What the Wenches Are Reading

Reading isn't good for a ballplayer. Not good for his eyes. If my eyes went bad even a little bit I couldn't hit home runs. So I gave up reading. 

~~Babe Ruth

Amanda:  I'm in a book slump, and Zee convinced me to read Priest by Sierra Simone. I'm about 75% done, and it's awesome! I highly recommend this scorcher! 

Angela: The Emperor's Blades by Brian Staveley is my reading choice this week. Centred around three siblings who haven't seen each other for eight years, I can feel the threads of the story pulling them together after the death of their father, The Emperor. Each has been given a different destiny, but it's whether or not they can survive long enough to make it back to each other and for Kaden to become the next Emperor.

Anne: I am still living in the CLV world. I'm taking Friday Night Bites slow. Plus, I've worked five days this week, when I usually only work three. So, it's been a crazy week.
I'm also onto Allegiant in my Divergent re-listen.

Barb: I didn't get much reading done this week, still working on Friday Night Bites and The Autobiography of Malcolm X. But I did finish listening to Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty on a road trip and my daily commute. I thoroughly enjoyed this complex tale, so look for a complete review soon.  

Donna: I'm currently reading Depraved Heart, the latest installment in Patricia Cornwall's Kay Scarpetta murder mystery series.

Kathi: I figured out how to read a biography for my reading challenge and work out at the same time by listening to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on the treadmill. This fascinating book has been on my TBR for a few years, ever since my BFF recommended it. I also read a YA paranormal thriller written by another BFF, and it was fabulous, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will get published so I can write a review! Now I’m ready for Midnight Marked!
Zee:  I have been starting a few books and just putting them away since loving Alisha Rai's Bedroom Games. She's so amazing. You could honestly read about her characters and their interactions, sexy or otherwise, forever. Trying to read Mia Gabriel's Savage trilogy now, and while the smut is pretty great, the characters are just so BLAH. Painfully blah. Especially the female lead, which just sucks.


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