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"Not many people had the nerve to step into his reach and touch him without his permission or some sort of forewarning.  Either Zane really didn't give a shit--which was contrary to his demeanor and actions--or he had no clue how dangerous Ty really was.  The third option was the most frightening; that he knew what Ty could do to him and he wasn't concerned."
Cut and Run, Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux 


  1. Oh, the good ole days! One of my very favorite things about this series is how the story and the characters have progressed through the six novels.

    One of my very favorite things about this quote is that it sometimes feels like people forget about or underestimate Zane's badassery in the face of Ty's total badassery. Zane is not to be underestimated people! He's absolutely as much of a badass as ex-Force Recon Marine Ty. And that is one of the thousands of reasons that I love him.


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