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 "I understand now why Barrons was always insisting I stop asking him questions and judge him by his actions alone. It's so easy to lie. What's even worse is how we cling to those lies. We beg for the illusion so we don't have to face the truth, don't have to feel alone."



by Karen Marie Moning


  1. One of my favorite quotes from Fever. There are so many!

  2. So true. And so true of Barrons too. When you re-read and really pay attention to Barrons actions, his feelings are so obvious the whole time. He really doesn't need the words. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Barrons!? :)

  3. Barb, I just want to add, that I wrote this before I read your previous post Why your husband hates your e-reader. Funny, you had already said what I just said! hehe. Although I think we discussed this at the JF signing, so it should be no surprise ;)

  4. ITA, Chloe Jane! His actions screamed his feelings, even though his words said something different. That's just the beauty of Barrons!


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