We Can't Thank You Enough!

The Saucy Wenches have been sharing our book, and man candy, love for just over two weeks now.  We have had a new post every day, and have loved every day, every minute. We have followers, subscribers, new Facebook friends and Twitter followers, have begun reading our first Book Club selection, have shared some favorites and reviewed new releases. We have been retweeted by authors on both Twitter and Tumblr--heck, we HAVE a new Twitter and Tumblr! It's been an amazing two weeks!

We are so thrilled that so many of you have joined us in the fun. We hope you'll keep coming back, that we'll keep entertaining you, that you'll keep telling your friends about us, and that you'll keep talking to us about your book (and other!) obsessions. 

And the fun is just getting started!  Look for weekly features like What the Wenches are Reading, and something a little less tame. We have more reviews coming up as well as some Wench advice, and maybe some differences of opinion. Keep reading the Fever series along with us, and look for the second half of October to be dedicated to that amazing series, in anticipation of the Iced release!

But most of all, thank you! THANK YOU!!! To our supportive friends, to our our friends' friends who came along for the ride, and to our brand-new followers who decided to check us out and thought we were pretty cool! Thank you for reading, thank you sharing, thank you for being part of our journey! We are SO glad you joined us. Keeeeep reading!


  1. You guys are doing an amazing job and I'm so glad that other people are noticing that...including authors of some of your (our) favorite books! Squee!!!


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