What the Wenches Are Reading This Week

Amanda: I just finished Hot Head by Damon Suede. This was a great, quick m/m read. It's about two firefighters who are best friends. Due to circumstances, they become more than friends. I really loved the plot, and the sex scenes were smokin hot. I usually read series, rather than single books, and for a single book, I grew to care about Griff and Dante quite a bit. I can see why this book is a favorite among friends, and why they often re-read this book. I look forward to re-reading it myself!
Anne: I'm just about done reading Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning. And still listening to A Clash of Kings.

Angela: Finished Veterans and wanted to throw it across the room as well. Oh well, at least I can say I finished it. This week I am reading a Clash of Kings to get ready for my blog post which of course I am loving. Also reading Amanda Hocking's Switched. The book is about changelings and so far so good as I don't normally read YA. It was recommended to me by a friend. Easy reading which is nice for a change as well.

Barb: Still reading Darkfever. Reading it slowly and enjoying every single page. I think I need to pick up an audio book for my commute and workouts. Any suggestions?

Beta: I had a riduculously busy week, so I am still working on Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost. Mmmmm Vlad.....

Donna: Right now I'm doing a reread of Darkfever. I'm looking forward to the new releases this Tuesday because two of the books I'm planning to review are coming out: Rapture (Fallen Angels series, J.R. Ward) and The Casual Vacancy (J.K. Rowling).

Kathi: Still reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. Real Life is keeping me busy, so I'm not getting nearly enough reading time to suit me. I am seriously thinking of pausing this book to start my Moning reread. Then when I'm done, I can take the time to read The Scottish Prisoner before continuing Voyager. SP is a fairly new book that takes place during the same period as Voyager, featuring Jamie Fraser and Lord John Grey, and I'd love to read it at its proper time in the narrative before continuing Voyager.

Naomi: Still reading An Echo in th Bone by Diana Gabaldon Well it's about 850 pages, so it's a real treat! Also reading a surprising book written by a friend of my parents. The woman is 80-something, wrote and published her biography (part 1), sent it to family and freinds. It brings back a lot of childhood memories for me. She asked me to write a review...

Olga: Still at the Psy/ Changeling series by Nalini Singh, but I've moved on to Hostage of Pleasure, book #5. Each book is very different from the others and important for the big picture in its own way. I loved #1 and #3, and found book #2 very slowly paced (not my type at all) with a slightly too-HEAy for my taste novella in between #3 and #4, but you should add this series to your To-Read list.

Veronica: Still reading Darkfever. Actually, I didn't read much at all this week. I've been a little under the weather, so after keeping up with my other responsibilities, sleeping took priority over reading, unfortunately.

Zee: Finding it hard to move on from Travels with Charley (Steinbeck), something so beautiful about the way he writes. Finished Mine To Hold (Shayla Black) finally; it was SO hot. Starting Darkfever tomorrow and Once Burned when I'm done with that. Looking forward to my rereads!! Eager to be back in Dublin!!


  1. Barb, in answer to your question, the Outlander audio books are fabulous. My very favorite book narrator. But I know, you are waiting for the right time because you know that series will take over your life for a while. :-)

  2. The narrator for the Song of Ice and Fire books is pretty great. And, if you feel like doing a re-read of sorts, Jim Dale, who narrates Harry Potter is absolutely amazing.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, ladies! I love all of these ideas. I am such a visual learner, that I found that I need to actually read books that I am consumed by. My mind sometimes wanders, so books I've already read, or books I'm not super invested in work better for me. I need to make a trip to the library (on top of all the other things I *need* to do this week!) and see if they have the Harry Potter books. That would be fun!

  4. Does anyone know when book 5 for the fallen angel series by j r ward is coming out?


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