A Love Letter To Alisha Rai.

First of all, head over to amazon and buy Alisha Rai's Be My Fantasy IMMEDIATELY here. Best 99c you'll ever spend! (You can check out other links to purchase it on her page here.)

Secondly, you should know by now that those of us who have read Alisha Rai's work are in love with her. She was on our best reads of 2015 list and our favorite new authors list. And if you haven't read her books, I am so disappointed! You HAVE to! Literally pick up any of them and you will also fall in love. And if you don't, well :
Well, you could. But we'd just go on about
how much you suck for not loving these.
If you need some gentle persuasion, check out our reviews here, and here. You're welcome.
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Dear Alisha Rai, 

I know we've said it so many times, and sure, you'll probably get tired of hearing it, but we love your books. So much. It's something that hits us every time we read or reread a book of yours.

When fate first introduced me to your books, I thought that there was no way EVERY book you wrote would be made of this much win. NO WAY! I have never been more happy to be wrong. 

Barb and I have spent hours reading and rereading your books. And every time we do, we discover something new we love! Like the fact that you can take traditional romance and erotica cliches and spin them on their heads. With your sexy lady billionaires, who are way sexier than any of those boring, brooding men who don't seem to ever do any work. With your gorgeous, tortured artists who really do have genuine reasons to be angsty. Sexy writers who can take criticism about their female characters without resorting to mansplaining and actually taking it into consideration when writing. Men who look different from the usual guys you read about in most romances. And women who look different too. A true reflection of the world around us. 

Maybe even men who look like this!
(Gratuitous Jason Momoa gif.)
Your women are exactly the kind of women I want to read about. Women who are open, vulnerable, strong, smart, sexual, loyal, insecure, dedicated, hard working all at once. Women who know their value. From different walks of life. Some with loving families, and some with none. Women who deserve all the love and respect in the world. Women so perfect in their realness, it makes me want to cry with happiness. Akira, Rana, Devi, Tess, all of them, they're women I will always root for, always want to support, always want to read more of.

You are a goddess. A brilliant, wonderful, hilarious goddess who deserves a trophy for writing some of the best erotica I have EVER read. 

We love your amazing mind. And your ability to write the sexiest, filthiest, and most sensual sex scenes ever. To build up chemistry so tangible, we can feel the sparks fly off the page. And we'll happily risk being scorched. 

A+ on those scenes.
Thank you for being amazing. For making the Wenches feel just a little saucier. For writing classy, quality filth that we just cannot get enough of. Please, never change! You are on my limited list of authors whose books I buy without even thinking twice about it. That one click buy setting has never been more useful! We adore you, and your books, and your twitter feed! 


The Wenches! (Mainly Zee and Barb!) x0x0 

Because, why not?


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