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They didn't know Zane like he did.  Ty knew his partner had to take the issue from every angle, analyze it to death, resurrect it, and then study its dead, rotting body to see the results.  Yeah, it might take Zane four months to decide if he loved someone, and then more to decide if that was a good idea.

Ty didn't mind waiting.

~Ty's analysis on how Zane thinks

Divide & Conquer

by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban


  1. Love Ty and Zane. Duh! But this is one of my favorite Cut&Run quotes.

    1. There are SO many awesome quotes from the whole series, however, many of them showcase Ty. That's just Ty's personality.

      I picked this one to showcase Zane. I also picked it because it represents exactly what we love about these two, and why polar opposites are perfect for each other.


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