and the sound of a newborn's cries echoed up into the high ceiling. The warrior stopped in midpunch and wheeled around as a lovely female carrying a young in a pink blanket came over to him. His face softened, positively melted. "Sorry to bother you," the female said over the wailing. "But she wants her daddy." The warrior kissed the female as he took the small young into his heavy arms, cradling the newborn against his bare chest. The baby girl reached her tiny hands up and around his neck, then settled into his skin, calming instantly. The warrior turned and looked across the mats, pegging the new trainee with a level stare. "Bus is coming soon, son. You better hurry."

"It just makes me so happy to see him finally at peace. Comfortable in his own skin! The last scene takes place in Lover Revealed. John walks in on a scene between Zsadist and Bella. It was playful, sweet and so, so sexy!
'You like to be chased, nalla,' Z said in a voice so deep it distorted. Bella's smile got even wider as she backed up into a corner. 'Maybe.' 'So run some more, why don't you.' 

Ugg! Love him!!

Great quotes! You mention so many qualities about Zsadist so far, but what is your favorite thing about him?

    "I think that Zsadist is a keen observer of everything that surrounds him...I guess that comes from spending a lifetime in the shadows. Nothing escapes his attention. I absolutely LOVE his relationship with John Matthew. He bonds with JM and helps him deal with his emotional baggage in a way that doesn't make JM feel uncomfortable or any less than he is. So I guess what I'm trying to describe and failing miserably at is his graceful empathy. He feels others' pain and does, in his quiet way, try to soothe the people he loves and admires."

What would you change about him?

    "I cannot stand the self-loathing. I mean others have been through hell in this series, but no one suffered more than Zsadist I think. Yes, he has reasons to be filled with all the negativity, but I wanted to beat him throughout Lover Awakened. To be honest, I read that book for a few scenes, but I SO much prefer Zsadist after he has his head on straight. In my head, I see him as he is after Bella's love altered him. Muscular, huge, well fed, etc. I don't see him as the gaunt, pissed off, gnarly mess of a man."

Dream date?

    "I would LOVE to have the mansion to ourselves with no one around to witness any of our fun. Zsadist says that I need to let him have control and I gladly agree, letting him blindfold me for the evening. Zsadist then feeds me and I remain blindfolded as he gives me things to nibble on, lick, bite and savor. After the meal is over, Zsadist carries me to our room and he draws a warm bath. I'm still blindfolded mind you, as he washes every inch of my body. Then after he has made me melt with all of his *attention* I want him to get me out of the bath, dry me from head to foot and cover me in soft kisses...making my body quiver with every faint touch. Then I want the blindfold to come off as he lights all the candles in the room simultaneously. As I gaze up at him, the pants come off and I cannot wait to have that enormous part of him inside of me. He comes behind me and whispers in my ear, "Are you ready, Kat?" I whimper "Yes"... And the rest is none of your damn business!"

Now we turn to Wench Olga, fellow sister wife with me of Zsadist. She was gracious enough to let me have him for this interview, and instead cover one of our mutual favorites, Butch. How can we not love the tough-as-nails HUMAN who not only stands tall and proud amongst these warriors, but goes toe to toe with them as well? Here is Olga's take on Butch. 

Olga and Butch

I know there are so many great things that we both love about Butch: his smart ass sexy mouth, his loyalty, his ready for anything attitude. What was the first thing you noticed about Butch that made you stand up and take notice?

    "Butch is the person who will never back down. There he is in Dark Lover, in a house full of powerful vampires who could kill him in seconds, but he stands his ground, making fun of the leather-clad guys and getting slammed against doors for it. He is there to make sure Beth is fine and he is unflinching."

Out of all the smart-ass lines he's delivered, which one is your favorite?

    "Tell me something boys," he drawled. "Do you wear that leather to turn each other on? I mean is it a dick thing with you all?"

I LOVE that he has balls of steel! Oh, Butch, how you drive me mad.  There are so many things that I'd love to explore about Butch...anything you've heard about him that makes you want to dive in deeper?

    "Well, I have heard that he is "a hell of a kisser."

Yum-o! With such a smart mouth, those kisses must be sweet as sin! Now tell me, is there something about Butch that you don't like? Was there something he did that you wish he had done differently or better?

    "I hated when Butch let Marissa go. He gave up on her so quickly without a second thought. Actually, I think all the Brothers did this at some point in their stories. And it broke my heart every time."

Agreed Olga, 100%. They've all made messes (for the most part) of their relationships in one way or another, haven't they? Well, that way we get to forgive them, no? Well, moving on from how they mess up, to how they make up! What would your make-up sex and/or dream date with Butch be like?

    "For my dream date with Butch I will need Vishous as well. And a few hours in V's penthouse. I'm fine with standing on the side and let the guys have fun."

Oh to be a fly on that wall! Actually, screw the fly. Oh to be a part of that Butchous sandwich! Hmm, speaking of Vishous, let's move on to the Wench who took his name as her last!

Veronica and Vishous

Vishous, Vishous, Vishous.  He is to me the most intimidating of all the brothers.  Half god, extremely intelligent, distant and aloof.  And out of all the brothers, he is the most capable of taking you to the edge of sexual sanity and breaking you, over and over that edge, continuously, masterfully and unrelentingly until you are a blissed out mess of quivering flesh.  Lord, who wouldn't want to spend some time with him in that penthouse of his! Is that what attracted you to Vishous, Veronica? Or was there something in his attitude that drew you to him initially?

    "Vishous was always kind of hanging out in the background, kind of separate yet not antisocial. You could tell he was well-respected and was probably one of the Brothers who had been around for awhile, but that even though he was very loyal to his Brothers and the Brotherhood, he didn't place a ton of importance on ceremony; who you were through your actions was more important than your lineage or 'seniority.' I like that he's intelligent, but he applies his intelligence; he's not just book smart—he uses his knowledge to get things done. And I like that he's a little dangerous."

What's your favorite line spoken by Vishous?

    "In response to Jane saying she is a scientist: 'I know.' The words were spoken on a purr, like she'd just told him she was wearing sexy lingerie. 'I love your mind.'"

For a male who keeps his emotions in check, is there anything that V did or said to make your heart overflow with the warm and fuzzies?

    "I cried when he gave the first bird to his mother. He does the right thing, acknowledges when he's wrong, and doesn't think it's unmanly to show gratitude or that you care for someone."

Is there anything that you don't like about V?

    "That he smokes. It's part of his personality, I suppose. But whenever he's lighting up or extinguishing a hand-rolled on his boot, I can't help but think about how his clothes must smell."

One last question, Veronica. What would your fantasy date with V look like? And, would it end up at the penthouse? *waggles eyebrows*

    "I'd be okay with any date that ended with the table at his apartment! Seriously, though, it's good that he has the apartment. I'd go nuts if I had to live in a house with, what, 10? 16? other people? Because somehow I've gone from a question about a fictitious date to fictitiously spending the rest of my life at the Pit."

I daresay there are many of us who think that a life (albeit a fictitious one) spent at the Pit would be a life well lived! Thanks, lady, for your answers! 

We move on, dear readers, to one of the most intriguing and mysterious characters in the BDB world. In fact, Rhevenge is so interesting that we needed two of our sauciest Wenches to weigh in on this male of worth. Barb and Zee both wanted to share the Rehv love, and we've captured their keen insights below. 

Barb, Zee, and Rehvenge

So ladies, what can you say first made you stand up and pay attention to Rehv?

    "I think one of the most interesting things about Rehv, was the fact that he wasn't one of the brothers. His story was different. Intriguing. Mysterious. Like the man himself. He had me from his very first encounter with Ehlena at the clinic. With his audacious flirting. He was so unbearably sexy. And the beginning of his relationship with Ehlena was so... real. Unlike all the others. They started chatting on the phone. About life, family, health. Just like regular people! It had this quaint charm to it. Just the fact that he would call her, talk to her, not ask for anything more, was so attractive.

He was all about the people in his life he had sworn to protect. Did he lose himself in self pity and self loathing like a certain other character from the books? No. He was a vital and important part in his family's and friends' lives. Just look at the kind of individuals who had pledged him their loyalty. It says a lot about the kind of man he is.

One of my favorite things about him is that he handles BEAUTIFULLY all the shitty cards life has dealt him. The sympath half breed thing, the being his half sister's whore thing, the drug dealing, taking care of his mother and sister, taking care of Xhex. Everything. He handles it with grace. He has decided to not let the crap in life rule him. And you have to admire that."

You ladies make some excellent points, and certainly ones that we should absolutely gush about to our readers. Rehv is a good man, so worthwhile! I feel the same way you do with regards to his honor and loyalty. But is there anything that you would change about him if you could?

    "The only thing we wish was different, not for us but for him, is that he could feel normally. The cold and numbness are such a challenge for him, but just makes him an even stronger person."

How could anyone not love him!! He is intolerably sexy and incredibly smooth. There are so many swoon-worthy conversations in his book, it isn't even funny. Which would you say is your favorite amongst the many delicious moments between Rehv and Ehlena?

    "I never realized, till Rehv, just how amazingly sexy, and unbearably sweet, a freaking phone call could be... a PHONE CALL!! Sign me up for some phone sex with that delicious hunk of a man please!  Also, the most unselfish (and sexy... have I mentioned I think he's crazy sexy?) love scene I have ever read..."

His amethyst eyes dropped to her lips. "You want to know what I get out of it?"
Man, that voice of his was pure sex.
"Yes," she breathed.
"I get to see you like you are now."
"What…am I like?"
He brushed a finger down her cheek. "You’re flushed." His touch went over to her lips. "Your mouth is open because you’re thinking about me kissing you again." He went lower with that soft stroke, going down over her throat. "Your heart is pumping. I can see it in your vein here." He stopped between her breasts, his own mouth falling open and his fangs elongating. "If I keep on going, I think I’d find your nipples are hard, and I bet there are other signs you’re ready for me." He leaned into her ear and whispered, "Are you ready for me, Ehlena?"

"Holy. Shit."

Holy. Shit. Indeed. 

Now we visit with Wench Angela, who could not choose between two brothers, so she did them both. (Yep...she is a lively one, that Angela ;-)) First, let's chat with her about John Matthew. The silent-but-deadly male whom many of us have fallen in love with as this series has progressed. 

Angela and John Matthew

It's hard not to get emotional about John Matthew's journey throughout this series.  He has gone through so much, weathered so many storms, that you can't help but root for him and want his life to be happy and fulfilled. He is humble, he is kind, he has pride and is loyal through and through. Which was the first thing that made you take notice of John Matthew?

    "I love John Matthew’s loyalty to his friends, Qhuinn and Blay. If he were your friend, you know he would have your back no matter what."
Is there a favorite scene or moment that personifies John Matthew or just melts your heart when you think about it?
    "I loved the below line at the end of Lover Mine, in Chapter 74, when John gives Xhex the necklace as a sign of their obligation to each other. Just the romantic in me loves the gesture."
"I was raised human, and when they do their matings, the male gives the female a token of affection." Abruptly, he got nervous. "I hope you like it. I tried to do you right."
Aww! I do love how sweet he is! Even without his voice, his heart speaks so clearly. What is your favorite thing about John Matthew?
    "I love that John knew that he loved Xhex from early on. It was clear to see that he wanted to be with her. Of course she fought it tooth and nail."
That Xhex definitely makes things interesting!  What would you say is your least favorite thing about John Matthew?
And if Xhex was working late one night and was out for the evening, what would you do with him...and leave nothing out! You know you want to!
    "Well (excuse me Xhex nudges her out of the way with my imaginary Kung Fu skills), I would love for John to take me out to dinner.  Somewhere with a secluded section.  After a very intimate dinner with lots of fondling and groping, a bit of kissing as well, we head back to his exclusive penthouse flat he just bought. Except we wouldn’t make it out of the car park. He takes me hard and fast up against a wall. Because he is so much bigger than me, he can easily hold me up. When we are in spaced out, orgasmic bliss, he is strong enough to hold me up, otherwise I would have slumped to the floor."

Yes!! Love it! Since you are such a naughty girl and picked TWO males of worth, let's talk about your number two. Tohr!!

Angela and Tohr

OK Angela, now tell me what first hooked your interest in Tohrment?
     "I loved how dedicated he was to Wellsie. There was something that just punched me in the guts when she died. Tragic hero and how he was going to find his path out was intriguing."
Tohr is such a steady character and doesn't really try to be funny, but you know, I think that makes him all the more funny because he isn't really trying to be. Know what I mean? Are there any scenes or lines that make you smile or laugh?

    "I just love the whole interaction between Lassiter and Tohr below even though it is meant to be serious. At least on Tohr’s part."

"Is she free?" he hissed. "Just tell me."

"Aha!" Lassiter pointed at the boob tube. "You motherfucker! I knew you were the father!"

Tohr fought the urge to slap some sense into the son of a bitch. His Wellsie's future was at stake, and this dumb-ass was worried about Maury's paternity tests? "Are you kidding me."

"No, I'm damn serious. Bastard has three kids by three sisters - what kind of man is that?"

Tohr smacked his own head in lieu of the angel's. "Lassiter... come on, man - "
"Look, I'm still here, aren't I," the guy muttered as he muted the screaming and hopping up and down on Maury's stage. "As long as I'm still here, there's work to be done."

Lover Reborn - Chapter 47

There is no shortage of things to love about Tohr, but what's your favorite attribute?
    "Parenting. The love and affection Tohr showed for John Matthew was wonderful. Sure through a lot of Lover Reborn he wasn’t the greatest parent, but by the end he realised that John was mourning as well and they had to help each other to remember Wellsie and to also move on."
While there are many things to love about him, there are also many things that I would like to wring his neck for. Is there anything about him that makes you want to slap him upside the head?
    "Empathy.  I think for a long time Tohr didn’t realise how much people care for him. From Lassiter to Wrath that he needed a really good kick in the pants to realise he still had a life to live. I know he is a vampire, but this process seemed to take forever."
And now for the good stuff. How would you end a dream date with this man of many woes?
    "I would love to oil that massive, toned body from the chest all the way down to his toes, with special attention paid to his mid-section. I don’t need to say it. You know what I mean. This date would definitely end in bed. Tohr flat on his back and I would be in control."

I love it! Yes, I can see how you'd need to take control of that hunk of man, but if any Wench were up to the task, it would be you! Rock on my dear!!
And now, dear readers, we finally get to the last male on our list. Qhuinn. We've watched him, as a pretrans, dream of the day when he could make a difference in his race's fight against the lessers. Then we watched him fuck his way from girl after girl after girl, as a fully transitioned male who never felt like he belonged anywhere, except with his best friend Blaylock. Yes, we've watched him fumble through that quagmire of friendship, trust, love, and lust, and finally, FINALLY, we see him get the HEA that he so deserves. We turn to Amanda for her answers as to why she loves Qhuinn. 

Amanda and Qhuinn

Not that I need to ask, because most of the time, we are of ONE mind, but for the readers, what is the one thing that got you hooked on Qhuinn?

    "His sexuality."

YES!!! I mean, in a bathroom stall, in a changing room, against the wall, floor, whatever, whoever, he is DOWN to give you a good time and you Will. Not. Forget. IT! Is it a wonder that Blay has been sweating him for YEARS? Lusting after the maestro of sex? OK. I'm calm now. So, I know that this is going to be hard for you, but can you tell me which is your all-time favorite Qhuinn line?
    "OMG This is so hard!  I have two favorite lines..."
“If there are any who dare to hurt you,”  Qhuinn growled in the Old Language, “I shall see them staked afore me and shall leave their bodies in ruin.”
"And then..."
“I have mismatched eyes,” he whispered, lifting his fucked-up stare to the king.  “But I have honor.  I’ll do whatever has to be done to make it right…provided,” he said with sudden strength, “that no one makes me apologize.  That…I can’t do that.  What Lash did was beyond wrong.  It was intentionally cruel and done to ruin John’s life.  I.  Am.  Not.  Sorry.”

Those were some good choices!  The second is one of my favorites of the series. In that line, Qhuinn shows how honorable he is. He might not be what constitutes perfection or worthiness in the eyes of the glymera, but wow, how worthy is he? What other qualities do you admire in Qhuinn?

    "His willingness to put his neck out for the people he values, no matter the cost to himself."

On the flipside, what pisses you off about him?
    "His low self-worth.  His fear of facing his feelings, possible rejection, what others might think, and taking a chance." 
And finally, my dear, tell us, tell me, what would your dream date with Qhuinn be like?  Hmmm?

    "My dream date would include Blaylock.  *wink*  (I think that I will leave it at that, haha.)"
I love the way you think, my sister!

So readers, what did you think of these questions and the responses? Did they help you to see the Brothers in a new light? Or were you just reminded of how awesome the Brothers actually are? Is there something that you'd like to ask our panel of Wenches? Sound off below!

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  1. I FLOVED this, Kat!
    The way you put everything together, it just flows, and it seems so real!
    Amazing job, my friend! A= fucking-mazing!

    1. Thank you my love!!!! So excited you liked it!! *twirls and bows* xo

  2. *sigh* V is my fave. But since Veronica staked her claim :p Rehv is a VERY close second. And Rhage and Z are next in line. I do like a lot of Natalie's points on Wrath... he kinda grew on me during the course of the series. But his own book.. not at all. I guess I just never got past him and Beth having sex with out every even speaking to each other. Lol.

    Anne, I agree on ALL you've said on Rhage!

    1. V and Rhage are tied for me with Z in second.

      And, thanks! I agree on all you said about Rehv too!

    2. Thanks! I agree on everything you two said about Rehv too!

  3. I should have told you that Rhage is my number one but Wrath is a close second. I would have written about Phury had I known no one had taken him as well. Oh look at me I just want a brotherhood pile on!

    1. Ooooo, Natalie, I'd be curious to know what you have to say about Phury. ;)

      Maybe there could be a Phury face-off like we had with Layla.

    2. I didn't know Natalie!! But I'm with you on the pile on idea ;-)

  4. And I think we'd have about 10 volunteers to do the "why I hate Phury" side of things Veronica! But I'm totally dying to hear your thoughts pro-Phury Natalie!

  5. This entire set of interviews made me squee embarrassingly loud. I agree with everything everyone said about all the Brothers. I love them all (but gotta include a shout-out to my Qhuinn!). Kat, fantastic job! And thanks to everyone who participated!

  6. Thanks Rachel!!! So happy that you liked it!! Now I'm the one squeeing

  7. AMAZING job with this, KZB!!! I loved everything about this interview!

  8. Yippee!! Thank you my friend!! So excited that you guys liked it :-)

  9. Awesome post Kat. I loved reading it. Witty, funny and just plain fantastic.


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