What The Wenches Are Reading

I love when The Wenches are all reading the same book or series, but it's also so fun when our choices are all over the board. As they are this week. A couple of favorites, a new fantasy series, some delicious romance, an intriguing new take on a Classic, and a little mystery are all to be found on our list this week. Click through to see who's reading what. 

Amanda: I finally finished Feverborn!! I continue to be amazed that the EIGHTH book in this series is just as awesome as the first! And that cliffhanger!! Wow!!! After finishing Feverborn, I went back to Outlander.  

Angela: A bit of reading done this week. I finished The Providence of Fire (Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne) by Brian Staveley. Very entertaining, especially by the last 1/3, which I seemed to be able to read through quickly. Then I needed to read a romance, so chose Kulti by Mariana Kapata.  Fantastic book. Sports romances are one of my favourite types of romance, and this book didn’t disappoint. Be prepared though, it has a very slow buildup to the romance. Not that I minded at all! Love sports romances, give Kulti a try!

Anne: I finally finished up Drink Deep and I'm actually going back to Friday Night Bites to read for review purposes. But, now that Ethan's back, I can do that without heartbreak. I also finished Book #2 of The 5th Wave series, The Infinite Sea. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The third and final book comes out in a few weeks, so, instead of going back to Outlander #7, I'm going to listen to Karen Marie Moning's Iced. It's shorter, so hopefully when I'm done, The Last Star will be out!   

Barb: I finished Drink Deep and moved on to Biting Cold. Yesterday I told you all about how much I love the incredibly painful story arc of Hard Bitten and Biting Cold, here, but I must admit that I'm glad to be through the hard part. After Drink Deep I took a brief break to read some very high-quality smut that Zee recommended from Alisha Rai, Be My Fantasy and Play With Me. They are both novellas that read like serials, with Bedroom Games complete and the next novella in the Fantasy series coming out in June. I'm hoping to get my hands on all of that ASAP. Zee's love letter to the brilliant and talented Ms. Rai explains why you should definitely be reading her work. It's second-to-none in so many ways. I also finished a book I started several weeks ago and got tripped up on. Really not worth mentioning, it was painful to finish and completely unsatisfying. Now, back to Biting Cold

Care:  As per usual, it’s been a really *fast* week here. I feel like I haven’t had much time between updates, and I think I even missed last week - where does the time go?  Anyway, this week, I’ve been reading Percy Jackson and Harry Potter with the munchkin, and I’m working on converting my own library to Audible+Kindle so I can read/reread more of my own books, too!  I suppose I’ve also been reading A Child’s History of the World, too, but does that count if it’s part of history curriculum and not actually reading-because-I-want-to?

Donna: I only got to read two chapters of The Nest this week. Hopefully, I'll get to finish up this week.   

Kathi: I finished reading Jane Steele and enjoyed it thoroughly! Featuring a heroine who is a bit lot like Jane Eyre—but a serial killer—it added just the right dash of dark, twisted humor to a classic tale of fortitude, resilience, intrigue, and smoldering romance. Trying to wrangle some time to write a review.  

Zee: I haven’t had a lot of time to read this past week. But I did finish The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. It was pretty good. It wasn’t your usual mystery/thriller. Kinda slow paced there in the middle. But it all came together pretty well. I then read S.J.Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep. It was pretty depressing being in Christine’s mind. And also scary. The ending was sort of what I expected, and I was happy with how it ended although I would have liked to have been absolutely shocked by the ending. Which I wasn’t. I think I just expected more after reading reviews.


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