Fangirl Friday: The Hotties of Hamilton

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year or so (Which is totally cool with us. We don't care about your habitation choices, as long as you read.) you know that the musical Hamilton is the hottest thing on Broadway, in music, and pretty much in America. So far the thing has won the Pulitzer Prize, a Grammy, been nominated for an obscene amount of Tonys, and is sold out well into next year. Anne told you about her love of the show, which she hasn't seen yet like most of America. But we're all obsessed anyway.

I'm not going to rehash Anne's post, since she already covered it well. I'm going to focus on the general inappropriateness of it all, and objectify the actors in the major roles. Because in addition to being insanely talented, they are hot. Seriously, that is one good looking cast. Come with me through the jump for some Saucy Wenches trademarked man candy. And some woman candy, because the chicas are gorgeous, too. Enjoy!

James Madison
Okieriete Onaodowan: Oak portrays Hercules Mulligan in the first act and James Madison in the second. All I can say he is can spy for me anytime. 
Hercules Mulligan

Anthony Ramos: Anthony plays the doomed John Laurens in the first act and the doomed Phillip Hamilton in the second. I really wanted to use pics from the show, but, my god. Look at this man! So pretty, with the sweetest freckles. 


Phillipa Soo: Phillipa portrays Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, best of wives and best of women. And gorgeous to boot.  

Javier Muñoz: Javier is the understudy for Alexander Hamilton, which means he plays the role on Sundays. Oh, yes, we'd definitely attend a Sunday show. 

Renee Elise Goldsberry: Angelica Schuyler is my favorite woman in the show, partly because I'm a sucker for characters who sacrifice love, but also because Renee Elise Goldsberry is effing gorgeous with an amazing voice. 

Daveed Diggs: the Marquis de Lafayette is an historical figure who has long captured my imagination, primarily because without him, America may not have won the war & its Independence, and Daveed Diggs plays the towering figure to perfection in the first act. In the second act he slays as Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton's gleeful political enemy. He is absolutely fantastic in both roles, and stunningly gorgeous as well. 

Now, if you've heard Guns & Ships (and of course you have) you know about how fast he can rap that song, but I was blown away when he rhymed even faster on Jimmy Fallon. Crazy talented, my friends! 

Leslie Odom, Jr: Aaron Burr is the antagonist in the Hamilton saga, but the show does a brilliant job of showing that the bad guy more often than not has valid reasons for their poor choices. Leslie Odom, Jr. utterly slays as Hamilton's foil. His passion, his voice, his skill--stunning. And the fact that he looks like this doesn't hurt one bit. 

I love every bit of the music in this show, but Wait For It has become my favorite. For now. We'll see. Anyway, listen to Leslie destroy that song, in the best possible way. 

These beautiful people are only the tip of the hotness iceberg, Saucy Readers. Their unbelievable talent only makes them all more attractive, of course, and this show is packed with beauty and talent. Anne and I are so captivated, there will most likely be more Hamilton Fangirling before it's all said and done. Are you as hooked as we are? Who should we be sure and feature next time?


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