Fangirl Fridays - Writing and Woe is me

I can honestly say that I don't know what to fangirl about this Friday. However, I would like to take the opportunity to write a few words. When I say 'a few words' it's exactly what I mean.

I am not a big fan of writing. As a person I am more verbal and writing is very difficult for me. It's as if everything I've wanted to say left my brain and I'm left with a simple 'Hello, my name is...'. Every fangirl post has been prepared and written for weeks. I wouldn't be able to decide what to write about and I'd keep changing the topic. Or, I'd simply have no idea what to write about at all (like right now!!).

But, my fellow wenches have been amazing with me. Patient and understanding in my reluctance to write long posts when I had nothing to say or write about. So this fangirl Friday is dedicated to them. I wish to thank them for covering my dates when I couldn't make deadline and for being understanding and forgiving.
You are all probably wondering why haven't they covered for me again?? Well, I didn't ask them to do it. I decided to wait and see if a muse would grace me with a theme or a topic, but she's obviously taken a vacation (seems to be permenant when it comes to me :D).
So this one is for all of you guys, thanks for being amazing and cool with me. I know you put in a lot of work in making this amazing blog and I don't make it easy for you.

I love being a part of this place, share my fave books with you and discuss them. 
So thank you for being you!


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